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A Surreptitious Relationship

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Published 10 Oct 2019
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Chris and Holly's relationship is finally perfect. With no gangs to harass them, the only thing they have to worry about it keeping their relationship a secret from the student body and faculity at school. Simple enough. However with the appearance of two new students, new troubles arise. The new girl isn't who she seems, but no one will believe Holly, and the new boy seems to enjoy causing Holly problems. Meanwhile Chris is finding it harder and harder to stay away from Holly in school. Keeping their relationship a secret suddenly becomes ten times harder. And to top it all off, Jeremy has a big surprise for every one.

A Surreptitious Relationship Reviews

- Cairo, 11, Egypt
Sun, 26 Feb 2017

3.80 ⭐️

- Lincoln, The United Kingdom
Thu, 16 Aug 2018

I just feel like this sequel didn't really need to be written. Like nothing really happens in terms of the plot. Lexi was my fave character and she got no development she was sort of just thrown in. It just overall felt like it was written chapter by chapter without an overarching theme/plot.

Sat, 18 Feb 2017

Book 2. Double the trouble.

Thu, 16 Oct 2014

Even though there wasn't as much action as there was in the first book it was still pretty cool, it had a bit more detail on the other character's (love) life instead of just focusing it on Holly and Chris.
I love how there is always something you don't expect in the following or current chapter so you wouldn't get bored. Time to read the third book! The description for the third book sounds interesting, though, it hasn't been updated for around four months...Oh well...

Mon, 09 Jan 2012

Looks pretty good.
What the hell does 'surreptitious' mean... Should I look it up in the dictionary...
Goooooood and err good?
I personally felt it was written well and didn't spot any errors...
Or I can't remember any (I read it last week and didn't bother writing a review.
Apart from it did drag on a teensy bit, it was so long and I just wanted to know the end... I'm an impatient person.
Quite interesting.
A lot of things I didn't expect.
A lot I did.
I would have preferred it if Holly didn't go on about sex so much. I may crack a lot of dirty jokes and most of the songs on my iPod may be about sex, but I still feel uncomfortable reading about it. Or just if people are being serious about it and not joking about it.
Innocent (though my friends don't believe that) little fourteen year alert.
Holly, tone down a bit about the sex and you have an okay main character.
I'm yet to find the perfect main character to read through... I've read some who are pretty close.
My search goes on.
Chris. Meh he's okay, although I do feel he's a bit of a dickhead.
I have warmed up to him quite a bit though, I mean I no longer want to slap him... Big improvement.
If my biology teacher was like him... Well then biology would probably be no different. I hate that subject. Why did I take it?
Jeremy, I want to marry him? Can I? Like pretty please, he is a character I'd love to read through...
He's funny but, occasionally, serious. By occasionally I mean once in a blue moon.
He reminds me of Julius from Waist Deep in Walmart... (A story I want to write a song on... When I stop being lazy).
Casey, she's pretty cool. Love it how she's still upset about not getting to shoot anyone.
The whole time I felt like yelling at her and Jeremy, just freaking get together already!
She reminds me of some of my friends.
Lance, he's British like me, so automatically makes him awesome.
He really does love Lexi so much... It's cute.
Aaron, even until the end I was still calling him a dickhead.
Urgh he's so full of himself and just annoying. A character I really don't like, like really really don't like.
Even though Lexi leads on about five hundred different boys at a time, I still like her. She's just so.... innocent? Wrong word but whatever.
I love the part when she didn't expect Lance to wait for her and then she goes and calls him and stuff. It's cute - I like cute things. A lot.
And she keeps Chris and Holly a secret which is always good. So yeah, I like her.
Good read, I'd recommend it to y'all (at the All Time Low concert, the lead singer from one of the support acts, The Maine, said y'all. It was funny... So was his accent...).
Anyway it is supposed to be boring and stuff, but I enjoyed it!
Good luck in the Watty Awards!

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