Figure of Hate (Crowner John Mystery #9) PDF Book by Bernard Knight PDF ePub

Figure of Hate (Crowner John Mystery #9)

by Bernard Knight
4.02 • 316 votes • 15 reviews
Published 02 Aug 2005
Figure of Hate (Crowner John Mystery #9).pdf
Format Paperback
Publisher Simon & Schuster UK
ISBN 0743492145

Figure of Hate (Crowner John Mystery #9) Ebook Description

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In 1195, high-spirited young knights, drunken squires, pickpockets, and horse thieves are pouring into Exeter for a one-day jousting tournament. Not even the discovery of a naked corpse in the River Exe can spoil the excitement. During the tournament, there is a serious altercation between Hugo Peverel, a manor lord from Tiverton, and a Frenchman by the name of Reginald de Charterai. When, two days later, Sir Hugo’s blood-soaked body is found in a barn on his estate, de Charterai would seem the obvious culprit. But there’s no shortage of people who wished the despised Hugo dead. All three of his brothers have a motive, as do his stepmother and his attractive young widow. And just what is the connection between Sir Hugo’s murder and the battered body in the River Exe? With so many suspects from which to choose, Sir John is confronted with one of the most difficult cases of his distinguished career.

Figure of Hate (Crowner John Mystery #9) Reviews

- Pittsburg, CA
Sun, 05 Aug 2012

I love to read anything in this era: England in the 1190s. The author is careful to describe the customs & politics of this time period. Plus the story will transport you back to this time.

- Doncaster, South Yorkshire, The United Kingdom
Wed, 17 Jun 2009

A fair amount of the action takes place around a tournament and the novel brings in elements of chivalry and honour. Reads a bit like an Agatha Christie tale as you have a dead manor lord and a whole cast of characters who hated him. Three murders in this book instead of the usual two. I love this series but there just seemed to be something missing this time that didn't make me enjoy it as much as the others.

- League City, TX
Mon, 21 Mar 2016

- Enford, Wiltshire, The United Kingdom
Wed, 15 Jan 2014

One of my favourites in the series. The plot was interesting and the 3 separate murders with possibly different murderers really kept you wondering. I learnt quite a lot of historical bits and bobs from the book too. I particularly liked that there were several references to Salisbury and Wilton which are near to where we live - I'd never have guessed there used to be an old tournament ground at Wilton!
A thoroughly enjoyable read.

- Axminster, The United Kingdom
Sun, 28 Nov 2010

This is the first that I have read by this author and it is the type of story that I enjoy. It moves along at a good pace particularly , towards the end, where John throws down his challenge.
We live near Exeter, where the story is set and it was interesting to compare the 'then and now' especially with some of the street names from the story still in use.

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