Dork Diaries Book 8: Tales from a Not-So-Happily Ever After! (Dork Diaries, #8) PDF Book by Rachel Renée Russell PDF ePub

Dork Diaries Book 8: Tales from a Not-So-Happily Ever After! (Dork Diaries, #8)

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Published 01 Jun 2015
Dork Diaries Book 8: Tales from a Not-So-Happily Ever After! (Dork Diaries, #8).pdf
Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Aladdin

It’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid for girls in this hilarious novel!

After a bump on the head in gym class on April Fool’s Day, Nikki has a wild dream in which she, her BFFs Chloe and Zoey, her crush Brandon, and mean girl Mackenzie all end up playing the roles of some familiar classic fairy tale characters. Of course, the stories don’t go quite as expected—because they each have a very special Dork Diaries spin!

Dork Diaries Book 8: Tales from a Not-So-Happily Ever After! (Dork Diaries, #8) Reviews

- Roseville, CA
Thu, 26 May 2016

The book, Tales from a Not- So- Happily Ever After, by Rachel Renee Russel, is about a girl name Nikki Maxwell who has the craziest dream after being knocked out from getting a ball to the head from Mackenzie Hollister during dodgeball. To start off her dream, Nikki travels to a fairy-tale world where she is mistaken as Alice from Wonderland. The only way out of this fairy tale world is to find the Wizard of Odd who is being played by her school principal. Throughout Nikki's journey, she finds her 2 best friends, Chloe and Zoe, who were Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood. The three all set out to find the Wizard of Odd and meet many other common fairy tale characters being played as many of their classmates and Nikki's crush, Brandon. How will Nikki escape this wild dream? This story was actually really funny and quirky with all the fairy tales included. Out of all the Dork Diaries I have read, this is not exactly my favorite, but it's still a pretty good book.

- Berkeley, CA
Thu, 31 Dec 2015

I like this book because it tells a story about a girl who tries to find someone to help her get back home. Along the way she meets a few people in fairy tale land that looked familiar. The people help her and in the end she was back home, where she belong. This was a great book that I recommend this book to Ambar and Ashly because they like adventures and I think they might like it.

Elizabeth (Elzburg)
Sun, 31 May 2015

Hooray this is my 200th book review! It is actually pretty tragic that this book, out of any book I've read, had to be my 200th review. When did I even read the previous book in this series? Like last year? What impeccable timing.
This eighth book in the Dork Diaries series is different in that rather than spanning a month (or however long they usually span) this book takes place during a single day. This is because Nikki gets lambasted in the face by balls and ends up in a hallucinatory state and plays fairy tale for a while, then she wakes up and it ends. It is quite clear that either Ms. Rachel Russell (see what I did there) or her publisher was feelin’ the need to rake in some of that $ fairy $ tale $ retelling $ money $ but with as little effort as possible, and out came this book. From which of Ms. Russel’s orifices it came out of, I will let you decide for yourself.
I’m purposely ragging on this book, but truth be told I think this is probably just staying true with the usual quality of these books. These are books for little kids so I suppose the lack of personality traits for any character in the series, or the completely overdone story line wouldn’t really bother the actual target audience for these books. I myself am reading these because once-upon-a-time I USED to be in the target audience, but I guess I grew up while these books didn’t. Also I read these because Nikki freaking out at her eighth grade first world problems is hilarious.
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Mon, 06 Apr 2015

This would've been a great concept if it hadn't been done a thousand times before.
The characters would've been interesting if they weren't so incredibly cliche. Seriously, let's talk about that. Nikki is "not stuck-up at all", an opinion I'm sure is only shared by the fictional girl herself. Her friends are just cutouts with no distinct personality, and their lives hover around Nikki. Brandon is like Prince Phillip from Disney's Sleeping Beauty. Yes, he has a name and does... stuff, but he has no personality. He's essentially a plot device. And the mean girl is just that - Regina George minus the interesting, funny, enjoyable character parts.
There's also this recurring thing where everyone mistakes Nikki for Alice and Dorothy because of her clothes. Her CLOTHES. There are no distinguishable traits in Alice, Dorothy, or Nikki besides their clothes? Not like their hair, face, mannerisms, personality, etc?
I don't know why I'm reading this series anymore. I tell myself it's because I need something to rant about, and I've already started the series, but really I have no reason. I probably will still read the next book - if there is one.

- The United States
Tue, 25 Nov 2014

Dork Diaries was a very good book, and surprisingly held my attention the entire time I was reading it. Throughout the book, Nikki Maxwell is having an awful day. Her new sweater gets ruined, she wakes up late, and gets knocked into a whole other world! Her enemy, Mackenzie Hollister, slams a dodgeball in poor Nikki’s face, causing her to go unconscious and visit a whole new world called Fantasy Land. In Fantasy Land, everyone Nikki knows is made into a fairy tale creature. For instance, Nikki’s two best friends, Chloe and Zoey, are Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks. Nikki’s worst enemy, Mackenzie, is the Wicked Witch of the West. During her time in the Fantasy Land, Nikki tells many of the fairy tale creatures to go against the rules of the people and follow their dreams of becoming adventurers, princesses, and much more. She goes through much trouble to find the Wizard of Odd so that he can help send her home. Alas, Nikki is framed for being a bad person, so the Queen of Hearts was going to execute her. Finally, Prince Brandon swoops in and saves the day along with many of Nikki’s other friends she met along the way.
I personally really enjoyed this book. It was fun and relatable, but it was also very interesting at the same time to see the modern-day twist the author put on the people in the story. I didn’t like how the author used acronyms a lot! She incessantly used “OMG” and it began to get annoying to be honest.
I think people who enjoy fantasy books or like the show Once Upon A Time would love this book! It’s so similar to Once Upon A Time it’s weird.

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