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Recipe for Seduction (Madewood Brothers, #3)

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Published 26 May 2014
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Format ebook
Publisher Entangled Publishing, LLC (Brazen)
ISBN 1622665635

Veronica Whitfield feels like a frumpy old maid. After ten years of raising her younger siblings, she’s desperate to get her sexy back. And why not find it with the man she’s been in lust with since she was twelve years old—her brother’s best friend, Finn O’Reilly?
Finn is looking for love. And not any love—true love. Complete with the white picket fence, two children, and a dog. He’s just been a little unlucky finding it, and he sure as hell isn’t about to consider his best friend’s little sister for the job, no matter how badly he wants her in his bed.
But then Veronica propositions him with a game of dark, delicious seduction. Finn is tempted to indulge his hidden need for kink, but at what cost? Following through could very well ruin their friendship, but maybe—just maybe—helping Veronica rediscover her sexy side is exactly what he needs to find love at last…

Recipe for Seduction (Madewood Brothers, #3) Reviews

- Addlestone, UK, The United Kingdom
Sun, 04 May 2014

3.5 - She was a model student. Minimum hesitation. Maximum obedience. Stars!
Book three of the Madewood Brothers series, brings us Finn O'Reilly's tale. Finn throughout the first two books has been mediator and peacekeeper, and in Recipe for Seduction, we are given the back-story as to why he is constantly trying to keep everyone else happy, and not make waves.
"Being with me is the one place you don't have to worry about anyone elses feelings. I give you complete control. In my bed. You can take what you want. You can do what you want, whenever you want."
Veronica has been in love with Finn for years. Her brother Mark's best friend (who incidentally I think is prime for his own book/novella), he has been with her through all the good and the bad, the from being in foster care as a child, to helping her now deal with her errant teenage brother Cal. Thinking she is finally going to get her life back after spending the last 8 years raising her younger siblings, V is looking to have some fun, live outside of the box she has been stuck in, and expand her Wedding-Planning business.
After being caught in a sexy, but compromising position by Finn, Veronica decides it's time to take the bull-by-the-horns, or in this case the chef-by-his-spatula and seduce Finn, not knowing that his sexual tastes run over to the kinkier side of play, she is definitely up for a little experimentation, even if it does mean she has to do a little persuading initially.
"You think I'm a straight laced dweeb who doesn't know a penis from a finger."
"You're beautiful everyday, V, half naked or not. You're always the most beautiful woman in the room."
Veronica was an easy character to like, a woman approaching her thirties with goals and determination. Not afraid to push her boundaries in all areas, and happy to go along for the ride in others. Finn is looking for definition in his life, after spending so many years smoothing over everyone elses troubles and making sure that everyone else is happy, he is finally taking something for himself... Veronica, and although it starts out as a no-strings exploration of self discovery for one, and the living out of years of fantasies for another, it soon develops into so much more.
Finn. Her friend. Her lover. Her disaster waiting to happen.
"Make love to me. As if it's the last time." ... "Because it is."
Gina Gordon has again managed in Recipe for Seduction, to intersperse family drama, with an easy going storyline, around a cute and sexy couple extremely well. I can honestly say that book three is hands-down my favourite of the series so far. I loved Cal, he definitely added 'value' to the story. I liked that the book also offers further development in the stories of other characters from the previous books as well.
Lets face it the best-friends brother trope is one that most of us know and love. It is a tried and tested formula, and Gina has ticked all the boxes in giving the reader, a sexy, sweet, and immersive read, it doesn't offer up any surprises, but it left me happy and wanting more from the Madewood brothers. I am looking forward to seeing how Cole and Penn fare together (soon hopefully)!
ARC generously provided by the publisher in exchange for the above honest review.

