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Lulu the Broadway Mouse

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Published 09 Oct 2018
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Format Hardcover
Publisher Running Press

Ratatouille meets Broadway in this charming new middle grade novel about a little mouse with big dreams.
Lulu is a little girl with a very big dream: she wants to be on Broadway. She wants it more than anything in the world. As it happens, she lives in Broadway's Shubert Theatre; so achieving her dream shouldn't be too tricky, right? Wrong. Because the thing about Lulu? She's a little girl mouse.
When a human girl named Jayne joins the cast of the show at the Shubert as an understudy, Lulu becomes Jayne's guide through the world of her theatre and its wonderfully kooky cast and crew. Together, Jayne and Lulu learn that sometimes dreams turn out differently than we imagined; sometimes they come with terms and conditions (aka the company mean girl, Amanda). But sometimes, just when we've given up all hope, bigger and better dreams than we'd ever thought could come true, do.

Lulu the Broadway Mouse Reviews

- Phoenix, AZ
Fri, 20 Jul 2018

Lulu the Broadway Mouse was a cute story, perfect for middle grade independent reading time. Lulu comes from a broadway bound family and the accuracy in dialogue and terms is adorable. I would recommend this book in the future.

- Arlington, MA
Sun, 01 Jul 2018

I received an advance reader copy of Lulu the Broadway Mouse and all I can say is BRAVO to Jenna Gavigan! Lulu is a completely charming character who had me engaged from the very start and I loved being immersed in the world of a Broadway show - something I know little about but found fascinating. I know my 9 year old will enjoy reading about child actors on Broadway and what they experience. The thing that kept me reading, though, was the heart of the story. The themes of friendship, jealousy, competition, and following your dreams are deftly woven throughout and build to an incredibly satisfying climax and resolution. I enjoyed this book very much!

Thu, 04 Oct 2018

Lulu, Lucy Louise is what her mother called her, is a mouse that lived in a very large Broadway theatre. She longed to be on the big stage. She wss surrounded by a demanding mother, hard working father and three brothers she referred to as hooligans. She took part in various theatrical activities, like sewing costumes, being an understudy and other duties as needed. No mouse had ever performed on Broadway, but she believed that someday it would happen when humans weren’t afraid of mice. Her family worried she’d be set up for disappointment, and that a regular person would be scared to see a mouse on the stage.
When Lulu read as an understudy with her good friend Maya she knew all of the lines. But soon Maya would be leaving. When her replacement Jayne arrived, she and Lulu become good friends. They both disliked Amanda, the star, who was mean, rude and she had to eat a special diet due to various food allergies. As Jayne and Lulu prepared for the next big performance, and the just-in-case, things were getting worse with Amanda. She seemed to be meaner than usual. On one particular night, right before a performance Amanda had become sick from bad salmon her mother prepared. It was time for Jayne to shine but she wouldn’t do it alone, she wanted to have Lulu very close to help her just-in-case she forgot her lines. But with one slip up Lulu was exposed. The whole audience gasped at her tiny prescence. The two winged it and were surprised at the audience and all of their family and friends behind the scenes reactions. What do you think happened?
This lovely tale of dreaming big and following your heart has a lot of life lessons young readers can use. This fast read would be great for a classroom read-a-loud or for family reading time. Parents and teachers can open up dialogue on how to be kind to one another because other people have fears and doubts about themselves too. Relatable characters create a story that is warm and heartfelt.

- Pinehurst, NC
Sat, 08 Sep 2018

A fun book for young Broadway lovers! 3.5 stars
Lulu is a little mouse who lives in the Shubert Theatre. Due to literary magic, the mice who live in the theatres can talk to people and have become a part of the backstage world. Lulu, however, has bigger dreams. She wants to BE on Broadway. Until then, she hangs out backstage and helps the young actress playing the understudy to the child lead while being taught the art of sewing from her mother, who assists the costume designer. The book is told from Lulu's perspective, which is consistent with a tween who is a massive fangirl with big dreams. She has moments of jealousy and frustration, but she is also kind with a loving heart.
True to the world of theatre, there are awesome people in the production and some not so nice characters. The book mainly focuses on the young girls in the show. Amanda has the lead role and is every bit the diva. She is mean to her understudy, Maya, and acts completely differently in front of adults, but her behavior doesn't go unnoticed. Maya is a sweet girl who has spent the past 10 months as an understudy to Amanda but has only been able to go on twice. Jayne is the new girl when Maya leaves. Lulu takes Jayne under her wing to help her navigate the theatre and learn her part quickly. The two become fast friends and together they navigate Jayne's Broadway debut.
I felt that this was a book best intended for the younger end of the middle grade spectrum. It was a very simple story, but a fun read. Many children don't get to experience the world of live theatre, let alone Broadway. It was great to have all of the backstage people as a large part of the story to give them a voice as well. This is one that my theatre loving children will enjoy!

- Toronto, ON, Canada
Sun, 07 Oct 2018