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Red River Raging

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Published 28 May 2014
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Format Paperback
Publisher Coteau Books
ISBN 155050584X

When Finn's parents head off to some scientific mission on the other side of the world, leaving him with his grandparents on their Manitoba farm for a whole year, Finn is furious. He struggles to deal with his gran, his cantankerous great grandfather and the less-than-friendly kids at school. But the gentle, lazy Red River flowing nearby gives Finn and his only friend, the mysterious Peter, their only peace. Finn learns that the Red River flows "backward"--from south to north-- and this increases the possibility of it flooding again, as it has many times before.
And so it does again, in 1997. Tension builds in the community when it becomes clear that they are going to have to prepare for "the big one." As the floodwaters approach, the villagers quickly build a dike to try to save their community. But can they possibly succeed in the face of this flood? Will Finn get to fish for channel cats with his great-grandfather?
Finn is dealing with problems, issues rise to a head and more than emotions overtake him when the Red River floods his grandparents' home.

Red River Raging Reviews

- Canada
Fri, 08 Sep 2017

- New Zealand
Fri, 25 Sep 2015

- Vancouver, BC, Canada
Sun, 25 Jan 2015

Really gripping story! I love history with just that touch of the paranormal... Only problem (and one I couldn't get past) is that the character is not really from 1997... (which, I will grant, would be hard to do as it is not quite far enough in the past). He uses teen slang that is current, not of the time, and he googles information... but google didn't begin until 1998. Also, I am (similarly) skeptical a that a farm in a small Manitoba farm would have a computer and internet access for the teen to send emails as a standard form of communication... Email was around, certainly, but nowhere near as ubiquitous as now. Still, that aside, the history of the 1997 Red River Flood seems solid, and the story (as I say) was wonderful.

- Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Sat, 29 Jun 2019

Wed, 06 Aug 2014

14 year old Finn is living in Ste-Agathe, Manitoba during the 1997 "Flood of the Century". He is unhappy that his parents have left him with his grandparents while they are in Russia yet he soon begins to wonder about the forbidden barn and the mysterious Mr. De Meuron who is not all that he appear to be. The realities of the magnitude of the flood are realistically portrayed especially to those of us who lived through the event. Recommended for all Manitoban children, future Flood Fighters!