Gilly’s Treasures PDF Book by Julie  Murphy, Jay Fontano PDF ePub

Gilly’s Treasures

by Julie Murphy, Jay Fontano
4.50 • 2 votes • 1 reviews
Published 01 Oct 2016
Gilly’s Treasures.pdf
Format Hardcover
Publisher Sweetwater Books
ISBN 1462118453

Gilly’s Treasures Ebook Description

Gilly’s Treasures PDF Book has good rating based on 2 votes and 1 reviews, some of the reviews are displayed in the box below, read carefully for reference. Find other related book of "Gilly’s Treasures" in the bottom area.

Gilly the seagull loves finding treasures--especially bright, shiny seashells! But will this silly seagull miss the treasures already in his life? With beautiful illustrations and a story that's fun to read aloud, this delightful picture book is perfect for children and parents alike.

Gilly’s Treasures Reviews

- The United States
Sun, 18 Sep 2016

Sun, 05 Feb 2017

What a fun book, great illustrations!!! Cute little story about two birds on a island and what treasures they find together and alone...enjoyed this one and will enjoy sharing it with others :) I won this book in a goodreads giveaway thank you!

- Mesquite, TX
Sun, 18 Sep 2016

- Rickman, TN
Sun, 18 Sep 2016

- Pittston, PA
Sun, 18 Sep 2016

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