Wildstar PDF Book by Nicole Jordan PDF ePub


3.8081 votes • 4 reviews
Published 01 Dec 1992
Format Paperback
Publisher Avon Books
ISBN 0380766221

There's fire in Jessica Sommers' hazel eyes. She's out to get the scoundrel who shot her father, and she needs a hired gun to help her protect the family silver mine. Garrett Devlin arrives in town just in time to take on the job.
Suave and disturbingly good-looking, Devlin claims to be just a gambling man...but he's not showing all his cards. His easy-going charm and self-assurance make him irresistible to most women, yet Jessica, strong-willed and independent, spurns his promises of pleasure as they follow the dangerous trail of outlaws through the majestic Colorado Rockies. But suddenly faced with life-threatening peril, Jessica yields to the warm comfort of Garrett's embrace...surrendering helplessly to the firestorm of passion in the searing kisses of a stranger's love...

Wildstar Reviews

- Sheboygan, WI
Sat, 12 Apr 2008

- Oostvoorne, 03, Netherlands
Thu, 31 Mar 2016

I liked it, but nothing more,....
It is like a western, but sometimes to long,............
O, how I liked WARRIOR MUCH!!!!!!!!!!MORE!!!!!!

- Maumelle, AR
Fri, 16 Oct 2015

Another backlist from Nicole Jordan. This one was an okay read but not something I'll look forward to re-reading. Jess is the golden daughter of a struggling miner in Colorado. Someone shoots her dad in the back and so she hires the gambler who steps up to intervene on her behalf to guard the mine. Unknown to Jess, the gambler is actually Garrett Devlin son of a Chicago industrialist and wealthy in his own right. After a broken heart at the hands of a money grubber ex-fiancée, Devlin has sworn off decent women. Devlin is in town to try and find the man or men who have been robbing his daddy's trains. Anyhoo, unbelievable hijinks ensue when Jess and Devlin hook up.
There were a few issues that push this okay read more towards the annoying end of the spectrum. Jess gets away with unbelievable behavior even for a girl in a rough and tumble mining town. In truth, there was probably less of a middle ground for women's behavior in an environment like this. No way would Jess have gone out into the woods on her own with Devlin. Also, this book starts out in one of my least favorite ways - the hero is enjoying a "romantic" interlude with a prostitute when he first sees Jess. There was a feather boa involved. Yuck. I know I need to just get over it, but seriously promiscuous heroes just kind of gross me out. STDs have been around for a long time, friends. Also, what is with these wussy little boys whose feelings are so fragile that one bad woman experience turns them? I don't get it. One bad experience in any other area doesn't impact them the same way. So freaking fragile are these guys. Stamp, stamp - she hurt my feelings. I will never love again so it's whores and easy married women for me from now on. So mature.
***** SPOILER ALERT *****
And can I just say there is no reason at all for a man, intent on proposing to a woman, to stop in the middle of the road to tell the prostitute he hired for three days that he's getting married and to kiss her a fond farewell. I am here to tell you he'd be washing his damn mouth out with lye soap if it was me. Then to get all pissed off that Jess reacted negatively to his actions and decide that since she was wrong about not trusting him - because, after all, kissing a prostitute you're known to have, uh, well, used, just screams sensitivity doesn't it - she would have to crawl back to him. Oh hells no.

Fri, 26 Oct 2012

Sheryl V Barley
- The United States
Tue, 26 Jun 2018