Me and You and the Red Canoe PDF Book by Jean E. Pendziwol, Phil PDF ePub

Me and You and the Red Canoe

by Jean E. Pendziwol, Phil
3.78 • 144 votes • 46 reviews
Published 01 Aug 2017
Me and You and the Red Canoe.pdf
Format Hardcover
Publisher Groundwood Books
ISBN 1554988470

Me and You and the Red Canoe Ebook Description

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In the stillness of a summer dawn, two siblings leave their campsite with fishing rods, tackle and bait, and push a red canoe into the lake. A perfect morning on the water unfolds, with thrilling glimpses of wildlife along the way.
The narrator describes the experience vividly. Trailing a lure through the blue-green depths, the siblings paddle around a point, spotting a moose in the shallows, a beaver swimming towards its home and an eagle returning to its nest. Suddenly there is a sharp tug and the rod bends to meet the water. A few heart-stopping moments later, the pair pull a silvery trout from the water, then paddle back to the campsite to fry up a delicious breakfast.
The poetic text is accompanied by stunningly beautiful paintings rendered on wood panels that give a nostalgic feeling to the story.

Me and You and the Red Canoe Reviews

- Carlisle, PA
Sat, 18 Nov 2017

Although I'm not a fisherperson - and it doesn't interest me at all - and this book is about going out onto a lake fishing, I still consider the book a work of art, both in words and illustration. It's written in verse form, and would be a wonderful sample of free verse to share with a tween or teen. Gorgeous writing. The illustrations are really, really beautiful, there's no white, and even the page of text has a background paint-y collage that's lovely. I love that the illustrator is "Phil." No surname. Both author and illustrator are Canadians. Highly recommended.

Wed, 23 Aug 2017

The pictures by illustrator Phil are stand-out: acrylic on wood panel. The text is poetic and contemplative, telling the story of an early-morning canoe trip to catch a fish. "I woke before the sun was up, before the moon closed its eyes, before the stars twinkled out, when the whole world was just thinking about the new day, and everything was purple and magical."
An aside: I enjoyed reading this with a sense of mystery about the two people in the canoe, who, pictured only distantly, seemed like they could be any two people (no age, race, gender, or relationship specified). Were they friends? Parent and child? Then I noticed that the jacket flap called them "two siblings," and the final painting seemed to show them as white. I wonder why the book decided to specify these things, when the opportunity was there to leave full scope for imagination.

- Toronto, ON, Canada
Sun, 10 Sep 2017

After savouring this book for a little while, it is obvious that these duo not only have spent time in the outdoors but enjoy doing so. Their combination of words and images create a texture of what spending length of time out relaxing out near a lake. This book may appear to be a simple read at first, but for anyone – young or old – who takes the time to look carefully at the detail of both the words and the artwork here, gains a great appreciation of a simple canoe trip.

- Powell, OH
Fri, 11 Aug 2017

Perfect to share with young readers as an example of descriptive writing, this gorgeously illustrated picture shares the perfect summer morning fishing on a lake. Using poetic language and acrylic paintings on wooden panels, the author describes waking up very early on a summer morning in the woods, enjoying hot chocolate by the campfire and the sights and sounds of rowing a canoe through the water to catch a trout to take back to camp. This is a beautiful book to add to any bookshelf!

- Providence, RI
Sun, 10 Sep 2017

Lovely, calm, and meditative. Even though catching fish for breakfast in a canoe sounds like a horrifying experience for me personally. And I can't see any of my students being that into it. However, I will buy for a friend who lives in Maine.