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Don't Let Me Down: A Memoir

by Erin Hosier
3.26 • 118 votes • 28 reviews
Published 05 Feb 2019
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Format ebook
Publisher Atria Books
ISBN 1451644973

Don't Let Me Down: A Memoir Ebook Description

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A fierce, vivid memoir about a father-daughter relationship steeped in God, rebellion, and the Beatles.
Erin Hosier’s coming-of-age was full of contradiction. Born into the turbulent 1970s, she was raised in rural Ohio by lapsed hippies who traded 1960s rock ‘n’ roll for 1950s-era Christian hymns. Her mother’s newfound faith was rooted in a desire to manage her husband’s mood swings, which could alternately fill the house with music or with violence.
All the while, Jack was larger than life to his adoring daughter. Full of conflict, their complex relationship set the tone for three decades of Erin’s relationships with men; the Beatles provided the soundtrack. Jack bonded with Erin over their iconic songs, even as they inspired her to question authority—both his and others’.
Don’t Let Me Down is about a brave girl trying to navigate family secrets and tragedies and escape from small-town small-mindedness. It is a searing and often funny exploration of how women first see themselves through the lens of a parent’s love, and of the ties that bind us to our childhood heroes, who ultimately lead us to ask that most profound of questions: Is love really all you need?

Don't Let Me Down: A Memoir Reviews

- Cleveland, OH
Fri, 25 Jan 2019

Hmm...not as interesting as it sounded. it read like many of own stories from the time period. I think maybe our grandparents abdicated raising our parents. Anyway, we all survived the craziness in our own ways. I think maybe I'm not the audience for this one.
I received a Kindle Arc from Netgalley in exchange for a fair review.

- Lilburn, GA
Tue, 05 Feb 2019

“Don’t Let Me Down” by Erin Hosier, published by Atria Books.
Category – Memoir Publication Date – February 05, 2019.
Erin Hosier was brought up in rural Ohio. Her life experiences were formulated in a small town with her parents providing a complex look at life. There was their Christianity that changed with their moods and inconsistent discipline.
Erin was probably most influenced by her father who had a thing for Rock n’ Roll, especially the Beatles. Much of his outlook on life would be drawn from the songs of the Beatles.
Erin, whose life was full of inconsistencies, thought going to Kent State would help her put her life together in some orderly fashion. The experiences she had at college just caused her more concern and problems. Upon graduation she thought her problems could be solved by moving to New York City, definitely not back to home and Ohio.
Erin becomes very successful in New York but she still cannot get her life together, she continues to have problems with friends, both boy and girl, life ideal logy, and her past history with her parents, especially her father.
A very good true account of becoming of age in a very difficult time and very difficult circumstances.

- Syracuse, NY
Sat, 22 Sep 2018

I got 70 pp into this book and began to see how come people are giving it poor reviews. The ONLY redeeming thing about it is the intense “studying” of the music of her time growing up. For someone who works in “the business” of publishing, she must realize how much oversharing and teen diary angst this book is.
I will not recommend this book to anyone except to use as an example of “How Not to “Write a Memoir.” 1/5

Wed, 14 Nov 2018

I received this book as a giveaway. I enjoy memoirs and found this author to be especially brave in making herself so vulnerable in telling the dark side of the challenges she has faced. There were certain moments in the writing that I found very profound and moving - especially some of the descriptions of her relationship with her brothers. Overall, the writing felt more like a collection of essays to me than a well-flowing story. Some of the themes (such as her father's influence on her) could have been more comprehensively incorporated throughout to make things feel less choppy.

- The United States
Wed, 15 May 2019

Though this isn't a graphic novel, it reminded me of Alison Bechdel's Fun Home, in that the author writes about painful personal experiences without ever giving the impression that she wants the reader to feel sorry for her. That can't be easy to pull off. Hosier also says that Ohio in the mid-nineties was "at least as vibrant as Minnesota," which is one of the most hilarious backhanded compliments I have ever read.
I recommend this book to anyone who is into autobio/memoir, as well as midwestern music nerds who grew up in the eighties and/or nineties.

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