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Torment Me (Rough Love, #1)

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Published 13 Oct 2015
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Scarlet Rose Press

Chere isn’t happy with her life as a high-class escort, but she can’t seem to find the motivation to change. Then she takes on a mysterious new client who won’t share his name, or even allow her to see what he looks like. Their first session is a headlong tumble into tantalizing sensation and fearsome control that leaves Chere picking up emotional pieces she didn’t know she had.
“W” is roughly seductive, and dominant to the core. His demands shock her as much as they turn her on, and soon the line between bad choices and emotional fulfillment becomes alarmingly blurred…
Note: This book is super rough. There’s love, but it’s rough. Hence, Rough Love series. This full-length novel is book one of a three-part storyline that culminates in Happily Ever After. But, full disclosure, it’s going to be a rough ride.

Torment Me (Rough Love, #1) Reviews

SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
- Sweden, Sweden
Fri, 19 Feb 2016

★★★★ ¼! Torment Me, book 1 of 3. Escort’s violent, toxic & co-dependent BDSM relationship with the mysterious “W”!

“I don’t want your pretty whore tricks. I want to use you. I want your body to be mine.”

Books in the Rough Love Trilogy should be read in order:
Book 1: Torment Me
Book 2: Taunt Me
Book 3: Trust Me

Torment Me (book 1) opens up to escort Chere meeting a new client, the mysterious “W” for the first time. Violence, manipulation, simulated and non-simulated rape and sadism, such as BDSM without safe words is not what Chere expected but it stirs something in her where she cannot stay away.
The story takes us of a journey of a dysfunctional client-escort relationship driven by the volatile “W”. There are moments with hints of tenderness and care only for “W” to revert back to his sadistic ways; demanding exclusivity, obedience and trust giving little of himself.
As “W” breaks her, binds her to him makes her wish for more… is there even a chance at a breakthrough to his heart?
I want to learn more about “W” and I cannot wait for his fall into whipped. Eight words to describe W: Secretive, manipulative, detached, calculated, remote, commanding, possessive and callous.
Eight words to describe Chere: Nurturing, loyal, reflective, broken, insecure, dependent, meek and despondent.
Torment Me, told from Chere’s POV is a candid glimpse into a toxic, codependent and unconventional affair. It’s dark, violent and shocking driven by the enigmatic “W”. But mostly it’s Chere’s journey of self-discovery and growth both sexually as well as life.
Having read book 1 and knowing where book 2 starts off I have to say: brilliant! I cannot wait to read book 2: Taunt Me for the continuation of their journey.
Gripping! Sexy! Dark! Dysfunctional!
“I fucking paid for you, and I want to play with you. I don’t want to talk anymore.”

Hero rating: 4 stars
Heroine rating: 4.5 stars
Sexual tension rating: 4 stars
Sex scenes rating: 4 stars
Sex scenes frequency: 4.5 stars
Plot rating: 4.5 stars
Dialogue rating: 4 stars
Storytelling rating: 4.5 stars
Story ending rating: N/A
Overall rating: 4.25 stars
Would I recommend this series: Yes.
Would I re-read this series: Maybe later.
Would I read future books by this author: Yes.

- Cocoa Beach, FL
Fri, 30 Oct 2015

4.5 Must-Have-the-Next-One, Rough Love stars!
Annabel Jospeph's prose makes her Rough Love world so real that I was completely pulled into this dark romance and the character of Chere... As if it was I who was so tightly bound and sensually assaulted by the enigmatic "W", as if it were MY limits that were shattered leaving me wondering what my limits are, as if it was ME who was addicted to his attention and devastated by his absence...
Oh, I am addicted, all right--to Ms. Joseph's genius. Thank goodness the sequel to Torment Me will be out in November. I have preordered and impatiently await Taunt Me. If you love dark and INTENSE romance, I highly recommend Torment Me.
Warning, contains intense bdsm with dubious-consensual scenes, pain play, and humiliation.

- Jakarta, Indonesia
Fri, 11 Mar 2016

4 Rough Love-stars!!

- Staten Island, NY
Wed, 21 Oct 2015

4.5 Stars

"Violence and poetry.
Choking and kissing.
Degradation and caring."

This is my first book by this author and I’ve totally been missing out on some really great writing. I thought I was done with the whole BDSM scene but this book brought me back with its addicting writing and great characters. I was on edge throughout the story and found it equally nerve wrecking and captivating.
”Don’t touch that mask until you hear the door close,” he said. “The fantasy’s better, that way.”
The plot is so much more than an escort/client BDSM relationship. I loved the writing, the pace, and the mystery of all that is W. Chere meets a new client at the Weston Hotel both blindfolded. Their identities concealed W uses domination and pain and as feisty as our heroine is, she is drawn to him.
Chere craves W and even more than her sexual desire for him. She wants to know what he looks like, his name, what he does for a living. So when offered an opportunity of W being her only client, her curiosities have her agreeing.
”His kisses mended my soul, at least a little. He might not tell me his name, but he kissed me like a lover every single time.”
Chere supports her abusive, drug addicted, artist, boyfriend, Simon. Through her interactions with W, she finds the strength in herself to make some big decisions. Her feelings for W leave her constantly confused.
”I didn’t understand how he could make me feel sexy and wonderful, and so horribly devastated at the same time. He’d given me more than any other client, and yet he refused to give me anything at all.”
The story ends with a cliffhanger. Through all the pain and terror, W is generous to Chere and I am totally bind sighted by the ending.
”Good luck, starshine? What the fuck?”
I am however excited to see where the author brings the story in the next installment due out November 10th.

- London, UK, The United Kingdom
Mon, 19 Oct 2015

Title: Torment Me
Series: Rough Love, #1
Author: Annabel Joseph
Release date: 13th October, 2015
Cliffhanger: Yes
HEA: [spoilers removed]

Chere is a tragic character with a questionable lifestyle, even so, I can’t seem to help but champion her. Life has treated her poorly and with a CV that boasts stripping as well as a ten year history in the High Class Escort Industry, she is well versed in selling herself short. 
On a day like any other, Chere sets out to meet a new client. Like most clients, he expects discretion. Unlike most, he goes to extreme lengths to ensure his identity is not revealed and this involves her being blindfolded at all times. 
Meeting at the W Hotel, Chere is an unwitting moth to “W’s” raging flame. W is the kind of character that makes Christian Grey look positively amateur. He demonstrates his kinks; Dominance, control and pain without care or hesitation. As sure as I am that Chere will run for the hills, her lack of self preservation sees her intrigued enough to meet him again and again.
“You’re mine, Chere,” he said quietly.”And I can make you feel good, or I can make you feel bad.”
There are two kinds of bastard in my book. The type of bastard that makes you lusty and the type of bastard that’s a goddamn son of a bitch. “W” firmly falls in the second category. He’s harsh and uncompromising and a compelling character to read about. Just when i’m convinced he's a character without redemption he surprises me.
Torture Me by Annabel Joseph is both an intriguing and captivating read. This book stayed with me long after it was finished and i’m sincerely awaiting the next instalment to this twisted tale.

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