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Glow of the Fireflies

by Lindsey Duga
3.96 • 80 votes • 63 reviews
Published 01 Oct 2019
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Format Paperback
Publisher Entangled: Teen
ISBN 1640637311

Glow of the Fireflies Ebook Description

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Briony never planned to go back to the place she lost everything.
Firefly Valley, nestled deep within the Smoky Mountains, is better kept in her past. After an unexplained fire gave Briony amnesia, her mother disappeared and her dad moved them to Knoxville.
But now her grandmother needs a caretaker and Briony's dad volunteers her to help. The moment she returns, her whole world shifts. She feels a magical connection to this valley, as if it's literally part of her somehow.
And when she meets a hot guy who claims he was her childhood friend but now mysteriously keeps his distance, Briony starts piecing together her missing past...and discovers her mother didn't leave to start a new life somewhere. She's trapped in the hidden world within the valley.
Now, Briony will do whatever it takes to rescue her, even if it means standing up against dangerously powerful nature spirits. Even if it means giving up her first love.

Glow of the Fireflies Reviews

- Orlando, FL
Tue, 01 Oct 2019

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Glow of the Fireflies is a young adult standalone magic fantasy by Lindsey Duga. Lindsey Duga wrote one of my favorite books of last year- Kiss of the Royal, so to say I was excited about her next book was an understatement. And I am happy to report that I really loved Glow of the Fireflies. I still think Kiss of the Royal is my favorite book of hers, but her writing is so magical that it is hard not to completely fall in love with her characters and her stories. She is one of my newest favorite authors. Next, I think I would love for her to write an epic fantasy romance series.
In Glow of the Fireflies wee meet our main character Briony. Briony sets out on a magical adventure to rescue her mother. I think Glow of the Fireflies  is a mixture of magical realism and fantasy, which is a genre I have not read too much of. The magical realism aspect comes in from the books setting. Glow of the Fireflies takes place in Firefly valley, deep within the Smokey Mountains. But then we also have some parallel universe action happening. It was really well done. 
I also loved the cast of characters Lindsey created. Briony is fantastic, but her best friend Izzie also stole the show in my opinion. They have a wonderful friendship, which you know I am always a fan of in books. I like seeing healthy friendships depicted because I think far too often we see toxic relationships and awful friends in books. But Izzie is loyal and her personality is infectious. I loved her. Briony, Izzie And Alder set off to figure out what happened to her mom, and along the way they learn about magic energies, astral planes, and there are plenty of twists, turns and surprises to keep the reader engaged until the very last page. I thoroughly enjoyed Briony's journey and I was really happy with the way everything wrapped up. If you are looking for a delightful story that is well written with great characters, you have to try a book by Lindsey Duga. She is an excellent author, and Glow of the Fireflies is a great standalone fantasy. I loved it. 
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- Deer Park, TX
Sat, 31 Aug 2019

This was an interesting urban fantasy type. Sometimes I didn’t quite get everything but I liked the uniqueness of it. Also, there was cuteness with the romantic interest and the dialogue was great!

- Jacksonville, FL
Thu, 08 Aug 2019

*Source* Publisher
*Genre* Young Adult, Urban Fantasy
*Rating* 3.5-4
Glow of the Fireflies is the story of 16-year old Briony Redwrell. 6 years ago, an unexplained fire left Briony with amnesia & scars on her back. Shortly after, her mother disappeared without a trace, and her father moved them to Knoxville to start over. When her maternal grandmother needs a caretaker, she is tasked by her father with returning to the Smoky Mountains to take care of her over the summer. Curiously, Briony is joined on her trip by her swimming best friend Isabelle Jennison who refuses to be left behind.
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Sun, 22 Sep 2019

I love books which can take me out of my physical being into the unknown.
The author Lindsey Duga with the power of her imagination not only showed me the earthly realm but also transported me deeper into the astral plane. She just needed the spark of her belief to show me the beauty of the world where beings existed as energies, the mana. Where the ethereal world connected earth to the astral plane. Close your eyes and imagine pure energy, and you would get the spirit if this book.
But Briony had forgotten it all. A fire and her mother leaving the family was what was remnant in the shards of her memories. A grandmother who needed her help brought Brye back to her childhood home and her forgotten friend, Alder, the boy who could travel the three realms. A sudden transgression led her to her lost mother where Briony received her quest to save her from the clutches of the villain.
The writing was clean and crisp, the planes well explained, and seemed to flow into a smooth coalescence. The stretches of Lindsey's imagination were beautifully penned as scenes in the book. Each was well placed and captured my heart with the uniqueness of it.
The entire atmosphere felt magical as if it were really occurring in the three-dimensional slice of space where time ceased to exist. The world of the fireflies was enchanting, their glow gave the book a special sparkle. The characters were wholesome and believable, their bond palpable. Best friend Izzie needed a special mention as there was a vibe of pure acceptance between them, mark of true friendship.
And the action grasped me with an inner excitement. It sure wasn't easy for Briony to fight at all levels to open the gates and free her mother. The magic of the mana was well engraved in the plot giving it a spectral radiance.
Likable, well rounded characters, a plot which was entrancing, and twists in the story with the action and magic made this an irrestible afternoon read. I still needed to come out of my book high!!

- Peterborough, K3, The United Kingdom
Tue, 20 Aug 2019

Three and a half
I think it’s hard with YA fantasy to get the balance right sometimes as obviously there’s a huge gap in experience between a twelve year old and a seventeen year old but this author has done a credible job of bridging that divide. Her characters feel real and have idiosyncrasies particularly best friend Izzie but it’s Briony whose bravery and willingness to embrace any challenge thrown her way who quite rightly pulls the narrative along. I was a tad underwhelmed by her amnesia but did particularly enjoy her budding relationship with Alder who is a part of her past but also pretty much a unique entity but to say more would ruin the story. I can say I thought the villain was sneaky and whilst I wasn’t entirely convinced by everything and the way certain characters behaved it was imaginative, well written and a sweet little escape from reality.
This voluntary take is of a copy I requested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair

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