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The Traitor and the Tunnel (The Agency, #3)

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Published 01 Aug 2011
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Format Paperback
Publisher Walker & Company
ISBN 1406315974

Queen Victoria has a problem: there's a thief at work in Buckingham Palace. The Agency - the secret all-female detective unit - assigns quick-witted Mary Quinn to the case. Posing as a palace maid and fending off the attentions of the Prince of Wales are challenging enough, but when the prince witnesses a murder, Mary's case becomes anything but petty.
Engineer and former flame James Easton has an assignment in the sewers, where someone is making illicit use of the tunnels. Mary will need James's help if she's going catch a thief, solve a murder - and avert disaster.

The Traitor and the Tunnel (The Agency, #3) Reviews

Thu, 14 Feb 2019

Blergh. This one really didn't work for me. It was just too... much. In other words, nothing about this felt realistic.
-Mary and James' fight at the start felt contrived, and for dramatic purposes only
-The setting felt over the top (Mary is investigating shenanigans at Buckingham Palace of all things). I mean, sure, some of the stuff with Queen Victoria was a bit fun, but also, really over the top
-The whole sub-plot with the Prince of Whales was just ick. She's a sympathetic and attractive maid who's caught his eye (or she's pretending to be). Is she able to say no? It just, it was one too many things, and while probably a realistic conundrum for a maid, not one I enjoyed.
-I will say this, while it was certainly dramatic, [spoilers removed]
-Speaking of happily ever afters, I really enjoy James and Mary when they're working together on a case, but the romantic resolution... [spoilers removed]
-Really, the whole ending felt way too convenient. [spoilers removed]
I dunno, parts of it are fun - who doesn't enjoy a secret tunnel under a palace. But I'm annoyed enough at the ending that I'm debating finishing the series.

Thu, 12 Jul 2012

I have, honestly, never come across a couple in a book more adorable and perfect together than Mary and James.
Y.S. Lee, THANK YOU, for giving us these two, especially James!
P.S - Queen Victoria is SUCH a badass in this book! :D

- The United States
Sun, 21 Oct 2018

Ugh. I kept reading this series because I did like the basic idea of it and hoped it would improve. It did the opposite of that. The very, very opposite of that.
I’m going to lead, though, with what is good about the series. The central idea is fun, if anachronistic: the main character, sentenced to death for theft at the age of 12, is brought instead to a girls’ school founded on the revolutionary principle that women are capable of independent thought, life, and work. In time, she’s introduced to the secret within that school: a detective agency, run and staffed solely by women. It’s a fun way of circumventing the hideous trap that being a woman was in those days, in service of some light mystery fiction.
The main character, Mary Quinn, is [spoilers removed]
Okay, so that’s the good part. The bad part is — literally everything else. But the thing that frustrated me most was that this series was built on the idea of creating space for women to exist independent of men in the Victorian world. And yet the entire series revolves around a man. Mary’s on again, off again romance with James Easton is many things (insipid, annoying, anachronistic), but it is centered in the series. [spoilers removed] So this series, and every major reoccuring character in it, is focused not on the story of women, or the independence of women, or sisters doing it for themselves, but rather on a man, and the importance of men, and the absolute centrality of men in women’s lives.
Finally, in this book, Lee realizes she doesn’t want to write about an agency of female detectives working independently, beholden to no man. [spoilers removed]
There were other problems with this series, starting with book one, and there were definitely many other problems with this entry in it. But the fundamental dishonesty of the whole thing, the grossness of the central message, is what left me gagging, and what will leave me avoiding Lee’s writing in the future. Ugh.

Carla *Jen7waters*
- Porto, Portugal
Sun, 25 Jul 2010

Ah, Ying…you are amazing. If I could give you a big hug right now, I would, I would also look like a crazy person/creepy stalker, but it would be worth it, because you just wrote the most PERFECT third book in a series of this kind, and I'm so happy I can finally give my beloved Mary Quinn a 5 star rating! SO HAPPY!
In this third book, Mary is working as a maid at the Buckingham Palace, undercover, of course, for the Agency. Some objects have gone missing, suggesting there's a thief among the staff, and Mary's job is to unravel this mystery. Meanwhile, Mr James Easton is commissioned to rebuild the sewer system of the Palace, which forces the couple to meet again – YAY! I was so nervous -and excited- to know how they were going to behave around each other after their oh-so-sad last encounter in The Body at the Tower. Really, James…you broke my heart, but I'm so happy I didn't lose my faith in you, because you may have broken it then, but you healed it now...
*pause to swoon all over James*
I don't want to say too much about the plot, because I would hate to spoil this GREAT book for potential readers, but I'll say this: this is a remarkably well written story, with just the perfect amounts of historical facts, spying, danger, romance, heartbreaking scenes, and will-bring-a-smile-to-your-face moments, and I highly recommend this series for everyone who is in need of a great read with a lovely -and yet so brave- heroine.
I want to thank the author once again for writing these books, and also say that I could barely believe my eyes when I found out this third installment was not going to be the last one in the Agency series, YES: THERE'S GOING TO BE A FOURTH BOOK! Thank you my lucky stars! :)
*PT*Cuidado com o Dálmata - The Traitor and the Tunnel

- Canada
Sun, 14 Nov 2010

Okay, this is going to be short because really there are only a few things I want to say about this novel.
1. I loved it. Really, really loved it.
Mary confronts the skeletons in her closet . The book takes a somber look at the people who sire us and how their mortality and morality affect us. This gives Mary new depths and she evolves much more as a character.
2. The kisses are smoking hot. My toes curled multiple times. It’s quite a feat since I wasn’t even the one being kissed.
3. Lee’s portrayal of Victorian (I believe it is Victorian, I could be totally wrong) is so spot on. Her wordsmithery remains impressive and I believe her plotting has actually improved.
4. James is awesomesauce and that’s all I am going to say about it. Actually no, as hot as he is, it is his humanity and his flaws that make him irresistible. His vulnerability where Mary is concerned is also endearing.
5. You need to read this series because if you don’t, you are losing out. I don’t want you to lose out.
And that is all.

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