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Scout's Honor

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Published 14 Apr 2016
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Format Paperback
Publisher EJD Press

A story of a self-lost...
A self-loathed...
And a self-rediscovered.
In Haddleboro, North Carolina, Scout Webb is a 14-year-old kind, spirited small-town southern girl and a tomboy much like her namesake, the young narrator from her mother’s favorite book. With both her name and her Christian faith deeply woven into the fabric of her identity, Scout always felt like she had a lot to live up to - she was the kind of girl who made her parents proud.
It's August 1983, and Scout is playing on a summer baseball team with Charlie Porter, her best friend since kindergarten. More than anything, she is looking forward to her last few weeks at Camp Judah, a Christian camp near the Catawba River. She can’t wait to see her big crush “Brother Doug,” the thirty-two-year-old camp lifeguard who has watched her grow up each summer since she was seven years old. But after a fateful few days and one catastrophic event during her last day at the camp, Scout will be changed forever.

Scout's Honor Reviews

- Boone, NC
Sun, 02 Jun 2019

While the author is a dear woman I hold close to my heart- I don't think it impacts my love for this book! Heart breaking, touching, and just overall an entertaining story that shows the deep pain and growth of a young girl. I can't wait to read Dori's new book coming out next week!

- Bielsko Biala, 43-300, Poland
Wed, 06 Jul 2016

Dori Ann Dupre and her Scout’s Honor attracted me with … The cover. The girl depicted there resembles me at summer sailing camp. In my case the camp is one of my warmest memories—Scout can’t say the same. This summer, when she at age 14 attends her camp for the last time, is a painful turning point in her life.
For years to come, what happened between her and her much older married lover determined Scout’s way of thinking about herself and how she dealt with life. She became lonely, avoided people and even her best friend Charlie was unable to settle her down. The only times when Scout got back to her old self were the times she had other affairs—with married men. All of them ended the same way; it always ends the same way: the cheated party finds out, everyone gets hurt. So why do this? You have to read the novel to understand the motivations of all the parties involved.
The book is written in first person, with changing points of view, which allows the reader to take a close look at everyone's emotions. And they are not easy emotions. Scout—the mistress—is not driven by a wish to break someone else’s marriage. The cheated-on wives are not always boring suburban moms. And the men? They are depicted here as weak, but lovable, with compassion and forgiveness. The author has included quotes indicating biblical references that may guide the reader through each specific section. In Scout’s Honor, nobody is either good or bad—we just all make bad choices.
The author, Dori Ann Dupre, seems to be an extremely interesting person to me, with a specific perspective on life, full of love and understanding. Her bio was really surprising and helped me to understand how she got so deeply into her characters’ emotions. I wish the author all the best and look forward to other books!

- Carmel, IN
Fri, 12 Feb 2016

Scout's Honor was a fantastic story, 45 years in the making...Dori Ann Dupre crafted this tale that followed the life of Scout Webb, quite delicately. Her use of first person narrative of the main characters drove the story and revealed all the coming of age, humor, heart-break and often horrendously real situations in such a unique way. Each voice was captured well and you could feel each of their triumphs or pains as they were unfolding. I commend her choices to give us this story in this way. This is a bold debut and you will feel the gambit of emotions as you turn the pages. I'm really excited to see what Dori brings us next!
She makes you feel so many things for Scout. She describes her beauty and naivety with such care that you know this girl and then you accept the choices that are made in this book, which makes it even harder. The motif of "Little girl" is both brilliant and disturbing. I feel Dori did a great job in towing the line of bringing us the best qualities of people, while showing us some of the worst. It is a great study of how some choices can change the course of your entire life. I would highly recommend this book to others.

Tue, 09 Feb 2016

This novel is so well written that it feels like a memoir. This story follows a girl into womanhood and all the ups and downs that come with life. While it may seem like a difficult life, it’s really beautiful. This story is the story of many of us, and Scout, the main character, is recognizable. You know her. Or you are her. Scout, like the rest of us, wants to love, and like most of us, she stumbles in her pursuit of love. But she keeps living and moving forward, and maybe through this struggle, she finds bits of true joy.
Dori Ann Dupré is one of those authors who write so well you forget you’re reading. She brings you into the story, and you become invested in the characters and their stories. You are angry with the antagonists, but you understand them too. You know where they went wrong, but you still care for them, just as you have done with people in your real life who have stumbled.
This is the story of us. It’s our story, as any great creation should be. Dupré wrote this novel, but has now given it to us to digest. It’s now our story to learn from, just as you would learn from an old friend who has struggled, survived, and grown wise.

- Julian, NC
Sun, 06 Mar 2016

Dori Ann Dupre has written a wonderful debut novel about a character named Scout - after the character in her mother's favorite book To Kill a Mockingbird. The book covers Scout's life with all of its joy and pain, mistakes and successes. She is a real multi-dimensional character and I found myself thinking about her even after the last page of the book was read. I didn't always agree with some of the decisions that she made in the novel but it all made sense within the context of the story, nothing was forced just to move the story along.
The novel begins when Scout is 14. She is a real tomboy, playing baseball with her best friend and looking forward to going back to camp where she can see the older camp counselor that she has had a crush on for years. She is a happy and carefree child. What happens at camp that summer, changes her and her outlook on life for years to come. This is the story of how one thing can change our view of the world and most importantly of ourselves.
I loved this novel and it was hard to believe that it was this author's first novel. I predict some great books in the future from her.
(I received a copy of this book from the author for a fair and honest review.)

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