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Acts of Love

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Published 27 Dec 1997
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Format Paperback
Publisher Ivy Books
ISBN 080411787X

Bestselling author Judith Michael's most moving and captivating novel spans the pastoral beauty of the Pacific Northwest . . . the glitter of Broadway . . . the spectacular vistas of Sydney, Australia . . . and the myriad acts of love that will reunite a lost woman with her dreams, her destiny, and the one man who truly believes in her talent--and in their love. . . .
When director Lucas Cameron finds letters to his grandmother from her protégé--the brilliant young actress Jessica Fontaine--who had vanished mysteriously after a tragic accident, he is intrigued, and determined to find her. When finally they meet, they have one magic week of passion and love. But still Jessica cannot return with Lucas to his world--and he cannot share hers--unless they discover the many kinds of love, and the inner strength, that can triumph over the past and open the way for their hands and hearts to join.

Acts of Love Reviews

Thu, 09 Nov 2017

I don’t know how and when this book landed in my home in Delhi but I finally got around to reading it this time. It’s written by a husband-wife duo, which seems like an impossibility in itself. How do they agree on what to write, and most importantly, how to write? I enjoyed that one third of the book is set in the world of Broadway, something I know nothing about. I loved the fact that for a while the story moves to Lopez Island, WA, a part of the world I’ve been to and love deeply. It was that much more meaningful reading about it sitting in India. However, all the main characters were fabulously wealthy and enormously talented and lived in impeccable, palatial homes and that made me want to stop reading many times.

- Vancouver, BC, Canada
Sun, 19 May 2019

DNF at 45%
I wanted to like this book, but I couldn’t. I abandoned it almost half-way in. It is summarized as a love story, but so far, no love of any kind manifested. In the part that I read, the book told a story of a rich and powerful man, a top Broadway theatre director, Luke Cameron.
Luke doesn’t love anyone, doesn’t really care about anyone. At 40+ he is self-absorbed and bitter, jaded by his success and money and disdainful towards anyone who has less than he does. He is also having a midlife crisis, but I couldn’t bring myself to sympathize with him. Everything is too easy for him, so his wallowing in self-pity left me unmoved.
There is the second part of the story, which might be a better one, as its female protagonist has real problems, but I couldn’t continue with the novel. I had to stop before I expired from tedium at the book’s endless descriptions of gilded furniture and Italian villas.
The dialog is also bad. Nobody I know talks like the characters in this book, in long, winded diatribes, stilted and quasi-sophisticated.
Besides, not much happened in the plot. Of course, it is lit fic, so not much is supposed to happen, but I got bored with so much nothingness.
Definitely not for me.

- Richmond, VA
Sun, 28 Oct 2018

What I liked best about this book was it's brevity, which is the only thing that kept it from being painful. I only finished it because I was listening to the audio book while commuting.

- Manama, 02, Bahrain
Sun, 14 Aug 2016

I am sorry, but this is not my type. Just NO!!
First, I feel like mentioning that I have bought this book merely because I was mistaken her name with another author.
While reading this, all I was thinking about was:
1. How am I living my life.
2.Why am I torturing myself reading something I don't even like?
3. I would die before even finishing this!! " But of course, thanks to the Almighty, I managed so.

What I did:
1. 56% , or less, reading it by heart.
2.10% spacing out, and thinking about like in general.
3. the remaining, which is 34%, scheming and passing my eyes through the words, literally. Which is the most scheming I have ever done to any book. That is how disinterested I was about the book.

Lets jump to what the book is about:
Lucas Cameron is a successful director. His beloved grandmother dies. While going to Italy to finalize his grandmother's death (not sure how to write that properly), he finds his grandma's will. He also finds letters from the famous actress, Jessica something ( Sorry, I forgot her Sir-name), who no one know where she is. He reads them and find out that she is not the Jessica he met once in a party. He keeps reading her correspondences with his grandmother, leading him to grow feelings for her,then seeking for her.
I don't want to go deeply through the characters because , honestly, I was not paying attention to them. My only concern was for me to reach the last page. So I will be brief.
First of all, Luck is very patient toward Jessica. He keeps up with her temper and encourages her to peruse her dreams even though she declared that she no longer feel like being an actress; since she is "ugly" and "crippled".
While, Jessica keeps being angry at Lucas ,Luck, for bringing up the idea of going back to New York. I believe that she is also angry at herself for being the way she is now. But towards the story, she ,makes peace with the idea and things happen which leading her to discover new life causing her to face new opportunities she never thought about.
It might have been because I was thinking of other books while reading this, a book affair I can say. And, as I said, because I was mistaken her of another Judith. Sorry!!

- Philippines
Thu, 22 Sep 2011

This is one of the first romance books I've read. The kind you randomly picked up from the bookshelf in your house, start to read out of boredom and unexpectedly loved.
I can still remember I started reading this on a New Year's eve while waiting for my sister to come home so we can start preparing for the New Year's celebration. This book has a nostalgic feel to it and every time I look back to that December of 2008, I can remember feeling the warmth brought by the extraordinary love presented in this book.
I loved the unusuality of the story of romance, how Luke fell in love with Jessica through her letters to Constance - Luke's grandmother - that he has read when Constance died. He found the box full of Jessica's letters when he was looking through her grandmother's stuff and one by one, he read them and developed a special connection to her as he got to know her through her letters.
Jessica was a famous theater actress and after a train accident, everybody believed her to be dead. Through the letters, Luke found out that she isn't and out of the growing affection he has developed for Jessica, he started looking for her. Luke went to Sydney.
When he found her, he introduced himself and Jessica tried to shut him out because she was trying to build a new simple life for herself far away from her past. Luke couldn't understand himself but he wanted to stay and so he did. He continued to love her despite all her insecurities of the physical flaws she has acquired from the accident.
This was a very powerful and extraordinary story of love. I will definitely give it 5 stars basing from the time I finished reading it, and I'm pretty sure I'd still give it the same rating if I read it again.

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