Money Man (King Maker, #1) PDF Book by Terri E. Laine PDF ePub

Money Man (King Maker, #1)

by Terri E. Laine
4.28 • 174 votes • 63 reviews
Published 19 Oct 2019
Money Man (King Maker, #1).pdf
Format Paperback
Publisher unknow
ISBN 1701121972

Money Man (King Maker, #1) Ebook Description

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Nice girls end up last.
Or that’s what I tell my best friend when I spot him for the first time.
He’s everything bad girls’ dreams are made of.
Tall, gorgeous, and sporting a full on smirk when he catches me staring.
So what does this broken hearted girl do?
I toss back my fourth shot and end up in the fancy hotel bathroom getting my mind blown by the sexy stranger.
Reasonable. Especially after dumping my cheating ex fiancé.
A new year, a new job, and after this one night, I’ll be back to being a good girl.
It’s not like I’ll ever see him again.
I want her the moment I see her.
And I always get what I want.
That’s how I rose to the top.
One. Time. That’s all she’s meant to be.
I have an empire to conquer, no time for anything else.
Yet one taste and I need more.
Another night and I can put her behind me.
Just one and I’ll let her go. Maybe…
But life throws curve balls and she’s my downfall.
They call me the money man and she’s the auditor who can ruin me.
Part I of the King Maker series

Money Man (King Maker, #1) Reviews

Amy J Romance Author & Reader Events
- Madison Heights, VA
Mon, 21 Oct 2019

I hear this book is hotttttt
MONEY MAN is coming on October 24th!
Get a live alert ✔️

Weronika -
- Poland
Fri, 25 Oct 2019

"You weren't supposed to matter. No woman ever has. Yet I can't let you walk away."
Terri completely blew my mind with this book. This story is steamy, a little bit angsty and totally unputdownable! Kalen and Bailey's chemistry is off the charts and I loved the constant push and pull between them. Annnnnd... HOT ALPHA ALERT! Kalen is one of these characters we hate to love. He's a total jerk, full of himself, but he's also oh, so delicious! Terri E. Laine put also some secrets in this story and I loved to unravel them along with the heroine. This read was fast-paced, hot and I was completely engrossed with the storyline! I can't wait to have the second book in this series in my hands!

- Sherman, TX
Sat, 10 Nov 2018

I finished reading Money Man by Terri E. Laine several days ago and I swear I can not quit thinking about it!!
”Happy Fucking New Year.”
Get ready for your next book boyfriend crush!!!
Y’all this book sucked me right in from the first chapter and kept me turning those pages well into the night until I read that last page.
”I had sex in the bathroom..”
(ohh goodnesss the first chapter is sooo hot and steamy…how can you not be sucked in???

Umm who am I kidding, this whole book is one HAWT AND STEAMY ass book and yeahhh you better have those fire extinguishers ready cuzzz your Kindle will spontaneously combust!!! Lol
See why its been several days since I finished reading and I am just now writing my review???...cuz Terri E. Laine left me freaking speechless!!! haha
Can't wait for Part 2. I will be checking my Kindle daily until I get it in my hot little

Mon, 28 Oct 2019

“You weren’t supposed to matter. No woman ever has. Yet I can’t let you walk away.” 💚 Woooooooo!! On a scale of 1 to holy shit that was HOT - MONEY MAN had me blushing on more than one occasion...and that was just in the first chapter! Kalen is a sexy, dirty talking Scot, who has his sights set on sweet Bailey. Their chemistry was off the charts and I thoroughly enjoyed the cat and mouse chase between them!! Once I started this one, I couldn’t stop and I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen. HURRY UP Terri, I need the next book ASAP!!! 🤣🙈

Sat, 16 Nov 2019

Wow!!! Terri E Laine, just knocked my socks off with her new book Money Man. It took me a couple of hours after I've finished the story to come up with a review. It was that phenomenal. The plot was as intriguing as the characters. And I don't only mean the main two. But what made me love it so much was the fact that it was sexy, entertaining and absolutely unputdownable! It's true that Money Man is much steamier and a little different from this talented author's other work, but I loved it all the same.
After being cheated on by her fiancé, Bailey calls of her engagement and moves in with her best friend Lizzie. They both end up at a New Years Eve party in a fancy hotel, where drunk Bailey gets her mind blown by a sexy and mysterious stranger at the bathroom. This behavior is usually not her, after all she grew up in an Amish like community. But for one night she wants to let loose and after that, she'll be back at being a good girl. It's not like she will ever see the guy again, right?
Kalen is infatuated by the beautiful redhead from the moment he sees her. One time is all she’s meant to be. But one taste of her only makes him crave for more. He soon can't stop thinking about her which is a distraction he doesn't need. After all he has an empire to conquer and no time for anything else. When life throws them in each other's path again, they both realize that there's no avoiding the inevitable. The pull between them is too strong to be denied. After things are set into motion that can't be stopped, only one question will remain: Will Bailey end up being Kalen' s victory or downfall?
Kalen and Bailey were dynamite together! Their chemistry was scorching hot and palpable on every page. They were like two pieces of a puzzle that perfectly fit together. I loved them with all my heart and soul.
Kalen was cocky, sexy and alpha to the core. I loved it when he talked to Bailey in his Scottish burr. He was a very protective and possessive man who liked to be in control. Even though he could be a jerk sometimes, he had his good sides too. I loved watching him fall for Bailey even though he was desperately trying not to.
Bailey was a beautiful, sweet and smart woman. Her ex's cheating left a mark on her, making her feel insecure about herself. With Kalen she will experience real passion and lust she never knew before. Though her body and mind won't be the only ones affected by him, but her heart too.
I won't reveal more about the plot, but will leave you with a little warning: There's much more to Money Man then meets the eye! The book ends on a *OMG, what just happend?* cliffhanger leaving you breathless and wanting for more. Now all I wish is to find out how the story of Kalen and Bailey continues! A huge shout out to the amazing Terri E Laine for writing this outstanding masterpiece that goes straight to my top favorite reads of 2019 shelf. 5+ stars

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