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Unmasking Superfoods

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Published 06 Jan 2015
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Format Paperback
Publisher Harper
ISBN 0062342975

It can be overwhelming and frustrating to try to understand the claims about "superfoods." Do raspberry ketones really help you lose weight? Do blueberries really fight cancer? Are goji berries worth a try? For over five years, Jennifer Sygo has been separating the truth from the hype in her popular National Post column. Now in her first book, she tackles even more superfoods and in more depth. You'll learn why
-the calcium in kale is absorbed as well as the calcium in milk-lentils, chickpeas and beans are not just good for you; when cultivated, they also put important nutrients back into the soil-goji, acai, and noni berries may be more hype than substance-xylitol, a sugar alcohol with a third fewer calories than sugar, could actually help prevent cavities and even ear infections-Sports nutrition (whey protein, chia etc.)- Weight-loss (raspberry ketones etc .)-people who eat avocadoes tend to weigh less than those who don't-beets might help you run faster--and maybe even perform better in bed
In Unmasking Superfoods, Sygo discusses the latest research on the most popular superfoods and offers recommendations on how--or if--you should incorporate these foods into your diet.

Unmasking Superfoods Reviews

Sun, 07 Sep 2014

Clear, concise with a lot of real science to back up the claims of superfoods.

- Zagreb, Croatia
Sat, 12 Apr 2014

Interesting read for us who don't eat meat and try to stay healthy or get healthy. I am trying to implement "superfood" in my diet and find out what is true about benefits of it, especially since they are so expensive.
This book is free as a e-book and even thou there is some interesting points, first you must listen to your own body and it's impulses.

- Diamond, OH
Wed, 25 Apr 2018

Very informative, if not a little overboard in science. Interesting also was the discourses on everyday common foods we take for granted! Maybe instead of a fad super food/diet we would be wise to shop fresh vegetables, meats, aged cheeses, nuts and fruits we have readily and economically available!

- The United States
Tue, 14 Mar 2017

Very informative. Long story short, whole foods are good. Eat them.

- Athabasca, AB, Canada
Thu, 09 Jul 2015

The truth and hype about Acai, Quinoa, Chia and Blueberries and More! I'm very interested in Nutrition and in eating healthy, and this book was excellent in all aspects. It cleared up my areas of concern even in grocery shopping! The author is a registered dietician and is Canadian. The truth about super foods!

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