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Driving Layne (Unspoken Truth, #1)

by Renea Porter
3.77 • 196 votes • 36 reviews
Published 13 Feb 2014
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Driving Layne (Unspoken Truth, #1) Ebook Description

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Book trailer:
*New Adult College Romance*
Driving Layne
Book One
Unspoken Truth Series
"They say, the truth will set you free. My truth is killing me."
Amber is starting over in a new state where no one knows her. New roommate, new college and most importantly new freedoms.
Away from home for the first time, Amber isn’t above using a guy for one night and leaving it at that. She doesn't want to get tied down with one person. She just wants to experience the college life and take advantage of being on her own. So, when Amber’s new BFF Renee invites her to an underground drag racing competition, Amber sets her sights on driver/playboy Layne… and their attraction is mutual.
With his good looks and boyish charm, Layne is popular with the ladies on campus, but Amber thinks one night with him is all she needs to get him out of her system. Little does Amber know that Layne sees things differently, and after their hookup he wants something more. Will Amber open up and let Layne in, or will she run away?
Will the unspoken truth be too much for either of them to handle?
Stay tuned for more.........
Book Two- Renee & Dylan (Switching Lanes) Renee's story
Book Three- Chase's story (Chasing Lanes)

Driving Layne (Unspoken Truth, #1) Reviews

Sheryl C. Nash
- Melbourne, Australia
Fri, 14 Feb 2014

*2.5 stars*
And out of respect for the author, I am going to spoiler the rest of this review...
[spoilers removed]
All in all, a well written story BUT I'm sorry to say, just not for me

- The United States
Wed, 26 Mar 2014

Holy freaking cow! WOW!!! I finished this book this morning and it has taken me all day to get my thoughts together on how to write this review. The description does not do this book justice. It came up on my list of books to read for the blog and I just thought, yeah this book will be good. It will be a light read and boy was I wrong on all accounts. This book was FANTASTIC and gave me the worst book hangover I have had in a really long time. This book definitely has the shock factor to it. I mean you know something is coming, but you really are not expecting it to happen the way it does. I really can't say more without giving anything away, but this is a MUST read!! Every single character in this book, from Amber, Layne, Renee, Dylan, and Chase, they all add a different element to this story. It was amazingly written and I can not wait to read the next books that will carry on these characters. Be prepared for a total emotional overload and have your tissues ready. Just typing this review is giving me goosebumbs and has the tears flowing as I think about the story again in my head. Just WOW!!! This book deserves a whole lot more than just 5 AMAZEBALLS stars!!
Review by Tabitha

- Andover, KS
Fri, 21 Mar 2014

Driving Layne begins with college freshman Amber leaving her family home in Texas to attend college at Oklahoma State University. Amber's goal is to live like a "normal" college student (*bells ring here). Right away the readers knows that there is a "big" antagonist in Amber's life but it does take a while for it to officially be announces. As I don't want to give away any spoilers that is all I will say. We follow Amber's journey beginning college, living with a roommate that eventually becomes her best friend, as well as peeking the interest of two very different young men and later falling in love with one.
The characters were well-written and developed. I thought the author's writing developed during the book, making me fall in love with Amber and her friends. There were some editing mistakes and sometimes, I didn't always feel like there were smooth transitions between scenes, but not enough that I felt that it distracted from the over-all story.
Additionally, you WILL need a box of tissues and you may feel like throwing your Kindle at the end but that just proves Ms. Porter's ability to pull the reader into the story and make the reader care for her characters.

- Fort Worth, TX
Sun, 20 Apr 2014

***I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Nerd Alert Book Love Blog***
Amber is leaving her small town to go away to college. A fresh start with new friends and new freedoms. Amber is not looking for a relationship, she wants to enjoy and really live the college experience. But will the college life really turn out the way she planned?
Through her roommate and new best friend, Amber meets Layne. Layne is a true bad boy, a well known player, and an underground race car driver. He lives life by his own set of rules and loves racing. Layne and Amber have an instant intense attraction to each other. Layne doesn't realize but Amber is about to turn his whole world upside down.
Amber also meets pretty, preppy boy Chase and is instantly won over by his gorgeous looks, sweet smile, and beautiful green eyes. Chase feels an instant recognition with Amber and they form an instant friendship.
"...You have my heart, Amber Jean Locks. You've had it since the first day we met. I knew we would be together..."
What will happen when Amber has a one night hook up with Layne and he makes it clear he wants more than one night? What is the real reason why Amber is keeping people at arm's length? What will happen with her friendship with Chase when Layne starts getting jealous and when Chase finds out what Amber is hiding? Will her friends be there for her or will all she have is her family once the truth is out?
"...Thank you. I've never felt more alive than I do right this moment, with you. You made me feel..."
Renea Porter is about to take you on a very emotional roller coaster ride. She will make you laugh and she will make you cry. You will fall in love with this beautiful story of a girl fighting to live life the way she wants and the incredible people she meets along the way. I can not wait to read their stories as they come out but until then I give Driving Layne a Nerd Alert A or 4.5 stars.

- Manila, Philippines
Sat, 14 Nov 2015

The fuck. i dont even want to rate it but i will.
Everything is too fast and I mean fast. First ever college party she asks her roommate to introduce her to Layne. They sleep together and the sex was like so robotic. No feelings, nothing. Boring. The rest was just the same. Too robotic it's like the author is writing for the sake of writing and doesn't really give a shit. The characters are so dull and humorless. Nothing about this book is nice.
And I don't get her roommate, one moment she's warning her off Layne, the next she's telling her how lucky she is to have his attention then she goes back to telling her he's bad news.
"Love you like a sister?" They barely interacted the whole time wtf!
Chase and Amber have more interaction than Layne and Amber I'm so confused. Chase is even sweeter.
Anyways I stopped reading after I found out she was sick. She doesn't act like she's sick. The author did a bad job at giving her the cancer role because I think the author doesn't know anything about that sickness.
I feel like i got punked into reading this. The reviews were mostly five stars but i wasn't feeling the five stars. Am I the only one? With respect to the author, sorry it's not for me. Nice try tho.
Terrible book. Such a waste of time. #sorrynotsorry