Sweet and Salty Treachery (HoneyBun Shop Mysteries, #1) PDF Book by M.E. Harmon PDF ePub

Sweet and Salty Treachery (HoneyBun Shop Mysteries, #1)

by M.E. Harmon
4.12 • 214 votes • 24 reviews
Published 20 Nov 2015
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Format Kindle Edition
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Sweet and Salty Treachery (HoneyBun Shop Mysteries, #1) Ebook Description

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**HoneyBun Box Set Available - http://amzn.to/21DXJt3 ***
Murder, Mayhem and Cupcakes!
When a TV reality star dies, it's up to a NYC baker to solve the case...
Ali Daniels loves baking sweet goodies for customers in her Manhattan bakery, HoneyBun Sweets and Sandwiches. When she gets an invite for a chance to cater the hottest event in NYC, she can't resist.
But it's murder, mayhem and cupcakes when the star of an upcoming reality TV show ends up dead. And Ali finds herself smack in the middle of a homicide investigation (as a suspect)—with her business hanging in the balance.
Faced with the choice of losing her beloved business and friends or hunting down a murderer, Ali doesn't hesitate to seek out the real culprit.
Becoming an amateur sleuth is one thing, staying alive is another. Will it be too late when Ali discovers she's jumped out of the frying pan and into the pre-heated oven?
This new culinary, cozy-mystery series features an amateur, woman sleuth determined to bake her way to the top!
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Sweet and Salty Treachery (HoneyBun Shop Mysteries, #1) Reviews

Tarah L David
- The United States
Sun, 30 Dec 2018

Good read. Made me laugh and smile.

- The United States
Sun, 22 Jan 2017

Good light read!
Very entertaining. There was no swearing or sex which is a nice change of pace. I would recommend this series

- The United States
Sat, 17 Jun 2017

It was a good light read. I didn't put it down. I really like cozy mysteries involving cooking.

- Cleveland, OH
Wed, 28 Dec 2016

Sometimes it’s nice to escape reality with a cozy mystery. On the whole, SWEET AND SALTY TREACHERY by M. E. Harmon fits the bill nicely.
Ali Daniels runs a small dessert store near the New York City Hall and the Police Department. It’s half of a company called HoneyBun Sweets and Sandwiches. She supplies the smoothies and desserts.
While the murder doesn’t happen until the end of the third chapter, it’s obvious who is going to be murdered and how it is going to happen from almost the moment the character appears on the scene. Heidi Slater-Chakiris is a nasty, demanding, ambitious woman who expects people to oblige her every demand. Ali refuses to do so. Heidi is also the premier event planner in the city so she has a lot of clout as well as a lot of enemies.
One morning, after ordering a smoothie, Heidi invites Ali to audition to cater the Mayor’s Black and White Ball, an important social event that provides a lot of publicity and networking opportunities and practically guarantees an increase in catering opportunities. The audition is that day.
The remainder of the book deals mostly with the search for the killer and Ali and her friend Izzy play a major role in the process.
The characters in the novel are well-developed, realistic, and interesting. Ali’s mother is still a new-age hipster and provides some humor.
The foods sound tasty but, unfortunately, the book does not include recipes.
Partway through the book, I was surprised to learn that Ali and many of the other characters are Black though the race is incidental to the story. (The author appears to be white.) It’s interesting how many ways a character’s skin color is described. In contrast, in most books the skin color of white characters is rarely noted. It has wit. e.g,“I’d been raised to question and analyze for the greater good, but Izzy just liked snooping.”
SWEET AND SALTY TREACHERY had a few grammatical and proofreading errors and some unnecessary repetitions. In one instance she says a magnificent office had “a 90 degree view of the city.” I think she meant it was a corner office that had a 270 degree view. Most windows offer a 180 degree view unless they are blocked’
Interesting info: There are over 300 types of honey with different tastes, colors, and textures.
Interesting observation: “People from outside of New York tend to think the city is one huge...well, city. As if it’s just a huge mass of buildings and people rushing everywhere. And yeah, sometimes it is that, but really it’s a whole lot more. Each part of the city has its own separate feel and vibe. Every few blocks are like a new little neighborhood. And within each neighborhood are collections of families and businesses that make up communities where people do know your name.”
And it applies to the recent US Presidential race and alleged cut portions of “The Apprentice”: “In the editing room, anyone can be made to look like a princess.”

Julie Hillman
- The United Kingdom
Tue, 21 Feb 2017

A pleasant tale you can read commuting to work.
Ali the cute cafe owner gets mixed up in a murder. A murder she probably would have committed herself if she had known the deceased slightly longer. A very pleasant read with a well thought out plot.

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