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Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition

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Published 11 Nov 2010
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There is a holistic alternative to conventional dental treatments which can help you heal tooth pain, reduce tooth infections, halt tooth decay and inhibit gum disease. Learn about a flexible whole foods dietary program pioneered by the head of research at the National Dental Association, Weston Price D.D.S. that proved 90-95% effective in halting cavities. Cure Tooth Decay provides clear and easy to understand dental facts so you can make healthy, life affirming choices about your dental health, including a non-surgical approach to halt baby-bottle tooth decay. Learn five nutritional programs that Nagel used to cure his own cavities, and halt his daughter's severe cavities. Restore dental and oral health through nutrition and lifestyle, not harmful chemicals and surgery. Dr. Gallagher the president of the the Holistic Dental Association says, "Cure Tooth Decay is treasure-trove of wisdom as it takes the mystery out of dental health."

Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition Reviews

- Pearland, TX
Tue, 17 Dec 2013

My only complaint about this book is the organization. When I first got it, I was desperate for WHAT DO I DO!! after my 2 yo inexplicably developed severe cavities and a gum abscess after we had been meticulously taking care of her teeth and visiting the dentist every 3 months for almost a year. The first several chapters include thoughts on prayers, motivational thinking, and how modern dentistry works. That's all good and fine, but I wanted practical steps right away. I ended up skipping all the way to the bonus chapter on healing childhood decay, starting to implement that advice, and later went back to read the rest of the book. There is a lot of great information in there, some of which complemented what we were already doing and others that didn't apply but would be good to know for the future (the ineffectiveness of braces, for example). I just really wish the book had started with a "quick start" chapter. I was already feeling lost and powerless, I didn't need a chapter to remind me of it.
Once you get to the meat of the book, however, it's amazing. We have at the very least slowed my daughter's decay if not halted it. If you don't like having conventional wisdom challenged, you are going to have a hard time with this. The results, however, speak for themselves. There are tons of blogs out there now that are photographing remineralization of teeth. It is possible, so I definitely recommend picking up this book. There is a support Facebook group online for additional insights from others who have been there. If you or your children are struggling with decay even though you think you are doing everything right, there is hope!

- Dallas, TX
Wed, 01 Jun 2011

Fascinating read on the correlation between diet and the health of your teeth. I have a few very small cavities that I really don't want to have filled, so when I found this book which claims to have the answers to "healing" cavities, I was intrigued. Most of the book is fantastic, but there are a few spots that bothered me (like the author's unfounded rejection of vaccinations). Other than those spots, I enjoyed learning about Dr Weston Price's travels and discoveries about people who never brush their teeth and yet have 0 cavities! Once these indigenous people adopt a Western diet, the tooth decay isn't far behind. It frustrates me that more people don't know about this stuff, unless it's all a bunch of crap.

- Port Orchard, WA
Sun, 29 Jun 2008

To cure tooth decay, Ramiel Nagel used the research of the dentists Weston A Price and Melvin Page to heal himself and his daughter. Price focused on principles he found in all “native” diets around the world that were cavity free and Page focused on diet and body chemistry. Nagel adds reflexology to the protocol with the intention to help balance the glands thus balancing the blood chemistry thus helping with the correct flow of the fluids in teeth thus aiding in healthy teeth.
Nagel discusses the false theory that regular brushing alone prevents cavities. The work of the said dentists busted that theory before it should have been started. He gives a fair look at what is involved in root canals and removing teeth. He gives lists of foods that must be avoided and foods that must be included daily to stop tooth decay and build a new layer of enamel. These foods aren’t new to followers of WAP and the cookbook Nourishing Traditions, however Nagel focuses on certain ones that are more specific in healing teeth. Besides the old stand-bys of cod liver oil, butter oil, bone broths grass fed raw milk, raw wild fish and grass fed meat (organs too) and pastured raw eggs, he emphasizes bone marrow and celery/parsley juice. He shows x-rays of teeth building a new layer of enamel.
Nagel consoles the reader for problems they might have had with their children and dentists. He constantly urges the reader to listen to her instincts and pray and ponder what is best for her to do. He gives lots of resources and references to look up additional information.
Cure Tooth Decay is an easy and inspiring read.

- The United States
Wed, 10 Apr 2013

So grateful to have discovered the research in this book. After a year of being frustrated with my daughter's tooth decay despite a healthy diet and regular brushing/flossing, I now have hope. After 2 months of following this diet the best we could (raw dairy, cod liver oil, lots of veggies, organic meats, little fruit, low grains, and pretty much no sugar) her decay stopped and two of her cavities healed completely. The dentist was shocked as he crossed those two off her chart and told me to keep up whatever I was doing. Nutrition amazes me and I wish this knowledge was more well known! Praying we can continue to keep this up and that the days of painful/traumatic toddler root canals are over!

- The United States
Sun, 31 Jul 2011

There are some interesting ideas in here and I think I'm going to start implementing some of the nutritional recommendations into my diet, however there were a few things I just couldn't get over.
Ramiel Nagel says, "For many, but not for all, vegetarianism is a masked form of a denial of life. Somewhere deep within you, you believe that life is suffering, and you want to suffer. Superficially, vegetarianism is a good way to minimize impact on the planet, not harm animals, and to get a high and light feeling from avoiding the seemingly burdensome animal foods. Deeper down, you are suffering."
Also, there were at least a hundred grammatical errors. Where was the editor of this book?!

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