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All in the Mind

by Jenny Twist
4.69 • 48 votes • 26 reviews
Published 29 Oct 2012
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Format Paperback
Publisher Melange Books
ISBN 1612354955

All in the Mind Ebook Description

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Tilly wakes up in the dark, alone and very frightened. She finds she is in a strange room inexplicably furnished in 1940s style. However did she get here? Has she somehow slipped into the past? Has she been kidnapped? Of one thing she is absolutely certain, she has never seen this place in her life before.
All in the Mind is a fascinating tale exploring the human capacity to overcome any obstacle, no matter how great, as long as you believe you can.
Tilly is part of an experiment working on a cure for Alzheimer's disease. She and most of the other patients taking part in the experiment seem to make a full recovery, but there is a strange side effect.
Tilly and her fellow experimental subjects appear to be getting younger.
Can the same experiment be repeated for Tilly's beloved husband so that he can recover from a stroke? Tilly thinks it can and she will move heaven and earth to make sure it happens.
A charming and thought-provoking story full of reminiscences of a bygone age, All in the Mind also deals with the dilemmas posed by new developments in a society whose culture is geared to the idea that the natural span of a human life is three-score years and ten.

All in the Mind Reviews

- Willoughby, OH
Tue, 09 Apr 2013

Jenny Twist has created a cast of unforgettable and enjoyable characters in her book, All in the Mind. Tillie, a World War II nurse, awakes to find herself in a strange place with no knowledge of how she came to be there. The explanation and her path with her dear husband is the backbone of the story.
You want everything to turn out wonderfully for all the people you meet in this book. They are an engaging bunch who are involved in a unique and exciting experiment.
If you know anyone who has suffered from dementia, this book will be especially dear to you.

Tue, 09 Apr 2013

I am tempted to proclaim that Jenny Twist has 'done it again' but, although this is true, after the short stories I enjoyed so much, in this book we are treated to a whole story in one fascinating read.
Tilly, a nurse, orphaned by WWII, is taken up by Johnny and his larger-than-life family. At first Jenny fears that Johnny's parents will wish she is is a debutante rather than somebody of humbler origins but, with much laughter, this thought is soon dispelled. She later discovers that Johnny's experience with debutantes was prolific but bleak: his mother chasing off the latest in his repertoire by telling her that the family had lost all its money; the girl was off for the next train before they could blink. And the story makes them laugh afresh each time it is remembered.
Although green with envy at Tilly's good fortune, in impressing this large-hearted family, it is impossible not to like her; both clever and warm-hearted, she captivates everyone she comes across, including this reader.
The story takes a more unusual turn when Tilly develops Alzheimer's, and the strain of this causes her beloved husband to suffer a stroke. However, the indomitable pair, helped by a delightful bevy of doctors, overcome their setbacks; also aided by a charming young Asian, Kim, who puts himself out greatly to help them. When Kim's father is dying, his brother coerces him into travelling home in accordance with Indian culture. Not only is this section a fascinating insight into Hindu culture, it is also an exciting story line: will Kim be forced into an unwanted marriage before his father dies? I was about to answer this question but have decided to let readers find out for themselves.
I love Jenny's emphasis on love and happiness, and will just add that I found the ending perfect, having been transfixed by every word along the way.
And all splendidly washed down with 'gallons of tea'.
Highly recommended.

Mon, 12 Nov 2012

A delightful little gem.
Jenny Twist’s All in the Mind was the first of her novels that I had read, and it won’t be the last. I had previously read the short story, Away with the Fairies, so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.
All in the Mind is a fascinating little book. At its heart it’s a feel-good look at love, but it’s far more than a simple romance. In fact, Jenny Twist takes you into some quite dark subject matter such as wartime hardships, poverty in India and the trials of arranged marriages, without ever losing the lighthearted tone of the overall story.
Tilly’s parents are dead, killed by a bomb in wartime London. Working as a nurse, she meets Johnny, who has been discharged from the army, and they begin a romance that will last the rest of their lives.
Fast forward to the present day and Tilly is suffering from Alzheimer’s while Johnny is recovering from a stroke. Their love remains undiminished, although age is taking its toll. However, the talented Doctor Kim thinks he has a way to help them …
At first, I thought this book was a wartime romance, then I thought it was a book about curing Alzheimer’s, then suddenly it changed again. Each twist (ho hum) opened up another fascinating chapter and took the book to another level.
What impressed me most about this book was the depth of the research. The wartime period in particular felt so authentic I could almost believe the author lived through it. The attention to detail just in simple things such as what would be playing on the television or what utensils might be lying around the kitchen during the Blitz really pulled me into the story.
Definitely one I would recommend. I will certainly be reading more by this author in the future.

- Warrington, The United Kingdom
Sat, 18 May 2013

When Tilly Thompson wakes up in a strange bed and a strange room, she soon learns that she has been part of an experiment for Alzheimer’s disease. After she had been suffering from the disease her husband of over fifty years, Johnny had been taking care of her, but when he himself becomes ill after having a stroke. They both end up in hospital were Tilly is awoken by them taking her back in time to the 1940’s by staff dressing in the clothes and the building been set up like it is from this era.
Tilly can remember up to the point before she gets Alzheimer’s and she makes a full recovery. Tilly wonders if the experiment can help Johnny recover from his stroke. So an experiment is set up to place them back in the cottage they lived in when they were first married and it is fitted and furnished with everything that they would have had in the 1940’s, taking them back to their younger days in more ways than one.
This is just one of those amazing reads. I just could not put this thoroughly well written story down and I ended up reading this book in one sitting. It is just a wonderful and original storyline, with interesting and likeable characters. This is a book really worth reading and if I could give it a higher score than five I would. I very much look forward to reading more books by author Jenny Twist.

- Buckner, KY
Tue, 25 Jun 2013

Whenever I pick up something written by Jenny Twist, I know I'm not going to want to put it down. "All in the Mind" was no exception!
The story begins with an elderly lady named Tilly, who wakes up in an unfamiliar room decorated in shoddy 1940's furnishings. She soon discovers she's in an nursing home, and her husband Johnny is there as well, partially paralyzed from a stroke. Tilly and several other patients are part of a new and unconventional Alzheimer's treatment that involves immersing them in the surroundings from their younger days.
Soon, she and Johnny are moved back into the home where their life together began, and that's where something truly amazing begins. There in that cozy cottage in the English countryside, not only are Tilly's and Johnny's memories resurrected, but so is their youth!
Before you assume this is just another "adults become kids again" story, think again. Tilly and Johnny aren't the only ones changing. It seems the lives of their current friends are mimicking those of their loved ones from the past. You're left to wonder if its just this elderly couple changing, if the time/space continuum is shifting, or if everything is just a coincidence.
Well, you'll have to read it to find out. Rest assured that Jenny Twist delivers a timeless love story that's truly unique and compelling. The characters' lives and beautiful romance is described in such heartwarming, vivid detail that you fall instantly in love with them.
There are several scenes from the middle to the end that involve the secondary characters, and at first, I wondered what these really had to do with the main story. Luckily, Jenny wrapped it all up in a lovely, neat package that is sure to please every lover of sweet romance. Grab a copy today!

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