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Destined Fire (Nephilim's Destiny Book 3)

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Published 15 Jan 2019
Destined Fire (Nephilim's Destiny Book 3).pdf
Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Gryphon's Gate Publishing

One reckless move could cost her everything…
It used to be easy to pass as human beat cop Essie Shaw. Lay low, don’t draw too much attention. Now I’m hiding in plain sight, working for the JP, praying my teammates won’t notice my non-human magical quirks and figure out I’m a nephilim.
As the magic clawing within me threatens to reveal me, my complicated emotional bond with the team grows: Gideon, whose cold, professional distance cuts me; Jacob, whose mixed messages confuse me; Kol, whose friendship warms me; and Marcus, whose wolf could turn on me.
Thanks to the messy public disasters we’ve barely survived, the Head Office sends in the big guns: Cassius, who’d love nothing more than to rip his brother Gideon’s mating brand from my arm and kick me off the team.
So, no pressure in cracking a ring of vicious magical drug smugglers. But when things go sideways, my magic threatens to expose my secret and cost me the only place where I’ve ever belonged. With the men my very bones tell me are mine.
Destined Fire is the third book in the Nephilim’s Destiny series, an action-packed full-length paranormal romance with four irresistible guys and a kick-ass heroine who doesn’t have to choose.

Destined Fire (Nephilim's Destiny Book 3) Reviews

Wed, 16 Jan 2019

The repeated waffling about “oh im a weak human, blah blah blah” grated on the nerves. Because she knows shes not human. At a certain point, three books in, just get over it and find a new source of angst. Not revealing her powers or fear of being discovered and killed was more interesting of a motivation that got sidelined in all the wussy “ im weak and a liability and ill get them killed” whining.

Nikki Orta
- The United States
Tue, 15 Jan 2019

The Cliffhanger!
I am dying right now.. waited up all night to read this and finished at 5:30am. This book did not disappoint me in the least! I'm so glad Gideon finally got his crap together.. and everything was looking amazing until that ending.. I wont say why so I dont spoil it but I was hoping everyone would be more receptive to the idea and that definitely doesnt appear to be the case. All my heart strings were pulled in this book and I'm litterally dying for the next one. Ugh I need some sleep.

- Pomona, CA
Sat, 19 Jan 2019

4.5 - ku. Awesome series!
Book 3 took the events of the first 2 and slammed it into overdrive! Not only is Essie still struggling to contain her ever growing powers while still hiding her heritage, she is bouncing along the threads of emotional and spiritual bonds the likes angels literally sing about.
- well written
- completely new concepts on familiar themes
- Essie, she’s awesome
- Building plot crescendo
- a few minor editing issues, did not detract
- Book 4 release date not set (at this writing) - can you tell I’m impatient??? 😂🤷‍♀️

- The United States
Fri, 18 Jan 2019

Destined to break my heart!
I needed to take the day to actually be able to wrote this review. This book tore me up at the end. The author has painstakingly built relationships between the protagonist and the men, but the secret she's been hiding from them is just destined to tear them apart. I was biting my nails, just waiting for the big reveal. I'm so happy the turnover between books in this series is relatively short or I think my heart would be dried up and useless, and I would be a phantom of my former self. I've become so I vested in this storyline, and I've been chomping at the bit for more. Yes, it ends on a bit of a cliffy, but if you've ever read a series before, well, what do you expect? It keeps us invested and keeps the juices flowing for the next installment. It's harder for me to invest in an angelic story, but I must say, the plot, the characters, and the non-stop action keep this story fresh and I'm sold on these freaking Sups! Just one note, I can't help thinking about it throughout these last books...please give this girl a toothbrush and a hot shower, please? If you're going to break her heart and mine, will you at least let her get clean before the heart stomping commences? Ha! Regardless, if you give her a well deserved breather or not, I'm sold on this world you've created and I'll still love and hate all the dirty future action you have in store! Can't wait for more!

- Austin, TX
Tue, 15 Jan 2019

So much of this was just more of the same repeated internal dilemmas from the previous books, so it felt like nothing new was happening. Even though some things changed, I didn't really feel like the story was making progress until the huge cliffhanger at the end, which was pretty frustrating. Full review to come.
A few observations from my Kindle notes:
1. I thought the dream at the beginning of this book was pretty tedious.
2. I disliked how invested Essie seemed in what Amiah thought about her. Amiah has no authority here; she’s irrelevant.
3. It started to seem as if her relationship with Marcus was based solely in sex. They didn’t really just talk or hang out. I know they’re busy with important stuff, but still.
4. Omg, I wanted to scream when I realized Essie was continuing that same godawful internal debate about whether the stay with the team. MOVE ON ALREADY!
5. The writing continued to have some issues, including some sentences that just didn’t really make sense:
(a) “those who didn’t care about — or had no other choice to —live without power or running water took shelter in the abandoned buildings.” That phrase essentially says “those who didn’t care about live without power or running water,” which makes no sense.
(b) “I didn’t bother securing him with a zip tie. He didn’t have any magic to suppress, and if I didn’t secure him to something, he’d just be able to run away or rejoin the fight.” ??? So you’re going to leave him free to rejoin the fight so that he won’t be free to rejoin the fight?
6. Either Essie was stupid or the author couldn’t remember her past books. Essie talks about how she doesn’t know whether angels believe in monogamy, but she read a book (in either book 1 or book 2) that explicitly told her that there have been some angel mate triads.
7. The author finally did a little better about describing the buzz in this book, as she added some depictions of muscle spasms. I kind of think that only happened because the buzz got worse and the author needed a way to show that. If the buzz had stayed the same, we likely never would have gotten a good description of it. (We still don’t have a really good one, tbh).
8. It was super weird when Amiah and Marcus had a conversation right in front of Essie about whether the bond would eventually force her to choose Gideon over Marcus.
9. Essie’s so repetitive in stating that she and Marcus belong together, and a ton of telling instead of showing. It was like the author thought she could convince us if she just said it often enough.
10. This was a bit confusing, because we never had any hint before now that wolf mating bonds could turn permanent.
11. Cassius is an ass: “She doesn’t need a career. She’s Gideon’s mate.”
12. “God, what I wouldn’t give for a little telepathy, or hell, even an empathic magic that actually let me sense emotions.” Omfg, girl, you have empathic magic. You may not know the exact emotion, but you get the gist.
13. I didn’t understand why the new addition wouldn’t have been added to the angel bond before now.
14. It seemed to take forever to realize that she was going to have a hard time explaining why she, a human, had an angel mate bond that the angel didn’t.
15. I have no idea why Essie thought she was responsible for the death of the angel whom Gideon supposedly loved.
16. “I was pretty sure that was from real empathy and not my screwy version. I’d been having moments of that for a few days now, and as much as I wanted to pretend it didn’t mean I was changing, I couldn’t.” I didn’t notice anything like that at all, and I hate telling instead of showing.
Here are my reviews and ratings of the other books in the series:
(1) Destined Darkness ★★★★
(2) Destined Blood ★★★
(4) Destined Storm ★★★

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