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Wherever She Goes

by Kelley Armstrong
3.87 • 2,122 votes • 458 reviews
Published 25 Jun 2019
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Format Hardcover
Publisher Minotaur Books
ISBN 1250181356

Wherever She Goes Ebook Description

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From New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong comes a brand new psychological thriller about the lengths one woman will go to in order to save a child.
“Few crimes are reported as quickly as a snatched kid.”
That’s what the officer tells single mother Aubrey Finch after she reports a kidnapping. So why hasn’t anyone reported the little boy missing? Aubrey knows what she saw: a boy being taken against his will from the park. It doesn’t matter that the mother can’t be found. It doesn’t matter if no one reported it. Aubrey knows he’s missing.
Instead, people question her sanity. Aubrey hears the whispers. She’s a former stay-at-home mom who doesn’t have primary custody of her daughter, so there must be something wrong with her, right? Others may not understand her decision to walk away from her safe life at home, but years of hiding her past – even from the people she loves – were taking their toll, and Aubrey knows she can’t be the mother or wife she envisions until she learns to leave her secrets behind.
When the police refuse to believe her, she realizes that rescuing the boy is up to her alone. But after all the secrets, how far is she willing to go? Even to protect a child.

Wherever She Goes Reviews

Mon, 06 May 2019

3.5 stars. A tense story about a woman who reports a young boy’s kidnapping, only to have the police not believe her. She begins investigating on her own, all the while trying to raise her daughter, deal with her husband, with whom she’s separated, and keep her own less than legal past hidden from everyone.
The pace is fast, and while I enjoyed the story (I listened to the whole thing in one day), and I liked how competent the main character was at ferreting out information, but I also felt there were some logic gaps in the story.

- Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Thu, 07 Mar 2019

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4.5 Stars!!!
What a great read!
Aubrey Finch has made mistakes. The pain in her shoulder is a reminder of a big one.
Aubrey is separated from her husband, Paul who has primary custody of their daughter, Charlotte. Aubrey didn't want to uproot her daughter until she found an acceptable place for them to live. It was supposed to be temporary. That was six months ago. Aubrey and Paul are civil with each other. They both seem to want the best for Charlotte. But Aubrey knows if Paul ever found out about her past, he wouldn’t be so civil.
Aubrey loves her daughter, but motherhood has never come naturally to her. She watches the other parents; tries to “ observe and assimilate ”. She reads all the articles and blogs but she just can’t relate to the other parents.
One day while doing cartwheels with Charlotte at the park, Aubrey meets another young mom who doesn’t seem to fit in either. They strike up a conversation as they watch their children play.
“I see this young woman, with her old needle scars and her worn jeans and her shabby sneakers and the way her face glows every time her gaze lights on her son, and she’s the mother I connect to.”
A few days later Aubrey is jogging through the same park. She notices a boy on the swings. It looks like the boy from the other day. Aubrey doesn’t see his mother anywhere. Suddenly she hears someone shout and the boy heads in the direction of a big SUV. But when she hears him cry out. “No! Let me go!” Aubrey starts to run in his direction. The car pulls into traffic and roars off.
It’s gone.
Aubrey tries to explain what she saw to the police but they tell her that no one else saw anything. The police also say that the other parents see Aubrey watching them and their kids. “ You make some of the other parents uncomfortable ”.
Aubrey contacts the police again and they tell her no one has reported a child missing. She feels like no one believes what she saw, but her gut tells her she’s right.
Aubrey tries to put it out of her head. Her daughter needs to be her primary focus.
“Even if I am right, is it worth the risk to help a stranger?”
Then she sees a story in the local news that changes everything. Suddenly, Aubrey is more involved than ever. She still worries about being exposed. Her past coming out could ruin everything, but she can’t just stand by. She NEEDS to help. Aubrey knows what it is like to be left behind, to wait for someone...anyone to come. She’s going to find a way to prove what she saw.
But if she continues to investigate will she be putting her own child in danger?
How far would you go to save a child that wasn’t your own?
I really enjoyed this engrossing and thought-provoking read. I thought it was a unique take on a missing child story.
I really felt for the main character. Aubrey is a single mother who isn’t confident in her parenting skills. She hasn’t always made the best decisions but she was a relatable character. I was fully invested in the story and wanted Aubrey to succeed.
Overall, this was a touching and well-paced domestic suspense novel that held my interest from start to finish.
I'd like to thank St. Martin’s Press for providing me with an advanced copy of this novel. All opinions are my own.

Tue, 23 Apr 2019

I’ve not read many of Kelley Armstrong’s books, but I do enjoy her writing. This one pulled me right in. I was beginning to suspect Aubrey was going mental. Then I kept thinking back to the people in the pizza joint. They’re what kept me grounded. So, I really enjoyed this one. I should catch up on her other books besides the Rockton series.

Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
- The United States
Wed, 06 Mar 2019

Armstrong always delivers with an action packed, suspense filled mystery that kept me turning the pages and eager for more.
Wherever She Goes was all these things and best of all, kept me guessing numerous times and had me swaying back and forth with exactly what was going on and what in Aubrey's past was catching up to her.
A story where everyone is suspect and you never know who to believe or what is going to happen next this was fun filled with a very believable story line, both with the mystery and with Aubrey's personal life, this had me interested right up until the end.
*ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*

- Fredericksburg, VA
Mon, 10 Jun 2019

It’s a heartbreaking set-up for Aubrey Finch. She is separated from her husband, Paul, and their daughter Charlotte who is living with him. Aubrey is the one who left her beautiful child and home behind for a dumpy apartment but generous visitation rights with Charlotte. With only a high school diploma, Aubrey considers herself fortunate to have landed a job in a library. Aubrey blames herself for the disintegration of her marriage and refuses all monetary offers from Jack.
Psychological mysteries such as Wherever She Goes are about my least favorite mystery/thriller, just above cooking and old lady sleuths. However Wherever She Goes is written by Kelley Armstrong. C’mon, it’s Kelly Armstrong! I’m as likely to pass on reading one of her books as I am to give up chocolate for Lent. After all, she is the author of two series that are in my permanent top seven.
Aubrey’s story gets even worse when she witnesses a small child being kidnapped. A child she and Charlotte had met only the day before playing in the park where they like to play. So Aubrey knows nothing about the boy or his mother. No one believes Aubrey; not the yummy mummies, not the police, nor her husband who just seems to be humoring her.
For a stay-at-home mom, Aubrey seems to have some mad investigative and physical skills. These seem to be related to her past she has hidden from her husband; much to the detriment and likely end to her marriage. Jack is already dating the perfect woman.
Aubrey puts her skills to use, she’s not about to abandon the small boy, but even Aubrey isn’t prepared for the tangled and dangerous web she discovers.
Aubrey is a tenacious, fierce woman, but she is the only well-developed character. The others serve only to move the story along and to reflect the lioness that is Aubrey. Eventually Jack shows some quiet strength in his dealings with Aubrey and the villains.
Wherever She Goes is fast-paced with some surprising character twists and certainly kept my attention. The story was told from Aubrey’s POV, and she told a straight-up story. When she finally needed to face her past, she owned it, used it, and tried to forgive herself. Armstrong has always excelled in flawed female characters, Aubrey Finch is no exception.
Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange of a fair and honest review.

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