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Savage Heat

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Published 01 Jun 2002
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Format Mass Market Paperback
Publisher Love Spell
ISBN 0505525143

Recklessly she danced the night away. Newly arrived at the Denver cavalry post, she was the darling of the regiment... until a shadow fell across her path -- a raven-haired man who made her blood run hot and her heart stop cold. No longer the dazzling debutante; Martay Kidd was suddenly the hostage of a man who would plunder her body, capture her heart, and carry her off into a world beyond her wildest dreams.
The white man knew him as James Savin. The Sioux called him Night Sun, the bravest of all warriors. But his true identity was as secret as his plan for revenge on the cavalry officer who'd massacred his family so long ago. His plan was perfect. He'd meant to exchange his beautiful prey for the life of the general himself. But he hadn't planned on spiriting her back to his people, into the Dakota territory, the world he was meant to command. And he hadn't planned to become the captive of his ravishing prisoner, bound to a love that could never be.

Savage Heat Reviews

- The United States
Wed, 12 Aug 2015

- Pittsburgh, PA
Mon, 10 Nov 2008

Jim Savin goes to Denver, Colorado to enact vengenance on the army General Kidd who killed his mother, blinded his grandmother and gravely injured him during an attack on an Indian village when Jim was ten years old. Jim is also known as Night Sun, a half-breed Lakota Sioux cheiftan who spent five years in Boston going to college and law school. He has never forgotten what General Kidd did to his peaceful village and decided to kidnap his daughter Martay to bring the General out where he could kill him.
Martay Kidd is a spoiled 18 year old girl who has men constantly fawning over her. She enjoys her world of parties, silk ball gowns and men who dance to her tune. She is completely unprepared for Night Sun when he abducts her from a ball thrown in her honor. Night Sun takes her out to a cabin in the woods, intending to only keep her there for 24 hours until her father gets a note telling him to meet Night Sun so he can kill him. Through a series of mishaps, General Kidd never gets the note and never comes for Martay. Night Sun waits a couple of days until he can't wait any longer. He takes Martay to his Lakota villiage but she gets very sick along the way. The medicine man is able to heal her and she starts to learn her way around the Lakota camp. Martay is very spoiled and has a lot of growing up to do, but she does make progress and starts to fall hard for her captor.
Martay and Night Sun have a very tempestuous relationship. He is very cold to her for a lot of the book because he hates her father and thinks her vain and spoiled. She hates him for stealing her, dragging her into the wilderness and treated her harshly. While at the Lakota camp, Martay starts to fall in love with Night Sun when she sees a softer side of him with his grandmother and his people. Night Sun is very attracted to his blonde captive but has promised to send her back to her father unharmed and untouched, as the Lakota Sioux do not make war on women and children. They fight hard against their attraction until a wedding celebration, dancing and peyote make them give into their desire. Their road to love still has a few bumps to overcome because neither of them are ready to admit their love for each other until Night Sun decides to return Martay to her world.
I enjoyed this book because the story was fun to read. This is not a love-filled romance, the lead characters have a lot of anger and hate for each other during the first few months of their relationship. Night Sun is very harsh at times and almost goes too far with Martay a few times. Martay really is a spoiled brat for the first part of the book, but there was still something about her that I liked. Once they both finally admit their love, the romance was very nice to read after they overcame their anger and hate. I usually don't like romances with the "I hate you for 2/3 of the book then suddenly I love you for the last few chapters" but this one I didn't mind because the story sucked me in.

Tue, 30 Jun 2015

This historical romance takes place when most Indians were losing their land and being put on reservations in the late 1800’s. Jim Savin, also known as Night Sun, was a half-breed who attended Harvard but maintained his Lakota connections. He kidnapped a military captain’s wealthy teen daughter, Martay, to get revenge for his mother’s death; his grandmother’s blindness and a long scar that he has on his side. They all happened during a camp raid when he was very young. He wrote a ransom letter but it never reached the father. Martay and Night Sun battle it out. Eventually, they fall in love and there are some pretty steamy scenes after she is taken further into Indian Territory. Night Sun goes back to face the father and many surprises await him when he returns to Denver to face Captain Kidd. Great read!

- The United States
Sun, 26 Oct 2014

Normally I try to avoid Native American Historical Romances because of the often racist portrayal of the culture. But I got this for free from my libraries free bin and I generally like trashy novels, so I bit the bullet and read this anyway.
Savage Heat follows Martay Kidd, a generals daughter. Martay, being bored with high society, hops a westbound train to join her army general father in the frontier country of Colorado. When she arrives in Denver, she is abducted by a Sioux warrior named Night Sun, who seeks revenge against Martay’s father for slaughtering his family years before. Of course Stockholm syndrome ensues, racist stereotypes, lovey dovey times, blah blah blah.
I'm not even going to get into the hideous misrepresentation of Native American culture because my knowledge of the culture is limited. The diffrence between me and Nan Ryan, is that I didn't write a novel based on this Culture.
The only I will say about this, is that novels like these make glad that Historical Romance novels have mostly abandoned these types of racial stereotypes.
I didn't really understand the heroine, she was pretty typical for this type of book, but I felt that she was whiny and had very little depth. The plot was fast moving and kept you turning pages despite being predictable, and lost steam(no pun intended) a little more than half way through.
Night Sun's character had a lot of interesting depth and intrigued me. I was genuinelly interested to learn more of his character and his believable backstory. It was really well written overall, even though the sex scenes were tooooo looooonnngggg. I kept flipping from 2 to 3 stars, I was leaning more towards three stars until they had sex… While riding a horse.
They had sex while riding a horse.

- The United States
Mon, 23 Mar 2015

I purchased this book for $1.99 as Barnes and Noble's Ebook of the day. The cover shown was different than that pictured here. I mention that because had I seen this one, I wouldn't have purchase it! Ha!
It was an entertaining, quick read. Some parts were realllly good, some really dumb. Overall, I enjoyed it, but I have a soft spot for mind candy.

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