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Dick, It's What's for Dinner

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Published 20 Oct 2015
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Evernight Publishing

A criminal, a pilot, and an aspiring chef dance in a stripper bar at the center of the universe...
Six months on a military ship with my two friends, cooking food for the crew in nothing but skimpy shorts, what could possibly go wrong? Let’s see, our friendship starts to turn sexual. We agree to cook naked for extra money. One friend turns out to be a thief, the other is facing his shyness to admit he loves me, and atop all that, we’re thrust into the middle of a war. I was a dreamer trying to conquer my wish of being a chef, not some space fighter. How were we going to survive in combat conditions?
My best advice: Watch out for boiling water while cooking naked on a spaceship. Oh, and once in a while, play the hero.

Dick, It's What's for Dinner Reviews

Love Africa
- London, N7, The United Kingdom
Thu, 10 Dec 2015

One thing I've come to expect from a story written by this author is that the plot is going to be outlandish and out of this world. Well, he's done it again with this off-beat comedy adventure set in deep space.
Vern, Rei and Ale are waiters in a bar, but I can bet you've never seen these kinds of waiters before. Or perhaps you have. They serve drinks in a place where anything goes, except perhaps full on getting it on. For a tip of two credits tips, they can serve you a drink as well a special lap dance.
So the three of them having been working together for a while and they are the bests at what they do. They are friends, with no benefits, mind you.
When they get offered a chance to serve food and drinks on board a military spaceship as a trio, they can't resist the offer. The money is too good.
But on this journey across space, they get to discover much more about each other. When they are thrown into danger, they have to reassess their relationships.
This is a fun read and perhaps a little goofy. You'll be sure to laugh out loud and the characters are adorable. Fans of romantic comedy will love it.

- Perth, WA, Australia
Fri, 06 Nov 2015

This is my first James Cox experience, and I must say, it didn’t disappoint at all. I’ve seen plenty of this author’s books reviewed on our blog and figured that eventually I’d get around to reading one (I have a very demanding reading schedule ;) ). So when we received a request for someone to review this book, which is a ménage (my weakness) and with a title like THAT, well it was almost fated. This was the James Cox book to pop my cherry with…my virgin cherry, the three sexy boys in this book would say, as the shake their asses for the audience. I was feeling both excited and cautious going into this, but it had me from the prologue…
“Things didn’t go quite as planned. I was in enemy hands, I was only wearing a miniature chef’s hat over my dick, and I was about to be shot out of the spaceship. Nope, didn’t go as planned…”
The story is told from the first person point of view of twenty-year-old Vern. Vern dreams of becoming a galaxywide famous chef, but for now he is one third of the most popular serving team at a tacky stripper bar. When fellow skimpy waiter and friend, Mickale proposes that the team take a high paying serving job aboard a military ship, they decide to take a risk and go for it. Which is how Vern, Ale and Rei find themselves in the afore quoted messed up situation.
OMG, this book. I’ve got to be completely honest. I wasn’t expecting much. I’m not a fan of science fiction and the blurb is obviously a bit silly. Which is good, silly works for me, but only if it’s deliberate and successfully pulled off. Well, there was a lot that was pulled off in this story – yes, bad pun intended. This book is filled to overflowing with bad puns, cringe worthy innuendo (that is a positive btw), and scenes that were so random and hilarious that they actually had me laughing out loud. Like I said, I wasn’t expecting much. I hoped that I would enjoy it but I figured I was looking at a 3.5 rating at the most. Well, I hate to admit when I’m wrong, but I was so wrong!
I don’t want to go giving everything away but some scenes definitely require an honorable mention, if only to tempt you into reading this. Scenes such as the orgasm mobile, which hung from the ceiling like a chandelier of kink, or Vern’s jet boots, which added some laugh inducing slapstick to an important rescue mission. And the cooking shows that these three hotties put on! All I can say is I hope they remembered to wash their hands and all their other bits before starting, and thank god Gordon Ramsey doesn’t cook like this!
Overall the story is light and fun and doesn’t take itself too serious but the author also smartly added a few touches of surprising sweetness and real emotion to add depth to the laughter.
Although the story could be left here, satisfyingly complete, I would like to know what happens next for these three. Yes, this part of their story is finished, but they’re beginning a new story together and who the hell could guess where they’ll end up. With this author at the helm, their ship could end up anywhere.
“You are the most annoying strippers I have ever met.”
“I’m a chef,” I muttered.
“I’m a pilot,” Rei said, aiming at the grey enemy to the captain’s left.
“I’m just a fucking badass.” Ale pointed his gun at the guy to the right of me.
Totally recommended for readers who need a good laugh and a bit of fun.
Reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews

