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The Right Swipe (Modern Love, #1)

by Alisha Rai
3.72 • 5,498 votes • 1,237 reviews
Published 06 Aug 2019
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Format Paperback
Publisher Avon
ISBN 0062878093

The Right Swipe (Modern Love, #1) Ebook Description

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Alisha Rai returns with the first book in her sizzling new Modern Love series, in which two rival dating app creators find themselves at odds in the boardroom but in sync in the bedroom.
Rhiannon Hunter may have revolutionized romance in the digital world, but in real life she only swipes right on her career—and the occasional hookup. The cynical dating app creator controls her love life with a few key rules:
- Nude pics are by invitation only
- If someone stands you up, block them with extreme prejudice
- Protect your heart
Only there aren't any rules to govern her attraction to her newest match, former pro-football player Samson Lima. The sexy and seemingly sweet hunk woos her one magical night... and disappears.
Rhi thought she'd buried her hurt over Samson ghosting her, until he suddenly surfaces months later, still big, still beautiful—and in league with a business rival. He says he won't fumble their second chance, but she's wary. A temporary physical partnership is one thing, but a merger of hearts? Surely that’s too high a risk…

The Right Swipe (Modern Love, #1) Reviews

destiny ♡⚔♡
- Atlanta, GA
Mon, 11 Feb 2019

Rhiannon Hunter worshipped at the altar of no man.

Sometimes, ratings and reviews are hard, and this is one of those times, because this is probably one of the most “meh” 4-star reviews I’ve ever given a book. I can’t find any good reason to lower it to 3 stars because it objectively has so much good stuff going for it, but when I think back on it — having finished reading it several weeks ago now — it feels like the sort of book I’ll forget about pretty quickly.
Rhiannon’s a likeable heroine and Samson’s enjoyable enough as a hero (if a bit bland). There’s a lot of conversation around some really necessary and tough topics, like the treatment of pro athletes regarding sports-related injuries, and the way assault/abuse survivors are often cornered into keeping quiet about their abusers, especially when the abusive person is someone in a position of power.
All of that said… I don’t know, something about it just never fully “clicked” for me, but I’m leaving this at 4 stars because it does have a lot going for it. I really loved the diverse range of characters (Rhiannon is black, Samson is Samoan, Rhiannon’s bestie/housemate/business partner is Thai-American and fat, her assistant is Indian and queer… everyone important in this book offers some sort of valuable and beautifully done rep), and because it’s the sort of book that I will happily recommend to others even if it wasn’t the perfect read for me.
All quotes come from an advance copy and may not match the final release. Thank you so much to the publisher for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

- Manchester , The United Kingdom
Wed, 20 Feb 2019

I enjoyed this so much!
A female character who’s closed off, broken but runs a fuckin’ empire.
A soft, male character who just gets it, and is too damn caring.
I loved the story line and seeing how the characters developed.
My favourite Alisha Rai book so far.
Here’s to hoping this books provides me favs and I something entertaining and swoon-worthy. 😁

- The United States
Sun, 29 Sep 2019

It's never good when my predominant feeling while reading a book is boredom. The Right Swipe should have been a fun, breezy modern-day romance, but instead it felt like slogging through 400 pages of molasses.
Almost from the first page, that spark of interest and excitement I should feel while reading a new book was missing. I thought if I kept going, it would eventually show up, but it never did. I think a large reason is that I just couldn't relate to the main female character, Rhiannon. She's extremely rigid in her view of relationships and weirdly sensitive to any perceived slights. She's constantly on her guard waiting for the other person to slip up, and when that inevitably happens, she jumps up and down on them and pretty much says "I knew you're no good!" Sorry girl, but if that's your attitude, your relationships are doomed to failure.
The writing also came across as stilted and awkward. The author writes in detail about everything, including every business meeting, every conversation with friends, every thought in the characters heads. It came across as if I, the reader, is quite dumb and must have every interaction spelled out in triplicate detail for me to understand. I don't need a plot point harped upon in so many different ways... I got it. The phrase "leave them wanting more" obviously doesn't apply here.
And for all that quantity, there was no quality. The dialog lacked wit, the main characters had no chemistry, and the plot line was unimaginative and plodding. This reading experience is like being accosted by a rambling relative known for telling long and pointless stories, and you can't escape. Sigh.
Maybe I need to take a break from light romances and romcoms. The last few I've read have been disappointing across the board. The conflicts have been surprisingly contrived and the characters were unlikable, one-dimensional extremes of who they should be. Without likable and relatable characters, what's even the point of a romance?

