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Miss Pinkerton

by Mary Roberts Rinehart
3.76 • 306 votes • 48 reviews
Published 01 Feb 1998
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Format Paperback
Publisher Kensington
ISBN 1575662558

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When Herbert Wynne is found dead, with a bullet in the forehead, the obvious explanation is murder. But how could it be when the only possible suspect is Herbert's frail Aunt Juliet? Posing as Juliet's private duty nurse, the Homicide Bureau's Hilda Adams develops grave suspicions. Why is the maid terrified of every dark corner? And if a mad killer is on the loose, who will be targeted as the next victim? Reissue. .

Miss Pinkerton Reviews

Joan - xstitchfan
Mon, 10 Sep 2018

Mary Rinehart provided her readers with four very interesting short stories and novellas in this collection. Hilda Adams, a nurse, is hired by Detective Patton to work undercover for him and learn information that the police can’t obtain. I made the mistake of reading some of these entries before going to bed. I ended up till all hours trying to figure out the criminal. All of the cases are different. “Buckled Bag” is about a missing 20 yr old girl and her family is withholding information from the police. “Locked Doors” is an eerie tale where Miss Adams is hired to watch 2 small boys in a house with locked doors throughout. She is locked in the nursery with the boys and there are no other servants in this large home. Also, both of the parents seem very frightened and on the lookout through the night for something on the stairs and in the hallways. “Miss Pinkerton” is the third entry in the book and a nickname Detective Patton has given to Miss Adams. A young man has died in his locked bedroom by gunshot. The police are unable to determine if it’s a suicide, a murder, or an accidental death. So, Hilda Adams is sent in to look around. The family and servants are acting suspiciously and they seem to be searching for something in the house. Will Hilda be able to find the mystery object first? Next, the well known matriarch of a wealthy family in “ Haunted Lady” is sure someone is trying to scare her with the rats and bats that are getting into her sealed bedroom. Even Hilda’s taxi driver tells her that Mrs. Fairbanks is having brain trouble and sees bats. Are the bats real or just in her patient’s mind? Locked room and cozy mystery lovers will enjoy these stories. like Agatha Christie, Mary Rinehart provides many possible suspects and many red herrings. I didn’t figure out the correct criminal one time! I wish you the best of luck!

Thu, 08 Jun 2017

I'm still going to add this to my favorites shelf, because even though the last story left me sitting in a cloud of gloom, the other three were so good! I think the things I didn't like about the last one were, it was written in a different era and hence her characters began reflecting the harder social uppers, and two, the ending, It just felt off. Depressing.
The two short stories and first novel were fabulous as I have found her novels to usually be-isn't that a high compliment when you write books about murders? :) Well. Miss Pinkerton, AKA Nurse Detective Hilda Adams, is very human and lovable. I loved the peek into what a case nurses's life was like back in the early nineteen hundreds. <3

- Prosper, TX
Sat, 12 Jan 2019

My best friend of 20 years had come in town for a visit and we decided to go antiquing. We both love old things, books and the best of both worlds - old books. We came across two vintage copies of Miss Pinkerton in a favorite antique store so we bought them and signed them to one another not even knowing what kind of book it was (clearly fiction but what genre?). Needless to say, we picked a very good book - as my friend said, "cozy mystery at its best... loved it!". If you like Agatha Christie and an intelligent female protagonist, you'll enjoy this book!

Thu, 19 Sep 2013

"Miss Pinkerton" is a novel by Mary Roberts Rinehart written in 1932. The novel is the third in the Hilda Adams series and was written quite a while after the first two, "The Buckled Bag" and "Locked Doors" which were both written in 1914. Again our main character is nurse Hilda Adams and Inspector Patton is also there. As I'm reading her series about nurse Adams I'm reminded that Rinehart was a nurse herself. She attended the Pittsburgh Training School for Nurses at Pittsburgh Homeopathic Hospital, where she graduated in 1896. She described the experience as "all the tragedy of the world under one roof." After graduation, she married Stanley Marshall Rinehart , a physician she had met there. She began writing after the stock market crash in 1903, I didn't even know there was a stock market crash in 1903. The Rineharts lost their savings and she began writing as a way to earn money.
One of the first things I was curious about in this novel was the name or should I say nickname of our nurse. It is always Inspector Patton who calls her Miss Pinkerton, it is his nickname for her, we know that her name is actually Hilda Adams. We are never really given a reason for the nickname. I assume it is because of the Pinkerton Detective Agency. I even looked them up to see if they were around at that time, which I doubted and found that they were established in the United States by Allan Pinkerton in 1850, so I'm sticking with that as the reason for her nickname, although I'm not at all sure.
At the beginning of our novel Miss Adams is sent by Inspector Patton to the home of Juliet Mitchell. Miss Adams is thinking on the way to the Mitchell home of what she knows of the family. The Mitchell family had at one time been one of the dominating families of the city, now there was only two of them left; Miss Juliet and her nephew Herbert Wynne. Herbert was good-looking but weak, it was said he had squandered all his parent's money and then when they died he did the same with Miss Juliet's. She had sent him to school and college, but he did no good at either, now he was home, sometimes working at whatever he could find, but mostly loafing.
When Miss Adams arrives at the house there is a police car outside and when she enters Inspector Patton and a few uniformed officers are there, along with the doctor and the medical examiner. Herbert Wynne has been found dead in his room. He was shot in the forehead. The first person she talks to tells her that Wynne had committed suicide, the next person tells her it was an accident, that he had been cleaning his gun. "But if it was an accident or suicide why is Inspector Patton of the Homicide Squad there?" she wonders. Miss Adams finds that it is Miss Juliet she is there to care for. Miss Juliet is lying in her wide old walnut bed, when Miss Adams checks her she finds that Miss Juliet had lapsed into a coma and was almost pulseless. The doctor gives her a hypodermic of nitroglycerin and eventually she improves. So Miss Adams is there for two reasons, to care for Miss Juliet and to discover how Herbert Wynne really died, suicide, accident or murder. That I'm not going to tell you. I will tell you that a few more people end up dead by the last page, but who they are, and who killed who, if they were killed at all, they may have just died of old age after all, is up to you to find out. I will say that I was disappointed with the ending, but overall the book was interesting and fun to read.

Fri, 09 Aug 2019

1932 mystery novel from prolific author Mary Roberts Rinehart. A locked room mystery, as an unlikeable young man is found dead in an old mansion. Was his death suicide, accident, or murder. After a slow 150 pages examining this question, things speed up in the final 100 pages as there are two murders and two attempted murders. This is remarkable with a very limited cast. This novel was made into a 1932 movie of the same name, starring Joan Blondell and George Brent.
Miss Adams is a nurse, not a detective―at least, not technically speaking. But while working as a nurse, one does have the opportunity to see things police can’t see and an observant set of eyes can be quite an asset when crimes happen behind closed doors. Sometimes Detective Inspector Patton rings Miss Adams when he needs an agent on the inside. And when he does, he calls her “Miss Pinkerton” after the famous detective agency. Everyone involved seems to agree that mild-mannered Herbert Wynne wasn’t the type to commit suicide but, after he is found shot dead, with the only other possible killer being his ailing, bedridden aunt, no other explanation makes sense. Now the elderly woman is left without a caretaker and Patton sees the perfect opportunity to employ Miss Pinkerton’s abilities. But when she arrives at the isolated country mansion to ply her trade, she soon finds more intrigue than anyone outside could have imagined and―when she realizes a killer is on the loose―more terror as well.

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