Mon, 19 Oct 2015

Breann and I had Dick for Dinner and it was delicious.
So, when James Cox invited members of the clubhouse over to his pad to have dinner, more specifically, Dick for Dinner, Breann and I tripped over each other heading out the clubhouse door.
James always provides a fun sci-fi adventure and this one is no exception. Once you get past your appreciation of the title of course :D.
The world building was detailed without being overcomplicated making it easy to dive right into the story and understand where the characters are coming from. The story is written from Vern’s perspective and his character was extremely likable, charming and deliciously horny. He’s an aspiring chef who’s working as a stripper/waiter to earn enough to finish his training. He works closely with Ale and Rei. Ale is a big ol’ hunk of a man that Vern has a crush on and he’s a bit of a mystery. Rei is a pilot in training who’s working his way through training just like Vern. The three have great chemistry on the surface and once the story really gets going the physical attraction moves into something much sweeter and deeper. James threw in just enough feels to take the story from pure sci-fi campy fun to something more.
James writes a damn fine menage relationship. His characters are all very unique so you don’t get them muddled during sexy times and he doesn’t discount the feelings that each has for one another. They are different, but no less important. Vern feels differently for Ale than he does for Rei, doesn’t make it any less significant, but it’s unique and I think that’s why they work for me.
The adventure was great fun and his hero’s always have the charm and “accidental luck” that make them great to read. They aren’t perfect and no victory comes easy, that’s what makes them all the more heroic in my book. They are regular horny guys in an extraordinary situation.
The ending was delicious as I was expecting from the title and I liked reading how the guys had evolved and come together after all the shenanigans were played out.
A couple of fave sentences, because I always highlight the hell out of James’s sentences:
“Ale was a sight that made cocks harden and weep.”
“His long legs ate up the space much like I wanted to eat his dick.”
“His cheeks were the shade of a hard-spanked ass.”

- The United States
Thu, 10 Mar 2016

Totally worth the wait!
I can't believe I waited this long to start this series. I do that all the time though, sadly. But...better late than never! What's better than reading about two hot guys stripping and dancing? How bout THREE hot guys stripping and dancing? Oh yeah, that was a perk. Throw in a little action in the form of explosions, foiled plots, and a hero whose a little uncoordinated and you have one of the best books this year. Vern is hilarious with the rocket boots, hand to gawd, I snorted. And then choked on my own spit. It wasn't pretty but luckily there were no witnesses. Rei is the sweetest thing in space with all his blushing and bashfulness. And Ale was freaking phenomenal as a character. Funny, flirty, and hot. The story flows seamlessly and I was sucked in from the first line. Good laughs, steamy scenes, and explosions! What else could anyone ask for? Now on to the next!

Maddie  M1RiH
- The United Kingdom
Tue, 20 Oct 2015

Wow I finally got to read this and in one mouthful too. 4 creamy Stars.
Another great captivating Fun,Sexy read from James Cox. Oh and the titles a giggle too.
Another out of this world book with great characters Rei,Ale and Vern all kept me intrigued and the chemistry between them was kindle gripping.
I couldn't put this down once it opened up and once I reached the ending I was left gasping for more.
A great read and recommend it.