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Batman Confidential, Vol. 3: The Wrath

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Published 29 Dec 2009
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Format Paperback
Publisher DC Comics
ISBN 1401225144

Two stories, 25 years apart. The first involves Batman and the "other". Written by Mike Barr, and illustrated by Michael Golden. The second story, told in four parts, involves Batman, Nightwing, and possibly the return of the Wrath. This time written by Tony Bedard and illustrated by Rags Morales.
Batman and the Wrath have two things in common. The date of their parents deaths, and the cut of their costumes. Otherwise, one fights criminals, and the other is a criminal.
Batman and Nightwing become embroiled in the return of a major nemesis who was long believed to be dead: The Wrath has returned, and he knows too much about Batman -- and the deaths of his parents.

Batman Confidential, Vol. 3: The Wrath Reviews

Sat, 17 May 2014

I love the old Batman comics. Don't get me wrong, I really love the New 52 Scott Snyder Batman, but there is something so charming and sweet about the early Batman stuff. I don't know what it is, maybe he was more human? Had more emotion? More empathy? He showed surprise and regret. Something.
There's a 24 year gap between The Wrath and The Wrath Child, the two stories that encompass this book. Which is good because at the end of The Wrath you don't have any idea why he was after Jim or killing cops or who he was. The Wrath Child wraps everything up for us and brings some closure to the story arc while also giving Robin/Nightwing a part in the story that he didn't have before.
A quick, but satisfying read.

- Los Aires / Buena Plata, Argentina
Wed, 16 Mar 2011

"Va para tres genéricas y cumplidoras estrellitas."
Creo que debería dedicarme a la futurología, porque siempre que me adelanto con el veredicto le pego.
Hablando en serio, esta saga de Batman Confidencial me ofreció más o menos lo que esperaba: una historia con buenas intenciones y un desarrollo parcialmente bien logrado. La idea de un anti-Batman es bastante interesante pero no va mucho más allá de contrastar sus ideales y mostrar lo diferentes que reaccionaron ante un mismo hecho traumático. El dibujo peca más o menos de lo mismo, Rag Morales está mucho menos inspirado que en "Identity Crisis" y se nota. La manera de plasmar la acción en las páginas es mucho más pobre que en aquella espectacular miniserie, pero -muy a mi pesar- sigue con esa manía de hacerles cortes taza a los personajes más inesperados. En este caso, la víctima de la moda es nada menos que el Comisionado Gordon.
Yendo a la edición española de Planeta, no hay mucho que reprochársele en cuanto a traducción, rotulación y papel, pero sí con el criterio editor, como siempre: se comieron el especial de los 80s donde aparecía el enemigo de la saga por primera vez, aunque en el tomo yanqui sí estuviera incluido. Menos mal que esta historia va a estar incluida en Batman La colección (#21), porque si me la hubiera comprado en esta edición, seguro puteaba por el faltazo.

- Austin, TX
Tue, 20 Mar 2012

Batman: The Wrath was an interesting look at comic book story-telling then and now. The first story, by Mike Barr and Michael Golden was published as a Batman Special in 1984 and featured a masked anti-Batman named Wrath. His beginnings were shrouded in mystery and seemingly linked to Batman’s origin. The story had a beginning, middle, and end. The art by Golden was lovely and you could see why he influenced everyone from Art Adams to Bill Willingham.
The sequel runs five issues and tediously dissects every little thing about the anti-Batman character. The story is overwrought and overwritten for a trade. Sure the art by Rags Morales is beautiful, but it is in service of a story that falls far short of the inspiration.
5 Stars for the old story and 1 for the new.

- Quezon City, F2, Philippines
Sat, 05 May 2018

This graphic novel contains two stories, i.e., The Player on the Other Side ("TPOS") (Batman Special #1) and Wrath Child (Batman: Confidential #13-16).
I've never read anything written by Barr but TPOS is pretty good considering that it was written in 1984 (I'm not really a fan of 80s comics). However, the real gem of this graphic novel is Wrath Child, which is a continuation of TPOS. Wrath Child is a Batman Confidential story. I'm not sure if DC Comics intended to create a sequel when they released TPOS since there is around a 24-year gap between the two stories, but Wrath Child fills in the gap in TPOS. It also explains why Gordon left for Chicago. Also, Rags Morales' art is amazing.
The Wrath currently has a 3.17 score on Goodreads and I don't really know why. For me, this is definitely an underrated Batman story.

- Pittsburgh, PA
Thu, 24 May 2012

The cheesy 80s story was a little painful, mostly because the detecting was painfully easy and the characters didn't know things they should. A map with the area circled? Does anyone actually do that? And would Batman be so dumb as to show up in costume every year at the site of his parents' death? Why didn't anyone else figure out who he was! And why didn't Leslie know who he was AND WHY DIDN'T ALFRED KNOW WHY BRUCE WENT TO THAT SITE?!! I am only a casual Batman fan and I know better than the writers of the first story? That seems unlikely, so probably I know things that were established later and were used as canon after 1984. Though it's possible there was just terrible editing, comics didn't expect people to want a continuing coherent story. The art seemed very good for the time. Comics have different sensibilities now but I enjoyed the drawings. The story itself had potential but it was just so corny with the player on the otherside. I guess I just don't see Batman feeling so connected to the guy.
The second part of the book is more modern and I enjoyed it more, mostly for Nightwing. I liked that it tried to fill in some of the holes left in the first series, though it made some holes of its own (how's an orphaned preteen boy continue his vigilante training to reach Batman levels?). I'm torn on whether or not I like the art. I think it's good but I don't always like its style. They managed to make Nightwing's costume not totally cringe-worthy which is generally how I feel about his first costume.

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