Two Flowers for the Dragon, Vol. 1 PDF Book by Nari Kusakawa PDF ePub

Two Flowers for the Dragon, Vol. 1

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Published 03 Jun 2008
Two Flowers for the Dragon, Vol. 1.pdf
Format Paperback
Publisher CMX
ISBN 1401215262

Nari Kusakawa -- creator of THE RECIPE FOR GERTRUDE and THE PALETTE OF 12 SECRET COLORS -- cooks up a funny and romantic new adventure.

Teenage Shakuya, the next head of the Dragon Clan, suddenly finds herself with two fiancés! The first vanished years ago but has now mysteriously returned. But betrothed number two is not about to just step aside. What's a girl to do? Her mother decides that at the end of a year, Shakuya will marry the man she has the strongest feelings for. How that will be determined is by "magic tattoos" on both of Shakuya's hands, each representing one of her suitors. As her love grows, so do the tattoos! And complicating all of this is that fact that whenever Shakuya gets upset, she turns into a fearsome dragon!

Two Flowers for the Dragon, Vol. 1 Reviews

- Greenville, SC
Thu, 18 Jan 2018

Love this series and this mangaka!

Amanda Setasha
Wed, 08 Mar 2017

This series is actually very interesting. I've read love triangle plots, but this one brings a unique twist on it. Looking forward to reading more of the series!

- The United States
Tue, 04 Sep 2012

- Plano, TX
Mon, 15 Aug 2011

This story is pretty ridiculous--a girl who is part dragon (and turns into one when she gets angry) ends up with two fiancés when her first one, whom everyone thought dead, suddenly turns up with amnesia after five years. It is decided that at the end of the year, the fiancé she likes best is the one she will marry. And she has magical tattoos that will grow to show which guy she likes the most. Cause, you know, magical dragon blood and all. So yeah, lots of very silly things going on here, but it's cute and funny, and the art is good, so sure, I'm in for volume 2! Heh...

- Conroe, TX
Sat, 05 Nov 2011

Lol,I read this,like,three months ago. Forgot to add it. xD

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