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Hope Being Gone

by Cherie Hill
4.17 • 126 votes • 14 reviews
Published 1 Jan
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You thought you had hope, until tragedy took over. You thought life was in control, until it erupted into chaos. You assumed you were strong, until you were suddenly brought to your knees. You thought you walked by faith, until you found yourself consumed in the darkness of despair. Hope is gone. You’re facing circumstances in life that seem insurmountable, even for God.
We quickly realize that our problem isn’t that we haven’t trusted God, but that we trusted God and believed He’d come through . . . and He didn’t. He could have prevented our pain and suffering, but He chose not to. We cry out, but there is no answer and our faith takes a tragic turn.
But God’s silence is not His solution and His absence is not His answer. His goals are eternal, not earthly. You want a way out . . . He’s making a way through. You crave comfort . . . and He brings you to the Cross. It is there that we realize: we can’t deliver ourselves from a crisis that God himself has orchestrated.
God is taking you on a journey of faith, and hope is just a step away . . . but a step in the right direction takes you right through the valley. And it is there, where all hope seems gone that God takes your faith places you never knew it could go. He’s teaching you to trust Him through your doubt and in your fears. He’s growing your faith and showing you that you can trust Him . . . even when there is no evidence that you should.

"Hope Being Gone" Reviews

- Little River, SC
Thu, 04 Feb 2016

When I found myself needing a pick me up, I turned to this book. The author appeared to have written this book just for me. As I was reading, the words touched deep in my soul. Often time I felt my hope leaving and my faith fading and those were the times I knew reading this book refresh my mind and soul. Everyone goes through tough times and everyone needs a support system or something to lean on....something to depend on. If you are looking for that something, then look no further. You have found it in this book.

Sat, 16 Mar 2013

Cherie Hill is a very spirit filled writer. This book will feed your spirit. Giving you hope when you feel all hope is gone.

- Laguna Woods, CA
Mon, 05 Nov 2012

This book explains accurately what happens when we are face with doubt and pain through our journey of faith..It explains Gods way through us..Very inspiring book

- Bartlesville, OK
Wed, 13 Aug 2014

If you're going through life's storms, this book talks about God's reasoning and compassion in the middle of our storms and tragedies. When we think he isn't listening, he's waiting on us to search for him and his word. The other thing I liked about this book she use scripture to back it up.

- Virginia Beach, VA
Thu, 14 Mar 2013

I love the opening, "It comes with little or no warning..."
I have to say, I started reading this book early in February this year. On Valentine's day, while I was only a third through the book, my 18-yr-old son was killed instantly when the car he was riding in as a passenger lost control and slammed into a tree. Once the funeral was behind me, I happened to pick up this book again, and the words were balm to a very wounded soul.
Ms. Hill is forthright in her declaration that there is meaning behind our sufferings. To those who have given their lives to Christ (more than a symbolic act--she means it literally), our sufferings are completely under his control. Truly, suffering like this causes you to evaluate your core beliefs. Ms. Hill takes your hand as you walk down this wretched road called Suffering. She helped me walk it, step by step, when all I wanted to do was lay down in the middle of that road and die.
I would read anything by this author.

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