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Jude (Cocky Cage Fighter, #2)

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Published 1 Jan
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MMA cage fighter Jude Malone leads a simple life - eat, sleep and train. His older brother Jax is a legend in the octagon, and while Jude's had his fair share of recent losses, he's better than his record. He just needs a chance to prove it.
When Jude is suddenly offered the fight of a lifetime by his head coach, there is only one tiny string attached. He decides to go for it, but that little string just might turn out to be the one that unravels him completely.
Sadie Briggs is a quiet, introverted tomboy. She was raised by a single father and grew up in his MMA training gym with dozens of sweaty, aggressive men. They only think of her as their sweet little sister, not as a woman who is getting ready to go off to college. That all changes when her longtime crush, Jude Malone, becomes her knight in shining armor after her boyfriend dumps her the week before her senior prom.
Jude feels like he's been sucker punched when Sadie's unexpected Cinderella transformation forces him to actually see her as a woman for the very first time. Overwhelming lust, jealousy and passion turn out to be the right combination to finally unlock Jude's cocky alpha fighter inside and out of the cage. Only one thing stands in the way of him winning the world championship welterweight title and a gorgeous girl. The truth.
This 70K word HEA novel can be read as a stand-alone, although there are appearances from the characters in Jax, the first book in the Cocky Cage Fighter series.

"Jude (Cocky Cage Fighter, #2)" Reviews

Tue, 03 Jul 2018

I absolutely loved Jude in Jax's story and couldn't wait to read Jude's own story.
Jude is the younger brother of the almighty MMA titleholder Jax and they are two complete opposites. Where Jax was hot-headed Jax is complete calm, still, a virgin saving himself for that special lady and he's a fun guy, he made me laugh in the previous book with his cocky charm.
Jude is also a fighter and looks up to his big brother and fights in a lower weight. When his coach approaches him with the fight that could make his career it comes with a bargaining chip which is the coaches daughter Sadie. Coach Briggs trusts Jude and wants Jude to take his daughter the her senior year prom in return he will arrange the fight.
Sadie is the geeky daughter of Coach Briggs, brought up by a single dad and has spent all her life in the gym surrounded by the guys who treat her like a younger sister. Sadie came across as innocent in the first book and she had always admired Jude from afar, however, Sadie didn't quite turn out to be the character I anticipated and Sadie wasn't as sweet as she seemed.
A makeover boosts Sadie's confidence, guys all of a sudden start to notice her including Jude when he takes her to prom he becomes possessive and protective of her. For the first time ever Jude feels he has found someone he actually wants to give his virginity too.
A secret relationship develops between the two as they try and keep it away from the gym and Coach Briggs.
Halfway through this book though I was like "What NOOOOOOO" what are you doing you stupid girl and after that, I just could not warm to Sadie. There's making your partner jealous to get what you want but actually doing it? no, just no, I could not get my head away from what she had done to sweet Jude after that.
Despite the huge dilemma, I faced while reading, I did enjoy this book. Jude is adorable and the build-up to his fight, the introduction of other characters and the flow of the book I loved and I would definitely read more books from this author.
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Wed, 12 Aug 2015

Where to start with this book? I honestly didn't think the author could beat Jax but with Jude she really has outdone herself. Jude is just perfect. Yes he's young but oh sweet lord is he hot. Living under Jax's shadow all his life, now is the time for Jude to show the world what he's made of. When his Coach approaches him with the fight of a lifetime in exchange for a favour, Jude jumps at the chance. I loved the Coach. He's is so manipulative (in a good way) it's brilliant. Sadie, the coach's daughter, has had a crush on Jude for forever. Having been screwed over by her ex, she's desperately hoping that Jude will finally notice her. The sexual chemistry between Jude and Sadie is scorching hot, but the connection between them is really sweet at the same time. This book really does have it all. It's a really sweet, hot romance with some cracking one liners (Oh hell, smack my arse and call me a naughty boy because I'm dying to fall to my knees and beg for a f*cking taste). It was just one of those books for me that I absolutely loved. The characters are more than just characters in a book. The way it's written it feels like they're real people (yes I'm aware I need to get a life). It draws you in with the likeable characters and leaves you wishing it didn't have to end. Now the wait begins for Linc's book....it's gonna be so good if Jax and Jude are anything to go by.

