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In a Blue Room

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Published 01 Apr 2008
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Format Hardcover
Publisher HMH Books for Young Readers
ISBN 015205992X

Alice is wide, wide awake. Mama brings flowers, tea, a quilt, even lullaby bells to help her sleep. But none of these things are blue, and Alice can sleep only in a blue room. Yet when the light goes out, a bit of magic is stirred up. Pale blue moonlight swirls into her bedroom window. Then the night swirls out, around the moon and into the universe, leaving Alice fast alseep in a most celestial blue room.

In a Blue Room Reviews

- San Francisco, CA
Mon, 19 May 2008

This is a very calming book with intricate illustrations and it’s perfect for a bedtime story. Not much blue color is used in the pictures until toward the end of the story.
I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this for children who are extremely literal minded or who routinely look for ways to procrastinate going to bed; the book might give them more ideas for delaying going to sleep. I’m only half joking here.
It is a simple story that has subtle humor and it will not overly stimulate kids right before their bedtimes. I think most young children will love this book.

- The United States
Mon, 19 May 2008

I read this to a group of preschoolers today and they were wide-eyed, interested and enthralled from beginning to end. The book is ideal for parent and child, any caregiver and child, and school and library readings.
The spare text, full of sensory details, depicts a child avoiding bedtime because blue is her favorite color and she can only sleep in a blue room. It starts lively with Alice jumping on her bed "wide-awake past bedtime" then gradually lulls with words and illustrations as Alice's mother brings her flowers, tea, lullaby bells, and a cozy quilt. Alice becomes more and more drowsy. The words and illustrations seem infused with patience and love, as well as as bit of magic when Alice's desire for a blue room comes true.
In a Blue Room is not just perfect for right-before-bed readings. When I read it to our preschoolers it was nowhere near nap-time let alone bedtime. The delightful surprise twist of an ending also fit perfectly with our recent preschool themes of Moon, Earth and Space, and even our upcoming celebration of Earth Day. After hearing the story our preschoolers rushed to the art table and were inspired to draw pictures of beautiful blue rooms! It's hard to beat Tricia Tusa's illustrations--but watch out, Tricia--you've got some 3 to 5-year-old artistic competition at my preschool, because Jim Averbeck's new book inspires all.

- Dundalk, MD
Sun, 11 Mar 2012

In a Blue Room is such a magical bed time story! Just reading it makes me want to take a nap. This is a picture book for both nursery and primary readers. Alice is unable to go to sleep because she wants to sleep in a blue room. Her mom brings multiple things of multiple colors, all of which Alice wishes were blue. Orange tea, a green quilt, and yellow bells are among the things her mom bring to aid her to sleep. The last thing her mom does is just what was needed to make a blue room for Alice. I thoroughly enjoyed the illustrations by Tusa in this book. They are so beautiful and blended. The descriptive language used by Averbeck allows me to make a vivid picture in my head of each and every page. This is a good story to read before nap time or to teach about colors. Also, this story could be used to introduce the five senses. Alice’s senses are stimulated by flowers, tea, a quilt, bells, and the moon.

Wed, 22 Oct 2008

Tricia Tusa is one of those illustrators with a wonderful, gestural style, whose work I always feel like I've seen before. Her Alice reminds me of the little girl in How to Make a Ni...oops yes well that's because Tricia Tusa illustrated How to Make a Night. Well that was a good night-time book too. Maybe somebody's pigeonholed Tricia Tusa as a go-to-bed illustrator. Weirder things have happened. Eric Carle has his own museum.
In this book, Alice says she can only sleep in a blue room. Her Mama (a very patient, loving mama, by the way) brings her four items to soothe her senses: flowers, tea, a soft quilt, and a windchime, and then, as Alice is finally just barely hanging on to consciousness, she turns off the light and the room is bathed in blue moonlight. The last pages show Alice's house on the Earth and the Earth in space, in a celestial "blue room".
You want to get some sleep? I'm telling you - this is one sweet, soothing big blue marble glass of warm milk.

Wed, 20 Aug 2008

Nothing about this book quite coheres. The concept -- a little girl can only fall asleep if everything in her room is blue -- is cute, but the execution is kinda lame. Why is blue so important to the girl? The illustrations don't help either -- nothing in the girl's room is blue, which might have helped to give blue some importance, perhaps indicating that it's her favorite color.
The girl's mother brings her various things to help her fall asleep -- a brown cup of tea, some fragrant white and purple flowers, jingling golden bells. The little girl complains mildly about the colors being incorrect, but nothing ever becomes such a big deal that there seems to be a point.
Also, I couldn't help but think that all the things the mother brings in are going to keep the child awake -- bells, tea, smelly flowers! The kid's senses are going to be too jacked up for sleep!
Finally the moon comes out, washing the entire room in a blue light, and the little girl gets her blue room. It's a nice idea, but getting there just didn't make much sense.

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