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The Hate U Give

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Published 28 Feb 2017
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Format Hardcover
Publisher Balzer + Bray
ISBN 0062498533

Sixteen-year-old Starr Carter moves between two worlds: the poor neighborhood where she lives and the fancy suburban prep school she attends. The uneasy balance between these worlds is shattered when Starr witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend Khalil at the hands of a police officer. Khalil was unarmed.
Soon afterward, his death is a national headline. Some are calling him a thug, maybe even a drug dealer and a gangbanger. Protesters are taking to the streets in Khalil's name. Some cops and the local drug lord try to intimidate Starr and her family. What everyone wants to know is: what really went down that night? And the only person alive who can answer that is Starr.
But what Starr does or does not say could upend her community. It could also endanger her life.

The Hate U Give Reviews

- New York, NY
Wed, 02 Mar 2016


- Canada
Mon, 02 Jan 2017

This was such a heartbreakingly honest account of what is happening in America right now. As a white reader, the experience this story affords its readers cannot be taken for granted. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, this book takes you into the heart of Garden Heights after the main character has witnessed the wrongful murder of her best friend Khalil by a police officers. Being Canadian, as well as being white, I have the privilege of not having to deal with any of the things Starr deals with on a day to day basis but the experience of being alongside her as she grappled with the injustice of it all gave me a completely new understanding of what is going on in America. I obviously am not ignorant to it all, but this just felt like an honest firsthand account. It really is indescribable. This is such an important read and I highly encourage you to pick it up.
I will do a full spoiler free review and spoiler discussion on my channel very soon.

- Germany
Fri, 03 Mar 2017

“What's the point of having a voice if you're gonna be silent in those moments you shouldn't be?”
Every white person on this planet needs to read this book.
"Lack of opportunities. Corporate America don't bring jobs to our communities, and they damn sure ain't quick to hire us. Then, even if you do have a high school diploma, so many schools in our neighbourhoods don't prepare us well enough. Our schools don't get the resources to equip you. It's easier to find some crack than it is to find a good school around here.
Now think 'bout this. How did the drugs even get in our neighborhood? This is a multibillion-dollar industry. That shit is flown into our communities but I don't know anybody with a private jet.
Drugs come from somewhere, and they're destroying our community.
You got folks like Brenda, who think they need them to survive, and then you got the Khalils, who think they need to sell them to survive. The Brendas can't get jobs unless they're clean, and they can't pay for rehab unless they get jobs. When the Khalils get arrested for selling drugs, they either spend most of their life in prison, another billion-dollar industry, or they have a hard time getting a real job and probably start selling drugs again.
That's the hate they're giving us, a system designed against us. That's Thug life."

This book opened my eyes. I don't want to say too much, but I love how popular this book is, being No. 1 on the NYT bestseller list and already having cast Amandla Stenberg as the lead actress in the movie adaption. We need this, America needs this, YA fiction needs this. Angie Thomas gets so many things right, and so many readers can learn about black culture, cultural appropriation, covert and internalized racism and so much more through this.
Apart from that, this book is simply good. It could be a biography, that's how realistic it feels. The characters have depth, the plot isn't overly dramatic but still exciting. And honestly, it's so so hilarious. Doesn't matter if the characters are joking about Voldemort or getting their butts whooped by their parents, it's laugh-out-loud material. The first few pages might be a little difficult to get through because it takes a while to get used the writing and the slang, but it's worth to keep going, believe me. The thing is, I wasn't overly emotional while reading this. I didn't cry ugly tears or had my heart broken. This is no TFIOS. But it's real and it's perfect.
Another thing I love is when authors turn out to be huge Potterheads. There is nothing I enjoy more than a good Harry Potter reference, or five.
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Fri, 01 Dec 2017

This is one of the best audiobooks I've listened to all year. If you are considering reading this one, listen to it. You wont regret it.

- Las Vegas, NV
Wed, 01 Mar 2017

It has taken me a long while to compose this review, because this book is the most powerful book I've ever read. It is important, educational, and happening in our world right now as you're reading this review. If you can only read one book in 2017, please pick this one.
This book is inspired by the #BlackLivesMatter movement, where sixteen-year-old Starr witnesses her best friend, who is an unarmed black boy, be killed by a police officer. Starr is scared to speak up, constantly battling what to do, because there is never any justice for these heartless killings.
This book is real, honest, and it's going to make a lot of people uncomfortable, but being uncomfortable is necessary to change. And this book is going to change a lot of people's lives. I hope everyone reads this and starts educating themselves on, and will stop ignoring, the problems going on in today's world. Books are the most powerful and influential tool we have, and The Hate U Give is a literary masterpiece that will be a constant reference for years to come.

“That's the problem. We let people say stuff, and they say it so much that it becomes okay to them and normal for us. What's the point of having a voice if you're gonna be silent in those moments you shouldn't be?”

Important things that I want to say:
• Reverse racism doesn't exist.
• White people will never know what it feels like to be a marginalized black person who is still being oppressed in 2017. You might think you do, but you don't.
• When you say #AllLivesMatter, even when coming from a place of good, it is hurtful and ignoring the greater problems that are prevalent.
• When you say #BlueLivesMatter it actually makes me feel sick to my stomach, especially after reading this book. Stop doing this. I don't care if your dad is "one of the good cops out there"; it is disrespectful for this plague of an epidemic that is happening to our black men and women.
• I can do better and I can do more. We can do better and we can all do more.
• Here is a list of some unarmed black men that have been killed over the past few years by the police brutality that is ever growing in the United States: Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Dontre Hamilton, Eric Garner, John Crawford III, Michael Brown Jr., Michael Brown Jr., Dante Parker, Akai Gurley, Tamir Rice, Rumain Brisbon, Jerame Reid, Tony Robinson, Phillip White, Eric Harris, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, Keith Lamont Scott, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, and more that go unnamed and unanswered every day.
Remember these names. Honor these names. Open your eyes. See what is going on in our world and see how wrong it is. It is easy to ignore when it is not happening to you, but is this really the kind of world you want to live in? Open your heart; be empathetic to your fellow human. Let's change this, and have The Hate U Give be the first stepping stone.
“You can destroy wood and brick, but you can't destroy a movement.”

Thank you, Angie Thomas; I truly hope your book changes this world.
Lastly, I want to emphasize that this review is coming to you from a young, white, immensely privileged woman. These are five amazing people of color giving amazing heartfelt reviews on YouTube that showcases why this book is the most important and influential book of our time. Here are a few of the people we should need to be listening to:
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