- Livermore, CA
Sat, 15 Aug 2015

Another fantastic read
I just knew after reading Jackson's book that Judes story would be a sweet read. I was not disappointed. I got the book delivered while I was away at a horse show and was to engrossed I almost missed my class! One click this one for sure. Can wait for Linc story.

Sat, 15 Aug 2015

⭐️ 3.5 Stars⭐️
♦️BOOK: #2 in the COCKY CAGE FIGHTER series but can be read as a Standalone. Full length. Kindle loc: 4682
♦️EDITING: good - very few to zero errors found
♦️POV: dual alternating first person
♦️HERO: Jude "The Matrix" Malone, 22--MMA Fighter. Virgin. Still lives at home with his dad. Lean and sleek, 6' tall, 170 pounds of cut muscle, jet black hair shaved short, dark chocolate brown eyes. Spends all his free time training.
♦️HEROINE: Sadie Briggs, 18--Student. Works at her father's gym. Has had a crush on Jude for years. Unassuming, awkward, geeky tomboy. Glasses, brown frizzy hair, green eyes, wears baggy clothes.
"She's no different than one of the guys. Actually she’s more like a constant stationary object, a piece of exercise equipment always in the building."
♦️PLOT: After Sadie's jerky boyfriend breaks up with her right before prom, her father, Jude's coach dupes him into taking her in return for giving him a championship fight. Sadie is thrilled that Jude has volunteered, not knowing her father put him up to it. Getting a makeover and going instantly from geek to blond bombshell, Jude is suddenly enamored with Sadie and decides to ditch his v-card asap. Continuing to see each other, Jax easily convinces Jude that dating Sadie isn't a good idea and he ends things abruptly. Sadie decides to use other guys to make Jude jealous and he goes all caveman. Torn between wanting each other and knowing a relationship won't work once Sadie goes off to college they decide to be fuck buddies. That eventually turns back into a relationship until the big fight approaches and Sadie finds out the truth about her father's arrangement with Jude. Being very hurt she wants to hurt Jude back and takes up with his opponent, even standing in the rival's corner during the fight and moving in with him in another state. Weeks later, a miserable Jude hunts Sadie down to get her back.
➖an almost 22 year old virgin H with a (slightly) more experienced h.
➖sweet romance
➖there's some funny lines...
"Here's hoping boners are like vampires and don't show up in photos."
➖the mc are very young--18 & 22 and they definitely act it, making knee-jerk, immature decisions, intentionally hurting each other. They have a lot of growing up to do.
➖Sadie acting slutty to make Jude jealous
➖MMA championship fight opportunities aren't handed out quite so easily
➖communication! Talking to each other would have solved all of their problems.
♦️STEAM LEVEL: Hot, 3.5/5 - lotsa quick sex scenes
♦️ENDING: HEA, Epilogue - 1 year later, No cliffhanger
"I feel like a prick for never noticing her until her extreme makeover, but now, it wouldn’t matter if she goes back to the brown, curly hair, thick glasses, and baggy clothes. I'd still see her."
♦️TAGS & STUFF: virgin Hero, unprotected sex, alpha H, rough sex, love triangle, celibate during separation, tattoos, light bondage, jealousy

- London, The United Kingdom
Thu, 18 Feb 2016

This is the second book in this series this time featuring Jude Malone the brother of Jax who was the subject of the first book. Jude's trainer has a daughter Sadie, he does a deal with Jude to take his daughter to her prom, Jude is not too keen on this as he feels he's a bit too old for a prom he's 21, plus Sadie has never made any impression on him previously. Eventually he agrees, on the night of the prom he arrives at the house to pick up Sadie and is blown away by how she looks, a complete transformation from how she dresses when she's at her fathers gym. It's not long before they're getting hot and heavy. But what happens when Sadie finds out that he did a deal with her father to get a shot at the championship in exchange for going with her to prom.
This wasn't a patch on the first book "Jax" the plot was no way as good. I really liked Jude even though he made mistakes, but Sadie I didn't like her one bit. She was a totally different character to how she was in the first book, she went from a frizzy haired bespectacled geek to slut, I thought most of her actions crossed the line IMO and she's not the sort of heroine I like to read about.

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