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Vengeance of Ravana (Ramayana #7)

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Published 01 Jan 2010
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Format Hardcover
Publisher AKB

Vengeance of Ravana (Ramayana #7) Reviews

- Hillsboro, OR
Fri, 17 Feb 2012

This is easily the worst book of the series (not counting SoS since I haven't read that yet. After this, I doubt I will). This is also easily the most random story I've ever read. The sensation built up in the beginning fizzles out so badly that I lack the right words to describe it. I should have stopped with King of Ayodhya, I suppose so should have Mr. Banker like he intended to. Now I just have a bad aftertaste.

- Bangalore, 19, India
Mon, 25 Jul 2011

The seventh book of the Ramayana series that was never expected. Ashok Banker has his own reasons for writing it, as he mentions in the Foreword. He also uses the section to outline his plans to document the past, present and extrapolated future of India as well as alternate history. I was quite happy when i read this because it seemed a noble endeavor. And then the book started.
I have been a fan of the other books (except for Book 3, which i thought was an unnecessary stretch) in the series and have, in reviews, admired how the author brings characters and the age to life and uses prose in a way that makes you (even) identify with them.
But this book completely failed for me. The plot, if any, doesn't go anywhere. I could've flipped 10 pages and still not missed a thing - except for prose. It's as though the mandate was to describe every occurrence / character/ vista in as many words as possible. Fitting in contemporary phrases like collateral damage and terms like vortal seem terribly forced. It's a vengeance story, but sometimes you wonder who it is directed at!!
If you've been reading the Ramayana series, I guess you'll have to sit through this one too, just to see where it goes, but go in fully prepared for a prose avalanche. The author does seem to be on his own trip - good for him, not so good for readers. Sad.

- Mumbai, 16, India
Tue, 16 Oct 2012

Before you read this please read Gods of War from the Author to give you an understanding of the twist he make in this part of the great epic...
Can't Wait for Sons Of Sita... Where many more questions would be answered....

- New Delhi, 110070, India
Mon, 14 Oct 2013

There are times when one feels that Ashok Banker is overeraching himself. I have been a fan of his earlier volumes of the Ramayana. But this one is simply too much of a stretch - at times it feels like science fiction and the paradox of time travel is what he is trying to explain.
Whatever. This book is just one too many. It fails to grip and the over decorative prose drags the narrative down.
I wish he never wrote it. I am now reading 'Sons of Sita' and I hope it turns out better.

- Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Sun, 11 Aug 2013

Probably the weakest book of the entire Ramayana series. it starts of well, the build up is amazing and you just can't wait for the page to turn, but somewhere in the middle the whole story falls apart. it was very disappointing as I have immense respect for Mr bankar as a writer and he attemped to go where no other writer has tried to take this series to.
This is one of the books which had the potential to be something different or path breaking but ends in a whimper.

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