- The United Kingdom
Wed, 14 May 2014

As much as I've enjoyed the previous books in this series I have to confess that Finn and Cole have been the two brothers who I've been most looking forward to getting to know so I was really excited to start reading Recipe for Seduction. I had a feeling that Finn would be something special and I was right - this is definitely my favourite book in the series so far!
Finn is the most low key Madewood brother, he doesn't seek the spotlight of fame and he doesn't care about awards but that doesn't mean he isn't just as committed to charity work and his restaurant as the other brothers - he's just more subtle about it. Finn knows that the most important thing is helping others and giving back to society just like his adoptive mother would have wanted him to. Finn is a people pleaser who wants nothing more than to have a family of his own to love and care for. Growing up in foster care made him into a peacemaker, he always felt that if he could just do what everyone wanted him to do and keep the peace between his brothers then they wouldn't be kicked out of their new home. That need to please has followed him into adulthood and he always puts his desires and dreams on the back burner to support everyone else. I've possibly made it sound like Finn is boring but that couldn't be further from the truth - he may do whatever it takes to keep his family running smoothly but he's just as alpha and competitive as the others and I think he might be the kinkiest of the lot in the bedroom!
Veronica has been half in love with Finn since they were children and met in a foster home. Finn is her brother's best friend though and has only ever treated her like his little sister. Veronica gave up her 20's to be a mother to her younger siblings but now they're growing up and heading off to college she thinks it's finally time for her to have some fun and get her life back on track. She's determined to continue to build up her wedding planning business but she also wants to have fun dating and re-discover her inner vixen. More than anything she would love to explore her feelings for Finn but she knows they have completely different life goals - Finn is looking for love, he wants to marry and have children while Veronica has already raised her siblings and has no intention of starting another family. The chemistry between them is hard to ignore, especially after they discover how well matched they are in the bedroom, but how could they ever find a compromise on their completely opposing desires for the future?
I loved the fact that Finn and Veronica's relationship is built on a strong foundation of friendship, they have a long history together and it's easy to see how important they are to each other. I really admired Veronica and her desire to find herself again, she's spent so long putting everyone else first that she really deserves to have what she wants for a change. I felt exactly the same about Finn though, I so badly wanted to see him fulfil his dreams and I was really worried that there wouldn't be a way for them both to get what they wanted without someone getting their heart broken. They are perfectly matched both in the bedroom and out of it and I loved seeing them spend time together. If you like your books on the hot and spicy side then you're going to enjoy this whole series but Recipe for Seduction was definitely the hottest in my opinion.
I've said before that I'm not a huge fan of big gestures but I absolutely loved how things turned out in this one. I'm going to keep it vague because I don't want to give spoilers but one of the characters does something so perfect that it brought a tear to my eye! The epilogue that follows is a little cheesy but it works so well for these characters that I didn't mind it in the slightest. Although each of these stories works as a stand alone I did really enjoy getting the chance to catch up with previous couples and here we get to attend the wedding of Jack and Story (the stars of Recipe for Satisfaction). The next book in the series is Cole's story and that is one I've been looking forward to from the beginning so I can't wait to get my hands on Recipe for Temptation.

Kath S
Mon, 09 Nov 2015

1. This was really boring.
2. The sex was bad and not realistic at all.
3. Women who don't want to have children are soooo bad, like, they need someone tell them how wrong they are and how they are in this planet just to procreate. If you're a women who don't want to have children, you're failing the human race, you bitch! #Sarcasm
And I thought this was going to be about a woman who didn't want to have children and wouldn't be judge because of that. *sighs*

- Kirkland, WA
Sun, 05 Jan 2014

ARC from Gina. Cute and fun read. Review to come.

Kim Reads
Tue, 27 May 2014

Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviews
by Kim
There’s just so much to love about Recipe for Seduction, I don’t even know where to start. I love the friends to lovers troupe. Especially when they have known each other for almost half of their lives.
Veronica Whitfield and Finn O’Reilly both grew up in the foster care system. As kids, Finn and Veronica’s brother were best friends. In fact, they still are. Veronica use to tag along with the guys and Finn always looked at her as a little sister. But Finn has always been the guy of Veronica’s dreams and lifetime crush.
Finn is one of my favorite kind of heroes. He’s loving, caring, and passionate. He’s a thinker. He knows how to cook. Plus, without question, he knows that he wants a family of his own, complete with the white picket fence and kids.
For being so young, Veronica is uber responsible. She has sacrificed her life to take care of her half siblings who just showed up out of the blue. Knowing what it was like to be in the foster care system, she didn’t want that for them. Now that the kids are going off to college, Veronica is ready to get her life back and that includes dating and having fun.
When Finn spots Veronica at a burlesque show, he decides that he wants to be the man to welcome her back into the dating world. He also thinks that dating and messing around with his best friend’s sister isn’t something he should do. Veronica just wants to fulfill a lifetime wish and use Finn to get back into the swing of single life. The two have very different plans for the future, but sometimes a little seduction is all you need to have dreams come true.
**Received a copy from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion.**
Rating: 4.5

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