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The Calypsis Project (The Echo-Alpha Duology, #1)

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Published 1 Jan
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“For what we seek is what we fear . . . But with great ambition comes greater sacrifice.”
It’s the year 2438. Ten years ago, an ill-fated encounter on a mining world triggered a devastating war between the United Nations Planetary Defense and an alien organization known as the Drocain Royal Empire.
With no sign of a conclusion in sight, and with mankind’s very existence at stake, the men and women of the UNPD have been forced into desperation.
When Corporal Alana Carmen stumbles upon an encrypted communications device, she learns that there is more to the conflict than a simple war-for-worlds, and to uncover the truth, she must make allies of those she once considered enemies.
And now, the fate of the entire galaxy may rest on the shoulders of a single alien warrior . . .
After being publicly shamed at his own Coming of Age ceremony, Kenon Valinquint enrolls in the Drocain Royal Empire in the hope of one day redeeming himself.
Unbeknownst to the young Drahkori warrior, this decision has set in motion a staggering chain of events that could very well change the direction of the war, and the known history of the universe, forever.

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- Toronto, ON, Canada
Wed, 31 Jul 2013

So excited to read this! Brittany is amazing and I know that this novel will be as amazing as all of her other stories and art have been. I can't wait to read it :D

- Independence, MO
Fri, 04 Apr 2014

The Calypsis Project by Brittany M. Willows is a fast-paced science fiction novel featuring Kenon Valinquint, a righteous objector within the realm of the self-styled `goddess' Athenna, who seeks to usurp control of the planet Anakh. The colony of resettled earthlings under the banner of the UN finds itself under attack by the alien Drocainian Empire. Kenon is a beneficiary of the peacetime agreements between the UN and the Empire, and finds himself as a Mosaic figure in having to forsake the Drocainians in an effort to save his fellow humans.
The author engages in a convincing wartime narrative as Corporal Alana Carmen and Lt. Lance Knoble are among those joining forces in hopes of defeating the Evil Empire. The battle sequences give way to a subplot in which we find that the Calypsis Project may be part of a devious plot to exterminate the human race. It sets up the conflict in which Kenon must not only validate his suspicions, but decide whether his loyalties truly belong to the UN or the Empire. His epiphany leads to the climactic confrontation with the mysterious Nephera, who may be the ultimate beneficiaries of the Project.
Willows weaves an intriguing tapestry of science fiction with the action/adventure elements that gives it the page-turning momentum readers will enjoy. For sci-fi fans and suspense/thriller buffs alike, The Calypsis Project by Brittany M. Willows is one you won't want to miss.

- Blacklick, OH
Sat, 07 Dec 2013

If you like military science fiction with battles, spacecrafts, and strange planets, you should like this book. Brittany Willows tells us the story from the two different clans who are fighting each other for the same reason: eliminate the enemy to protect their home.
I liked that we can see it from the different angles. It would be so easy to side with the humans if not for the insights we get directly from the aliens point of view. I loved Kenon, an alien that looks like a lizard. He's been shamed by his people for his anomalies, which they deemed a weakness, yet, Kenon, by far my favorite, has a head on his shoulders. He's not just a robot sent to battle. On the human side, I'd have to give Lieutenant Lance Knoble the thumbs up. His arguing about everything made him a fun character to follow.
Calypsis Project is action packed, but while great, the descriptions left me with many unanswered questions. There were times when the author used quick fixes to solve otherwise problematic occurrences or to conveniently regroup the characters. Despite these little things, Calypsis Project was an entertaining read. I hope the sequel will give us some answers because while there is no real cliffhanger, there isn't any kind of closure either.

- Grand Rapids, MI
Sat, 08 Mar 2014

4.5 stars -- for nitpicky reasons, but I’m fine selecting 5 stars.
The greatest thing about this book, for me, was being able to so clearly see the world the author created. You know Willows absolutely knows her world(s) and has a clear picture of every little detail in her mind, and that sense of the author’s love and dedication to this story enriches the whole thing. The simple imagery and description gives just enough detail that you see where she’s directing, but there’s also plenty of room for your own imagination to fluff it up.
This is definitely the most action-packed book I’ve read in a while, but it never feels forced or ridiculous. The military feel works really well. One situation flows into the next with complete believability, and it’s really impressive how the fast pace also builds to a climax, with clear direction and intent. One minute you’re on one alien world, the next you’re on another, then you’re in a starship, then you’re flying through a portal, and it all works together to show the grand scope of this galaxy and build tension, showing what’s at stake.
The characters are pretty good too. I immediately liked the originality of the humans vs. aliens approach here – you START from the alien’s perspective and almost, almost are asked to side with Kenon against the humans. Starting with Kenon and his Drahkori world works really well to draw the reader into this reality and give you a “native” taste of what’s going on. Then things flip to a human perspective, and of course you sympathize with Knoble and his soldiers too. The relationship between Alana and Knoble as stepfather and stepdaughter was a really nice touch, not overdone but adding a bit of heart to the story. Everyone likes a strong female lead these days, and Alana certainly is a great one. She’s easy to like and relate to, and you immediately wish her well because she’s the first person to try to bridge the gap between humans and the “enemy” aliens.
And, through all of this, there is clearly SOMETHING more going on that both sides have to figure out. I always like a mystery aspect thrown into sci-fi, and the question of what exactly the Calypsis Project is and how Kenon is involved is key (ahem) to the whole story even though there’s so much else going on. By the end, it’s clear that a whole new side to this story has been introduced, and I’m sure the next part of the saga will be even more interesting, with new twists and drama.
As for my nitpicky stuff, I would have liked to see more backstory sprinkled in. It’s not entirely clear why this war is going on in the first place, although you pick up info as the story moves along and the characters clash. And sometimes things happen that are a little too convenient – groups get separated and then just happen to run into each other, they find an escape just in time, etc. But, overall, none of this was enough to make me question the author’s vision or direction.
I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes military, alien sci-fi. It’s certainly going on my Pinterest board of favorites. :)

- Lodz, Poland
Mon, 23 Jun 2014

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'The Calypsis Project' is a great novel, a must read for all the sci-fi fans out there. It's full of action, has some great characters, the world is so perfectly described that you just can see it in your mind with every little detail and the mystery surrounding the titular project keeps you guessing. It's a great introduction to a series, so I'm looking forward to see what the author will come up next.
Thanks to Britanny Willows for sending me an ebook!

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