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Love And Desire And Hate

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Published 16 May 2019
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ISBN 1861057172

Author of Prime Time, superstar Collins is back with a "hornet's nest of romance, envy, lust and revenge" (Kirkus). Murderous secrets and desperate passions shape the lives of those working on the movie Cortez as they are drawn into a powerful web of love, desire, and hate. HC: Simon & Schuster.

Love And Desire And Hate Reviews

Marsha Stevenson
- The United States
Thu, 03 Apr 2014

a typical Joan Collins book of lust, desires and lies. Unfortunately the plot seems like so many of her other stories, just different locations.

- Montenegro
Tue, 19 Sep 2017

- semarang, Indonesia
Mon, 30 Jul 2007

hihii ... dr judulnya aja, dah taulah ceritanya gmn ...
lumayan, utk ngisi waktu, apa lagi yg suka cerita2 romantis ;p

- Australia
Mon, 10 Dec 2018

Fast flowing, engaging from the start, a great read in a week.

- Birmingham, AL
Fri, 09 Aug 2013

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