- Birmingham, The United Kingdom
Thu, 16 May 2019

Many thanks to Edelweiss and Avon for the E-ARC in exchange for an honest review!
I didn't hate this, but I didn't love it either...In fact I would probably have to swipe left 🤣
2.5 stars
This is a tricky one for me to review! I was so excited to read it, that I requested an ARC (and got my first ever one from Edelwiess!). The cover was so pretty, and the synopsis sounded so much fun! But I don't think the book really delivered what the synopsis said it would?
I loved the diversity in this book! Rhiannon, the narrator was a black woman, and the love interest, Samson was Samoan. There is also a very diverse supporting cast of characters! I especially loved Rhiannon's assistant, Lakshmi, and hope she will get her own book.
I liked that Rhiannon had a strong personality. A lot of people didn't like that about her, but I thought she was intelligent, successful and independent. I hate doormat types in my books, so this was encouraging to see. Rhiannon could come across as quite abrasive though, but that is further explained later in the book. I did find her quite hard to relate to though.
I liked the commentary on CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) and head injuries to athletes, and how it was being covered up at the expense of the athlete's health, that was interesting. I also liked that the book addressed abuse and sexual harassment in the workplace, and online blackmailing. I liked learning about the online dating world, as this dinosaur never got to experience that, although many of my friends did.
However..I did not feel the chemistry between the two main characters! The book was not very romantic to be honest, and I felt that the actual romance was more of a subplot than the main plot, which was Rhiannon's business Crush, and her desire to purchase another online dating app, Matchmaker. I didn't get butterflies in my stomach! My heart didn't race or squeeze!
As I said earlier, I didn't really connect with Rhiannon, despite admiring her work ethic. I also felt she judged Samson really harshly, letting her past and one man in particular jade her whole life, and experience with men. I also didn't really like Samson?! He was too perfect? That must sound ridiculous, but I think that characters need flaws, and he was just so bland and apologetic. I just didn't really know why he was chasing after Rhiannon I guess. He was just a bit meh!
Then there was the pacing. The start was so slow and uninteresting to me, and then it got a bit bogged down in the middle. I just felt like I was being told so many things, instead of shown. It got to a point when I would read a chapter, then put the book down and do other stuff. I was purposely finding distractions, which unfortunately shows that I wasn't fully engaged in the book. The pace did pick up a bit at the end.
All in all, I feel a little bit underwhelmed by this so called romance. It definitely isn't about two rival app creators finding themselves at odds in the boardroom, like suggested ☹️ Although I appreciated the commentary on online dating (ghosting, dick pics), I like my romance books to have the romance as the star of the show, and sadly that just wasn't the case. It wasn't badly written, but just wasn't for me.

- Canada
Wed, 29 May 2019

So I didn’t love this, which is obvious, and there’s a bunch of reasons for that but it’s mostly because I didn’t like the characters. Specifically, Rhiannon.
The plot opens up with our heroine fixated on the fact that she wants to buy up this eHarmony-esque dating site, one of the OG sites of its type, to expand her own app-based dating service. We see her drive, we see her reminisce about the one that got away, and who happens to be the new face of her competition’s marketing campaign? The one who got away. The one she almost threw her rules out the window for. And boy does she have a lot of rules.
The girl is.. rigid. Uncompromising. Unforgiving. Hard to forking love and, as a reader, hard to endure. I don’t want to be dismissive of the heroine’s very real trauma and trust issues but holy forking shit did she also make this a brutal read. She’s something of a shark when it comes to business, she’s successful, all that, all of which are positive things that loads of women get flak for, so it’s unfortunate I found this kind of character so frustrating, but she’s also problematic. She skirts very very close (and sometimes crosses the line) into outright manipulation of the hero — as well as relying on an emotional debt she feels she’s owed (and maybe sorta is but not in this particular context) — and it felt gross. She constantly doubted him, (falsely) accused him of this that or the other thing, was totally hypocritical.. and it was just hard. I am exhausted from it.
She’s not the only drawback THE RIGHT SWIPE, though. The hero, for all his goodness, didn’t do much for me. There’s a whole secondary plot line surrounding brain injuries and concussions (which makes for the second or third time I’m reading of this particular issue in sports-ish romances — not a complaint, just an observation) and a whole lot of baggage that Samson is carrying around but, back to my point, it didn’t do much for me. Which is rather how I feel about the story itself.
What didn’t frustrate or exhaust me just.. did nothing.
There were a few side characters that lightened some of the load of the plodding, and that helped a bit, but not enough. Infact, a certain eccentric aunt did the opposite of what I think she was supposed to do — which was charm the reader. Even she annoyed me. Or, maybe more to the point, I didn’t care and so, again, I was unmoved.
The writing made for an easy read but the plot, the people, the point? Nope. I have yet to determine if I’ll read on in this series. I think it hugely depends on which side character will get the spotlight and I’ll definitely have to pay closer attention to the plot. It’ll have to really draw me in for me to push on in this spinoff. I’ve loved Rai’s books in the past, in particular her Forbidden Hearts series had so much greatness, but this one just totally missed the mark for me.
1.5 stars
** I received an ARC from the publisher (thank you!) in exchange for an honest review. **
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