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Charlotte Walsh Likes To Win

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Published 24 Jul 2018
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Format Hardcover
Publisher Simon Schuster
ISBN 1501179411

From Jo Piazza, the bestselling author of The Knock Off, How to Be Married, and Fitness Junkie, comes an exciting, insightful novel about what happens when a woman wants it all—political power, a happy marriage, and happiness—but isn’t sure just how much she’s willing to sacrifice to get it.
Charlotte Walsh is running for Senate in the most important race in the country during a midterm election that will decide the balance of power in Congress. Still reeling from a presidential election that shocked and divided the country and inspired by the chance to make a difference, she’s left behind her high-powered job in Silicon Valley and returned, with her husband Max and their three young daughters, to her downtrodden Pennsylvania hometown to run in the Rust Belt state.
Once the campaign gets underway, Charlotte is blindsided by just how dirty her opponent is willing to fight, how harshly she is judged by the press and her peers, and how exhausting it becomes to navigate a marriage with an increasingly ambivalent and often resentful husband. When the opposition uncovers a secret that could threaten not just her campaign but everything Charlotte holds dear, she has to decide just how badly she wants to win and at what cost.
A searing, suspenseful story of political ambition, marriage, class, sexual politics, and infidelity, Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win is an insightful portrait of what it takes for a woman to run for national office in America today. In a dramatic political moment like no other with more women running for office than ever before, Jo Piazza’s novel is timely, engrossing, and perfect for readers on both sides of the aisle.

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- The United States
Thu, 17 May 2018

In an undisclosed but post-Trump election cycle, Charlotte Walsh has moved from Silicon Valley to Pennsylvania to run for Senate. Will her struggling marriage, addict brother, or suitcase of emotional baggage ruin her chances of winning?
After enjoying Fitness Junkie last summer, I was looking forward to this read but found it very disappointing. It was long winded and limped along with the promise of revealing a big secret....which turned out to be kinda meh. The only reason I finished is to find out what happens in the end, and guess what?? The author leaves it purposefully ambiguous.
The only reason I gave it 2 stars rather than 1 is because of the portrayal of women running for office, and how the campaign process can change your life overnight. Piazza also plants a few good life lessons, usually from the Roz and Leila characters.
That being said, a lot of the character relationships were underdeveloped, and I feel this book might have been rushed to be released for the 2018 midterms.
If you are interested in this topic, read Young Jane Young by Gabrielle Zevin instead.
**I received a galley if this book in exchange for my honest opinion**

- The United States
Mon, 16 Jul 2018

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Happy Reading, friends!
I am a huge fan of The Knockoff & Fitness Junkie which are both co-authored by Jo Piazza. When I heard she had a stand-alone book coming out this summer, I rushed at the chance to read it. I will say this is a book anyone can enjoy, regardless of your own political ideology.
The timeline for Charlotte Walsh is right now. Jo Piazza accurately captures our political climate at this very moment. There’s the writer from Teen Vogue asking insightful & meaningful questions, Twitter trolls, Instagram experts, a run in with a guy who has a Swastika tattoo on his neck & pundits criticizing Charlotte’s choice of shoes.
As Charlotte returns to her roots in Pennsylvania, it’s a bit reminiscent of Hillbilly Elegy. Jo writes about the opioid crisis, failing schools, the high cost of healthcare & the lost factory jobs in the Rust Belt. Readers learn more about Charlotte. She comes from humble beginnings yet fought her way to an Ivy League education. We also meet her brother Paul & the juxtaposition between Paul & Charlotte couldn’t be more clear.
Charlotte Walsh is a powerful female; no doubt about it. Charlotte Walsh is also a woman with secrets. Let’s be honest; our country is not set up for mothers who work outside of the home. If you so wish, feel free to argue with me directly on this statement. Jo Piazza delves into how challenging this political race is for Charlotte. There are missed dinners at home, long drives in the minivan, uprooting her children & judgment for running in this race. Charlotte’s spouse changes his job & schedule to accomodate her run. Instead of being met with praise & understanding, the media ridicules him.
I connected with Charlotte. Our ideals closely match & l like that Charlotte is flawed. Aren’t we all? There are some pretty heavy & salacious secrets that come out during the campaign. Readers see Charlotte’s marriage struggle to survive, old friendships breakdown & yet, Charlotte persists.
I am Really Into This book! Charlotte is someone I can & will root for in every sense of the word. This book left me feeling inspired, strong & proud to continue to fight for what I believe in. I want to vote for Charlotte & I can’t wait to get a chance to vote for my state, county, city, country’s version of her!
Special thanks to Jo Piazza, Simon & Schuster & NetGalley for providing our copy in exchange for an honest & fair review.

Fri, 09 Feb 2018

I never thought a political focused book (even a fictional one) could be this enjoyable given the tumultuous political climate in the US right now. However, because I’ve enjoyed so much of Jo Piazza’s work, I had to check it out. Charlotte is a high powered Silicon Valley exec who gives it up and moves her family (with her now stay at home husband and three young daughters) to her hometown in Pennsylvania where she wants to run for Senate and make a difference! As the campaign heats up, Charlottes values and relationships are tested over and over again. This is definitely one to add to your list!
Thank you to Simon & Schuster for an advanced copy. All opinions are my own.

- The United States
Thu, 26 Jul 2018

Charlotte Walsh is a successful Silicon Valley executive, who, like many smart, ambitious women, aspires to have it all. Not only does Charlotte have a powerful career, but she also has a handsome husband, Max, and 3 young daughters. She feels the pull to politics, wanting more, and believing she can make a difference and effect change. Charlotte and her family return to her childhood home in Pennsylvania, where she begins her campaign for Senate.
In addition to her family, Charlotte is joined by Josh, her blunt Campaign Manager, Leila, her loyal Chief of Staff, and Roz, her former boss and mentor, as she takes on incumbent Ted Slaughter. Everyone has secrets, even those who have the best intentions. In her political pursuit, Charlotte faces many tough decisions, forcing her to decide what has to be done in order to best support and protect her family.
Charlotte Walsh Likes To Win is a timely, realistic story about a woman’s quest and the sacrifices and compromises that must be made along the way. There is always a tradeoff somewhere, which is, of course, not strictly limited to the political realm.
I enjoyed this book - It’s a current portrayal of working women and the U.S. political landscape, as well as a reminder that appearances can be deceiving and that life isn’t always perfect. That said, I was somewhat annoyed by the ending, which, to me, felt more lazy rather than open to interpretation. Even though I wasn’t crazy about it, it wasn’t enough to detract from my overall enjoyment. I could also see Charlotte Walsh Likes To Win making a great movie or limited TV series.

Kate ☀️
- The United States
Mon, 11 Dec 2017

I had the absolute pleasure of reading a VERY early manuscript of this book on request of the author. And OH MY GOODNESS!!! What an honor! It is fierce, feminist and completely nails my feelings on politics, marriage and parenting. Especially marriage. This may be a political book (and GO JO for writing such a timely and unflinching narrative of today's political climate), but it's so so much more than that. Anyone who has been in a long-lasting marriage will appreciate this, as will anyone who is fed up with the way women are treated in business, politics and the world in general.
I am THRILLED that this book will be out in the world in July 2018 just in time for mid-terms!

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