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The Billionaire's Secret Desire

3.95 • 928 votes • 43 reviews
Published 03 Dec 2019
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The Billionaire's Secret Desire Ebook Description

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Lily Shayne had been in Love with Maximillian King for years. However, not only was he her brother's best friend, he was also his brother's boss and currently dating a model. Now she was going to spend the summer working for him. How was she supposed to keep her feelings to herself during this time.
sequel: The Greek Tycoon's Runaway Bride

The Billionaire's Secret Desire Reviews

- La Crosse, WI
Sat, 02 Feb 2013

Great Book, She should make a sequel.

- Memphis, TN
Tue, 28 Jan 2014

Refreshing contemporary romance. Perfect escape from reality.
Heroine is not the usual bitchy, challenging and antagonistic towards the hero. She's sweet, shy and very nice.
The hero, so over the top in love with the heroine. Jealous and possessive.
The Billionaire's Secret Desire is a romance where the romance is the main story. No side plots. The characters are wealthy and hard working. I enjoyed escaping into the fantasy of this romance.
My only negative was the constant use of the Limosines. Don't know why but that was a distraction. There are many high worth cars that the wealthy drive that could have been mentioned.

- Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Wed, 05 Aug 2015

I want to give this book a 3 star rating because I didn't hate it like I would hate an average 2 star. But the problem is that the writing was so horribly unprofessional, the author spelt out every. Single. Feeling. Every. Single. Reason at least 10 times! I cannot count the number of times 'he is protective' popped up. At least 70, and no, I'm not exaggerating.
The story would have been really amazing, had the hero's POV not been shown. But because Wards showed us the hero's POV, there was no conflict in the story. It was completely bland, predictable and boring. I skimmed through most of the story, because it didn't catch my interest at all. So therefore the 2 star.
I like it when authors show us feelings, emotions and events, instead of just spoonfeeding us readers and telling us everything - it makes a reader feel dumb, that we need to be told every single thing, and we can't catch the subtle hints the writers throw at us. It makes me respect an author less.
Although I loved the tropes, I didn't like this story. It had a great deal of potential, I would have definitely read more Wards books, but I cannot bear this writing. It is too boring.
The heroine was a sweetheart, the hero and the heroine's brother were too much, way over the top. Having her followed for years, to 'protect' her? Keeping tabs on all of her friends? No. Just no. That us creepy and orthodox, okay. It is not cool. And I honestly don't think guys sit around and talk about their feelings every time they meet. Once or twice is acceptable, but again, in this department as well, the writer went over the top.
Enjoyable read if you're not as picky as I am and can overlook the amateur writing.

- Spring, TX
Thu, 15 Aug 2013

It needs some of polishing. Max's and Lily's character felt staged that they were almost mechanical. I love the development but it doesn't seem to match the chemistry. With his pent up emotions, I would have expected fireworks, but all I got was some lukewarm emotions. There's a whole lot of talk and very little actions to match. Then there's this awkward conflict at the end that sealed the disappointment.

- Madurai, 25, India
Tue, 25 Dec 2012

This is the sweetest romantic novel that i have ever read. The characters had a life in them that made it impossible for me to go out emotionally to them. I felt myself reaching out to the characters. I was elated in Lily and Max's elation and was shredded in their sorrow. The fact that Max was in love with Lily for so many years was really cute and touching. Along with it, Lily's naivety was a sweet contrast. The two together made a splendid blend of emotions that was really affecting. Never knew that a novel could have such an impact on anyone. AMAZING!!!

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