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The Ornament Keeper

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Published 24 Sep 2018
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Format Paperback
Publisher New Hope Publishers (AL)
ISBN 1563090899

Award-winning author Eva Marie Everson wraps up a Christmas story of hope, love, and forgiveness just in time for the holidays. The Ornament Keeper, a contemporary Christmas novella, features Felicia and Jackson Morgan who are spending their first Christmas apart after twenty years of marriage. But a lifetime of gifted ornaments helps Felicia piece together the story of their marriage and the one mistake of unforgiveness she made before they said, "I do." Can these memory-filled ornaments reunite this family before Christmas? Only time will tell.

The Ornament Keeper Reviews

Mon, 27 Aug 2018

This story begins with Felicia and her children discussing the up-coming holiday season. Felicia didn’t want to put up a Christmas tree this year because her husband Jackson had moved out of their home 6 months ago. She wasn’t feeling very festive, but her children Sara, Travis and Hank step up for the occasion. The kids would go to Steadman’s Christmas Tree Farm to get the tree (like they’d always done) and help get the house ready for Christmas.
Felicia tells her children she’d take care of the ornaments. As she puts an ornament on the tree she day dreams about the time each ornament was purchased and what it signified. Readers experience events the ornaments celebrated.
The Ornament Keeper is a book that will not only prepare your heart for the Christmas season but will give you encouragement as the author’s characters take a closer look at Mary and Joseph’s story and all that happened to them as they awaited Jesus’s arrival. Just like this young couple who didn’t have an easy time in the beginning, main characters Felicia and Jackson had a hard beginning too; for other reasons. This is a sweet love story that celebrates family, Christmas memories, gives hope and talks about forgiveness, as there is a powerful realization and growth experienced by both main characters that will choke you up and have you cheering for them. This small book packs a powerful punch as it celebrates family, fun and Christmas.
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- Pensacola, FL
Mon, 27 Aug 2018

Eva Marie Everson has penned an exquisite tale of how unresolved emotions and lost dreams can harm a marriage. I love how she weaves the tradition of the annual Christmas ornament into the journey toward forgiveness and resolution. Absolutely a joy to read!
This would make an excellent Hallmark movie! There's only one thing I found disappointing--it was too short!
You'll enjoy this book, I guarantee it!

- Jacksonville, FL
Thu, 20 Sep 2018

Felicia and Jackson Morgan are in their middle ages and are recently separated. In the beginning of the book we don’t know why they separated, only that Felicia is devastated by the separation. They have 3 children for the 19 years they have been married- Travis, Hank, and Sarah. Every Christmas Jackson gives Felicia a Christmas ornament, an ornament that symbolizes something that happened that particular year.
Throughout the novel we go back and forth in time- reliving Felicia’s memories of her marriage with Jackson. We learn that when Jackson and Felicia were just 19 they had an intimate moment after Jackson found out his father died and was in the midst of grief. When Felicia found out she was pregnant their parents suggested that she and Jackson get married. I think truly this is where the problems started to begin.
I really liked that the marriage between Felicia and Jackson was very realistic. As the story progresses we learn more about their marriage and their challenges and struggles. At times I wanted to both shake both Felicia and Jackson, but most of all Felicia. She was so angry at Jackson, accusing him of cheating when there was no actual proof. Truly I think she was most angry at herself.
This book even though it didn’t clearly state it, emphasized the effects of Postpartum depression. I think Felicia suffered it - especially after her firstborn, Sarah. Her whole life was changed when she found out she was pregnant, not to mention marrying someone very quickly. She had dreams of going to law school. After their second child was born Felicia wanted to go back to school but Jackson stated they didn’t have the money. Felicia didn’t just want to be a mom, she wanted something more. And I was kind of upset at Jackson for not realizing this.
Issues in marriage such as intimacy issues, financial struggles, having children when not ready were all discussed in this book. I think all marriages go through seasons of struggles but what we do about it will determine if the marriage will succeed or suffer. God is there to help with those struggles. Through prayer and personally working on the marriage can help make the marriage last.
**I was provided a copy of this book to review by the publisher. All opinions are my own.

Suzie Waltner
- The United States
Thu, 16 Aug 2018

Sometimes it takes years to figure out the truth. Sometimes that truth is kept hidden (even from ourselves) deep within, under piles of memories, arguments, and resentment.
In The Ornament Keeper, the journey to healing comes through unpacking twenty plus years of memories in the form of Christmas ornaments, one given each year to commemorate an event.
I love a good Christmas story, and The Ornament Keeper comes complete with self-discovery, forgiveness, and a small Christmas miracle. And it ends with the absolute perfect gift.
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Sun, 23 Sep 2018

The Ornament Keeper by Eva Marie Everson is a novella that resonated with me, and I suspect will resonate with others as well.
Felicia and Jackson Morgan have been married for 20 years; recently separated, the Jacksons are looking at spending their first Christmas apart since college days. As everyone tries to figure out how to approach the holidays, the Morgan’s college aged daughter encourages mom to decorate, at least for the younger siblings sake.
The Jacksons have a tradition...every year, since their very first year, Jackson has presented Felicia with an ornament with special meaning. Their first Christmas together, first baby... Felicia has always been the first one to put ornaments on the tree, in order, of the special ones received from Jackson. Always in the same place, every year.
This year, Felicia reluctantly begins the tradition with the first ornament, and the memories come flooding back. With each ornament, Felicia remembers.
This, this is how the book resonated with me. A curio cabinet display full of my memories, associated with friends, family or occasions; sometimes it is just a glance that bring those memories back; sometimes I need to hold the item. How about a fragrance? Avon’s Sweet Honesty I will forever associate with my grandmother. A song, memories. A winter scarf, memories of my nephews making it. Sometimes I’ve forgotten the memory until I see a picture of a childhood toy, memories. And just as the actual event helps mold us, so too does our memories...
I received an e-copy of this novella from the publisher via Just Read Tours, and am not required to right a positive review. All thoughts and opinions, therein, are solely my own.