Fright Knight (Ghosts of Fear Street, #7) PDF Book by R.L. Stine, Connie Laux PDF ePub

Fright Knight (Ghosts of Fear Street, #7)

by R.L. Stine, Connie Laux
3.42 • 185 votes • 12 reviews
Published 01 Apr 1996
Fright Knight (Ghosts of Fear Street, #7).pdf
Format Paperback
Publisher Minstrel
ISBN 0671529471

Fright Knight (Ghosts of Fear Street, #7) Ebook Description

Fright Knight (Ghosts of Fear Street, #7) PDF Book has good rating based on 185 votes and 12 reviews, some of the reviews are displayed in the box below, read carefully for reference. Find other related book of "Fright Knight (Ghosts of Fear Street, #7)" in the bottom area.

He's a living knightmare...
Mike loves hanging out in his father's weird little museum on Fear Street. It's full of cool stuff -- a guillotine, a mummy, a bunch of spooky wax figures. Mike's favourite is a suit of armour. At least it was his favourite until he saw a pair of glowing eyes inside the helmet. Until the knight lifted its arm and pointed its sword at Mike's chest. Until the knight challenged Mike to a battle. A battle to the death.

Fright Knight (Ghosts of Fear Street, #7) Reviews

- Port Louis, Mauritius, Mauritius
Fri, 05 Apr 2013

Wow, the most amateurish writing I've seen in a long time, maybe ever. It departs from horror and instead the story feels very much like adventure and fantasy. It's weird to see the themes of the reluctant hero, the doomed lover, the misunderstood knight, the evil magician all wrapped inside less than 120 pages. Despite the simplicity of the tale, I was confused when this spell ricocheted or that thrust of the sword missed. Goosebumps is the best of all R.L Stine series, this particular one, not so much.

- Riverview, FL
Tue, 22 Jul 2014

Sat, 04 Nov 2017

- Tulare, CA
Fri, 20 Nov 2015

I thought this was a good book it is about a kid named mike who likes scary thinks and he gets a armord knight sent from his uncle and some people say its haunted so mike gets exited then one night he hears thumbing its coming from where the knight is then its just his sister playing a prank on him.

- Tarrytown, NY
Sat, 19 Jan 2019

Ava Miller
Si yo estuviera en la misma situación que Mike, no creo que hubiera reaccionado de la misma manera. Era tan valiente cuando decidió luchar contra el caballero para salvar a su familia y al Museo. Me gustaría pensar que sería capaz de reaccionar de la misma manera, pero en realidad me habría escondido del caballero. Creo que a todos les gustaría pensar que actuarían de la misma manera, pero en realidad si se enfrentan a un caballero embrujado, no creo que la mayoría de la gente lo haría. El caballero Mike luchó fue equipado de un sward. Mike eligió un escudo como su arma preferida. Habría elegido algo diferente que en realidad podría haber utilizado para atacar. Sin embargo, Mike terminó derrotando al caballero con el uso de su escudo. Habría tenido mucho miedo del caballero porque todavía soy un niño, y el caballero sería mucho más poderoso y más alto que yo. En conclusión, si yo estuviera en la misma situación que Mike, no, no habría actuado de la misma manera que él.

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