Twisted Sisters (Aspen Brooks, #2) PDF Book by Stephanie Hale PDF ePub

Twisted Sisters (Aspen Brooks, #2)

by Stephanie Hale
3.99 • 193 votes • 20 reviews
Published 01 Apr 2008
Twisted Sisters (Aspen Brooks, #2).pdf
Format Paperback
Publisher Berkley Trade
ISBN 042521950X

Twisted Sisters (Aspen Brooks, #2) Ebook Description

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Revenge of the Homecoming Queen's Aspen Brooks is a freshman in college- and finding it one big fat Greek mess.
After Aspen Brooks's senior year of slashed tires and kidnapping, college seemed like the dream deal of the decade-especially with Detective Harry Malone footing Aspen's tuition and paying her to join the most elite sorority, The Zetas. To top it off, Aspen's hottie bf Rand is at the same school! If only she had time to hang out. Instead, she has to investigate the mysterious attempted suicide of the detective's niece, Mitzi.
Harry suspects foul play, and judging by some of the secrets Aspen's sorority sisters are hiding, she has to agree. Rand is jealous of her newfound Greekdom and is spending a lot of time with a skank-ilicious redhead. Meanwhile his rich roommate has fallen psychotically in love with Aspen. She's starting to get the idea that not everyone appreciates her fabulous presence. Even some people that call themselves her 'sisters' could be out to get her.

Twisted Sisters (Aspen Brooks, #2) Reviews

Mon, 24 Feb 2014

I didn't find this quite as entertaining as the first book in the series. I think I was hoping for a tiny bit more character development and the mystery solving seems almost accidental this time.

- Bloomington, IL
Fri, 23 May 2008

Reviewed by Jaglvr for
Senior year is over and Aspen and her beau, Rand, are off to State for freshman year. After a kidnapping plot in high school, college is going to be a vacation. But before Aspen and Rand pull out of Aspen's driveway, local cop Harry (who Aspen helped solve the kidnapping plot with) comes to tell her goodbye. He makes her promise to not pledge the Zeta house at State because his niece was a sister there and went missing the previous semester.
Of course, telling Aspen NOT to do something is like giving her free reign to do it.
Aspen was the cream of the crop at Comfort High, but things aren't looking so great for her upon arriving at State. The elevators in the dorm only stop on every fifth floor. And of course it's not the floor Aspen's room is on. Entering her dorm room, she is horrified to find out that her new roommate is none other than her arch-rival from high school, Angel Ives. The one bright spot is that Rand's dorm room is literally right below hers.
So the first night on campus, Rand and Aspen rush the Greek organizations. Aspen would much rather be pledging Beta, which is a better fit for her, but in order to find out what happened to Harry's niece, she follows through on her plan to pledge Zeta. Except for Rand, Aspen can't tell anyone what she's about to do.
So as the first semester unfolds, Aspen moves into the Zeta house and tries to uncover the mystery of the disappearing Mitzi. She uncovers various secrets, but none of them seem to bring her any closer to what happened in the spring. Add that to the frustration of Rand's wild antics pledging the Nu house and his psychotically obsessed roommate, and Aspen's freshman year is really shaping up to be everything she didn't imagine.
Ms. Hale writes a fun continuation to Aspen's story. Though Aspen seems almost too good to be true, her heart is in the right place and everything she does is done selflessly for others. I can only imagine what Aspen will end up being involved with in the future!

Mary Grace
Tue, 15 Mar 2011

If I loved the first book, I definitely love, LOVE this better. It has a lot of going on and depths than the first book. It has its usual cute-romantic moments with Aspen and Rand (gotta love this pairing) and Aspen's witty comments. Mostly about herself, which makes it very funny. The thing that this book lack is how she ended the "mystery". She could have done better with the twist though because I already knew who did it when I reached the middle part.

- Provo, UT
Fri, 28 Mar 2008

Released April 2008; Sequel to Revenge of the Homecoming Queen.

- The United States
Sat, 29 Nov 2008

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