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The Absence of Screams

by Ben Follows
3.83 • 380 votes • 31 reviews
Published 06 Jun 2017
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher unknow

The Absence of Screams Ebook Description

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Eleven years ago, Marcus lost everything. His daughter was kidnapped and his wife was murdered. Now, he spends his days pretending to be paralyzed and touring the country, raising money for missing children. He hopes that if he helps enough people find their missing child, someday he will find his own.
Just as he's about to give up hope, he finds one of the kidnappers. He attacks her, but she refuses to give him back his daughter. In his rage, he kills her, but not before she signals an accomplice. For the second time, Marcus watches his daughter disappear into the night.
With no one to trust and sinking in deepening quicksand of lies and deception, Marcus will need to risk everything if he's going to unravel the mystery of his daughter's disappearance.
Even if that means losing his life.
With a riveting plot that will keep you guessing until the last page, The Absence of Screams is a must-read for Thriller fans.

The Absence of Screams Reviews

Dr. Simone J. Simone
- The United States
Tue, 20 Jun 2017

Great Action!
This was a complex story that had many twists to keep you wondering who and what was going to happen. I would like to have seen O'Reilly more fleshed out. I felt a bit sorry for the General. Some of the characters were a real piece of work. I want to read more from this author.

Fri, 17 Aug 2018

The Absence of Screams: A Thriller
This could be a good story, if it had a few items that are glaringly and sadly missing: A more concise and complete story line; better spelling, grammar and punctuation; credible proofreading and editing; and more believable characters. I understand what Mr. Follows was aiming for, but the omissions and flaws made the reading painful and frustrating to deal with. Let's just say that I really appreciate that this was a free book. I'm not giving up on you, Mr. Follows... I do see some promise, and hope your next book will be a pleasant surprise. 👍👍

- Jackson, MI
Mon, 09 Oct 2017

Should be 5* but...
The Good:
From the start you get sucked right in. No needing time to get into it. The characters are mostly likeable of not entirely believable. There aren't any real "aha!" moments as we are seeing the story through the eyes of the good, the bad and the in-between.
I enjoyed the book. I don't put the editing issues in with the writing itself. The story is engaging, moves at a good pace, and is worth the read.
The bad:
Atrocious editing. In some cases their were words spelled incorrectly multiple times. Lots of typos. There are even instances where words are missing entirely. Vehicles change from being vans to trucks and back again.
The whole Jeff wanting to die in war was copied from Forrest Gump's character, Lieutenant Dan.

Tue, 02 Jan 2018

First things first, the book need a good proofread especialy towards the end. The missed and extra words start to get pretty annoying making an awkward read even worse.
An interesting plot about a man who eleven years after the event finds his abducted daughter by accident. What ensues is an ever-increasing pile of violently killed antagonists. None of the characters has any empathetic values so it is hard to cheer for a hero.
I wanted to like this book but think that the story needs to be tightened around the plot and we need a character or two with whom we could empathise.

- The United States
Sat, 06 Jan 2018

If you like f bombs and ridiculous circumstances this books for you. In all honesty I only got through about 10 pages before going to a different book so it may have gotten better.i don’t care for books with much profanity in them. Also the first scene has a man chasing this woman on foot down a dirt road. She ducks into a wheat field to get away and all he can see is the top of the wheat moving as she scurries through it. Really? It’s night time for one thing and as far as I know wheat only grows around 2 ft tall. What is she crawling ? Author must have been thinking about a cornfield. There’s to many books out there to put up with this.

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