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Sell Your Soul (Body & Soul #3)

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Published 1 Jan
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The last place Vaughn Westbrook expected to find himself was at a charity gala. But the dark path he’s walked since his discharge from the military led him into the upper echelons of society—where he hunts for the man behind a human trafficking ring.
Carissa Hastings lived a sheltered life in the lap of luxury. Forced to participate in a bachelorette auction, her parents expect the man of their choice to win a date with her.
Vaughn’s winning bid on Carissa was a tactical move, but logic is thrown out the window when he meets the innocent beauty.
Vaughn sold his soul long ago. There’s no way he’s going to let Carissa do the same.

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Fri, 28 Oct 2016

3.5 “I’m sorry, but you’re mine” Stars
When an alpha hunk goes in, he goes all in. Vaughn only wanted to piss off his target by outbidding him, but what started as part of his mission turned into something else entirely with one look at innocent but sexy Carissa.
Carissa can’t comprehend what’s going on with her parents, after what felt like a lifetime in boarding school in Europe and being practically sequestered at their estate, she finds herself being forced to parade at a bachelorettes auction to be won by one of her father’s business associates.
She’s more than pleasantly surprised when she likes the guy so much. Only, the bossy hunk who won her date was not the one who was supposed to. Vaughn’s move sets in motion a domino effect and now everything he’s worked for is in jeopardy, only now his world has changed, and the only thing that matters is Carissa.
With lots of action and a fair share of suspense, Sell Your Soul had a lot less sextivities than what I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong, what we get is totally hot, I was just expecting the percentage of sexy shenanigans to be more substantial. That said I was not at all disappointed with where the story went.
Vaughn was a total badass, honorable and devoted to making the world a safer place. Under all his toughness there was a truly golden heart, you know, just hidden behind the bloodthirstiness.
Carissa started off as a bit of a doormat, which has become a pet peeve of mine, but she gradually grew out of it. As she was very young and was just getting back home I could let it slide. The fact that she could deal with Vaughn’s life decisions won her a lot of points.
Besides, when you can say:

“There’s no way this monster dick is ever going to fit inside me”

With a straight face, you’re just my kind of girl.
Sexy, sweet and surprisingly full of action, Sell Your Soul was a great read I enjoyed, and this is turning into a really addicting series for me.
*I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book*

Fri, 18 Nov 2016

My favorite thing...insta-love and OTT possessive alpha heroes!

Chantal ❤️
Sun, 30 Oct 2016

I really enjoyed this book about a sweet innocent all girl boarding school shut-in and the smoking hot and handsome mercenary.

The story start with a bid, the winning bid at a charity bachelorette auction. The heroine's Carissa is put up on auction by her parents who seem to have plan for her. Nefarious plans!
The hero Vaughn is there in order to stop an evil human trafficking ring Lord from acquiring another potential victim.
When Vaughn spots Carissa on stage, who is the object of this evil man's focus. She is everything Vaughn wants to have and protect.
He thinks:
"I pictured the beauty on the stage ending up dead like the girl in the alley. There was no way in hell I was going to let him get his hands on her and destroy the innocence shining from her eyes.
One look was all it took for the hero to fall for his innocent miss. However, he would be forced to take drastic measures to protect his one true love.
Will she be willing to believe in him and their fragile new relationship? Or will this prove to be too much for the heroine?
Read this sweet story and find out!
Enjoyable and worth a read and maybe even a reread later on.
I would recommend for those who enjoy first love and insta-love stories.
Safety: the hero is experienced (how much I don't know but not a manwhore) the heroine is a virgin, no OW/ OM drama. No triggers or violence.

SB*needs low angst books*
- The United States
Sun, 20 Nov 2016

So far so good.
This is about Carissa who is under her parents thumb. She meets Vaughn at a charity auction when he wins the bid on her. Vaughn is undercover trying to expose a human trafficking ring and deal with the head of the organization. Once they meet it is full on insta love with some steam.
Very sweet and short but one I enjoyed. The heroine is young but doesn't act childish and the hero is a a great alpha. Enjoyed it.

Sat, 17 Sep 2016

I love this one! I enjoyed this series a lot! It's short, hot and perfect!
The story is about Vaughn and Carissa.
Carissa's parents kept her isolated only to put her up on a bachelorette auction. Vaughn is a retired sniper in the Army and he's at the said auction to hunt the head of the human trafficking ring.
One look at her on the stage and he didn't want anyone to look at her. When the man he's after was bidding on her, he outbid him to save her.
Vaughn will do everything to protect her, to keep her safe and happy. He thought she deserves someone better but he's the right man for her.
There's a nice epilogue with marriage and babies.
[spoilers removed]

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