The Night Fire (Renée Ballard, #3) PDF Book by Michael Connelly PDF ePub

The Night Fire (Renée Ballard, #3)

by Michael Connelly
4.52 • 1,561 votes • 173 reviews
Published 22 Oct 2019
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Format Hardcover
Publisher Little, Brown and Company
ISBN 0316485616

The Night Fire (Renée Ballard, #3) Ebook Description

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Harry Bosch and LAPD Detective Renee Ballard come together again on the murder case that obsessed Bosch's mentor, the man who trained him -- new from #1 New York Times bestselling author Michael Connelly

Back when Harry Bosch was just a rookie homicide detective, he had an inspiring mentor who taught him to take the work personally and light the fire of relentlessness for every case. Now that mentor, John Jack Thompson, is dead, but after his funeral his widow hands Bosch a murder book that Thompson took with him when he left the LAPD 20 years before -- the unsolved killing of a troubled young man in an alley used for drug deals.
Bosch brings the murder book to Renée Ballard and asks her to help him find what about the case lit Thompson's fire all those years ago. That will be their starting point.
The bond between Bosch and Ballard tightens as they become a formidable investigation team. And they soon arrive at a worrying question: Did Thompson steal the murder book to work the case in retirement, or to make sure it never got solved?

The Night Fire (Renée Ballard, #3) Reviews

- York, PA
Thu, 20 Jun 2019

Harry Bosch is one of my favorite detectives. And Renee Ballard is a worthy “partner”. The chapters alternate between the two. Here, they are re-examining a cold case from 20 years ago. Harry’s mentor has recently died. His widow found a murder book in his desk and hands it over to Harry. This is the case Harry and Renee partner on investigating. What’s unique is that it doesn’t appear the mentor had actually worked the case, either on the force or after his retirement. So, why did he have it?
One thing I always like about Connelly’s books is he never pretends a detective would just have a single case. Even Harry in retirement has multiple balls in the air.
Harry and Renee both search for the truth, but they also struggle with helping anyone on the defense side of things, a substory that is contained in Harry’s chapters as he helps Mickey Haller with a case. I appreciate that Connelly paints Renee as just as strong and intelligent a character as Harry. That said, they always come across as human. Several times, another character points something out to Renee and she realizes she should have picked up on it earlier.
With the actors that play Harry and Mickey firmly pictured in my head, I’m still trying to decide which actress should play Renee.
This is a great story that kept my interest throughout. I’ve got to give Connelly credit, the man continues to come up with fascinating, timely storylines.
I’ve read everything Connelly has written but I still think this book could easily be read as a standalone.
My thanks to netgalley and Little, Brown for an advance copy of this book.

- Sydney, 02, Australia
Fri, 15 Feb 2019

The Night Fire by the brilliant Michael Connelly is the third book that sees Harry Bosch and Renee Ballard working together. Harry Bosch is without a doubt my favourite character and crime series. Harry has been working for a long time and is getting on in years so the introduction of Renee is a smart way to keep the series going. She is young and like Harry she never gives up. Harry has always believed "Everybody counts or nobody counts" and this comes through in every case that he works and he is instilling this belief into his new "partner" Renee.
I have read everything that that Michael Connelly has written and never get tired of his characters. A new Harry Bosch book is like coming home. It is always exciting to see what he is going to get involved in this time and which path his life is going to take. He is now a retired detective but seems to be busier than ever. In this book he has multiple cases going on as well as his own health issues and keeping an eye on his daughter Maddie who is about to graduate.
The first case is a cold case of the murder of a young kid John Hilton. This case is handed to him in the the form of a murder book, left behind by his old mentor from when he was a rookie, John Jack Thompson. At the funeral for his old colleague his widow gives him the book. After reading through it he gives it to Renee. He knows that it will intrigue her as much as it does him and the pair start to work the case.
He is also helping his brother in law Mickey Haller, otherwise known as The Lincoln Lawyer. Mickey is on the case of a murdered judge and believes that his client is innocent. Bosch also confides in him what is going on with him personally and asks for his help.
And then Renee, working the Late Show has a case of a homeless man who has died when his tent caught fire and nobody saw anything. She can't leave it as an accident, determined to find out who did this and why.
Told in chapters from both Bosch and Ballard points of view, The Night Fire is another fantastic addition to the Harry Bosch Universe. Lovers of this series will love this but also new comers will be sucked into the story and want to read more.
I can't recommend this series more and if you can't tell from my review I absolutely loved it. I am really looking forward to seeing Michael Connelly in Sydney in November and hearing him talk about all things Bosch.
Easily 5 stars and one of the best books that I have read this year.
Thanks to Allen and Unwin for my advanced copy of this book to read. I feel deeply honoured to be able to review a book from my favourite author, so thank you.

The Real Book Spy
Wed, 11 Sep 2019

Connelly opens his latest novel with Harry Bosch walking across the soft cemetery grounds, his cane—aiding him during his recovery from a recent knee operation following the events of last year’s Dark Sacred Night—sinking into the grass as he approached the final resting spot of John Jack Thompson.
Back in the day, as a young detective, Bosch was trained by John Jack, who specialized in bringing young investigators along and showing them the ropes. Now, after a long and distinguished career with the LAPD, John Jack is dead—but he left one final case for his former protégé to crack.
Back at Thompson’s house following the funeral, John Jack’s widow instructs Harry to have a look around his office. There, he finds a . . .
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- Augsburg, Germany
Sat, 20 Apr 2019

Apr. 19, 2019:
I'll try the sample and decide afterwards. Somehow I have the feeling as if this Ballard woman will be the equivalent to Angie from the Grant series - don't like her but she just refuses to vanish.
Oct. 22, 2019:
Ok, I tried the sample, which was good enough to buy the book:)
So, book, please do not disappoint me!!!

- Wilkes Barre, PA
Sat, 23 Mar 2019

"True heroes are hard to come by."
Michael Connelly knows how to stir up the action thicker than gravy as he once again proves he's the master of thrillers.
The Night Fire deals with an angry ex cop who goes on a rampage and throws a lawyer off the roof and kills founding partner or so the story goes.
The Black Widow ahhh now I might have your attention?!
Bosch and Ballard on another murder case that stemmed from the mentor's passing and the 'murder book' he left behind from his widow.
That murder book deals with an unsolved murder of a young man who was found dead in the alley used for drug deals.
Now how on Earth does it all connect now you ask?
Well folks perhaps this might help-G.C.- and cash...
Specifically money talks and Bs walks but you know duty free is where it's at and hey what's a good story w/o some transactions taking place.
If you ask the woman in charge-"The only mistake I have ever made came from trusting men."
So there you have it..
Do yourself a favor and get a copy of this new work as you won't surely forget it!