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Wild Milk

3.97231 votes • 52 reviews
Published 01 Oct 2018
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Format Paperback
Publisher Dorothy, a publishing project
ISBN 0997366680

Wild Milk is like Borscht Belt meets Leonora Carrington; it’s like Donald Barthelme meets Pony Head; it’s like the Brothers Grimm meet Beckett in his swim trunks at the beach. In other words, this remarkable collection of stories is unlike anything else you’ve read.
“Sabrina Orah Mark is a writer of strangeness & tenderness & undeniable brilliance. I wanted to read this book aloud to everyone I’ve ever loved, & to fold it into a locket to keep close to my heart.” Elizabeth McCracken

Wild Milk Reviews

- Austin, TX
Mon, 24 Dec 2018

It is an absolutely delightful and unapologetically poetic collection of short stories or sometimes prose poems. A collection so desperately needed in these times; it has enough potency to make us realize that the soul of techno-modernization has not yet crushed the soul of absurdism and surrealism - a world where the ancient modernists would sigh encouragingly. Not everything is ravaged by the absolute imperialistic narcissism of our times. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Will be looking forward to reading more of SOM's works.
Pieces that I particularly liked where the author blended with perfect literary precision her absurdist sensibilities with worldly aphorisms- the titular "Wild Milk", " For the Safety of our country", "Spells", "The Roster" "The Maid, The Mother, The Snail and I","Are you my Mother", "Let's do this once more, but this time with feeling", "There's a hole in the bucket".
Most of Mark's characters seemed to be afflicted by the limits of the human language where the words they use often don't mean or reflect what they want to express- To me, it seems to hint subtly at a much wider literary paradox in a world where our emotions are becoming more intangible as we grow more and more isolated from each other.

- Los Angeles, CA
Fri, 07 Sep 2018

Lucky for me a funny and strange book found me: Sabrina Orah Mark’s Wild Milk, a collection of 24 very short stories published by Dorothy Project. Mark’s stories follow a dream logic and explore familial relationships and domesticity. In these stories a mother has 9 sons who suddenly become 9 daughters, a woman marries poems and a child on a playground bullies her, and taxmen arrive to the house for a father’s heart. Suppose that magic, dreams, and humor offer a way out of trauma, or a way through it. If this is true, then Wild Milk is required reading for terrifying times.

- Athens, GA
Wed, 30 May 2018

Sabrina Orah Mark's WILD MILK is a far out ride. "Mother at the Dentist" is now one of my favorite short stories, even though it is way more Dora Carrington than Elizabeth Stroud. The timing, rhythm, and nuance of it delight me to no end. And there are family issues lurking all over this unusual volume. Read it!

- Portland, OR
Mon, 30 Jul 2018

Utterly strange and wonderfully ridiculous. These stories have a fairy tale quality and are sprinkled with odd mothers, forgetful lovers, cruel children, and confused protagonists. At times, they feel stuck in surreal dreams and at other times a sadness seeps into the anxiety of it all. I totally gave myself over to Mark's narrative styles and approaches in these 24 wonders. She's the kind of writer who can do whatever she wants and it's a constant thrill. This book is coming out on October 1st. Mark your calendars.

- The United States
Fri, 23 Nov 2018

I love these wry, gem-like short stories. I gobbled them up like so many chips, all in one afternoon, and am now rereading them more slowly, to savor what Mark does with words. These pieces are magical and funny, absurdist fairy tales.

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